Captain’s Report by Capt. Steve

The RecDeck brings a whole new level of accessories to the FX series of WaveRunners from Yamaha. 

Brief Summary

WaveRunners have evolved to the point where they are used for so much more than just riding around nowadays.  A year ago, Yamaha introduced several accessories geared toward enhancing the rider experience and we covered them in a separate video.  They included a GPS/fishfinder, fenders that hook right to the sides of the WaveRunner, RAM mount speakers and more.  Well, now Yamaha is taking the accessory line to a new level with the addition of the RecDeck.  It’s a platform that will accommodate specialty accessories, or even your own additions, to the FX series of WaveRunners.    


The mission of the RecDeck is to expand the versatility of Yamaha’s FX series of luxury WaveRunners.  It seamlessly integrates with the FX swim platform and reboarding step to expand on the aft deck’s size and allow for it to accommodate additional accessories, either custom-made for the RecDeck or your own. 

  • RecDeck Platform. Let’s start with the first ingredient. The RecDeck Platform itself. This forms the base that we build the additional accessories on.  But its most obvious benefit is to increase is the area of the aft platform.  It's covered in MarineMat.  It includes flip-up tie-down hooks so we can attach our accessories, or Yamaha’s, right to it.  There are channels to accommodate additional accessories that lock down into those.   We've now gone from a simple flip-down reboarding step to an actual three-step reboarding ladder and a grab handle is right on top. Underneath are two support stanchions, and in front, the fit is quite secure so there's a lot of support here.  $999.99

The RecDeck includes flip tie-down hook (shown here with the arrows), channels that will hold additional accessories, a reboarding ladder and it’s all covered in MarineMat anti-skid. 
  • Multi-Use Rack. The Multi-Use Rack drops into place on the RecDeck and then latches down to hold it secure.  There’s even Velcro to hold the latches in place for added security.  The two upright sides are adjustable so we can add pretty much anything but the kitchen sink here, but coolers will probably be the most popular addition to the mix.  $599.99

The Multi-Use Rack can hold your items or Yamaha’s specialty-built items. The side uprights slide in and out, then lock into position. 
  • JetFish Packages. There are two levels. There's a Premium Level JetFish Package that includes a 45-liter (11.88-gallon) cooler, rod holders, beverage holders and the Multi-Use Rack. Then there's a Base Level Package that includes everything the Premium includes except for the Multi-Use Rack. $1,199.99/$499.99

The JetFish package is all-in-one that covers a lot of ground.  The base package just eliminates the Multi-Use Rack so the cooler gets secured with the flip latches. 

The slide tracks on the platform hold several optional items.  Here they keep the beverage holders secure. Just ahead, they hold tie-down rings in place. 
  • Beach and Lounge Package. This is a seat with a flip-down seatback that fits right in between the racks and features a 26” (66.04 cm) wide seat that's enough to hold two people, along with saddlebags to both sides. The bags are insulated and there are cargo net pockets to hold items like beverages at the back and to both sides.  Now, as with all watercraft, these seats are not for use when underway.  $499

The Beach and Lounge seat is a great addition to the FX WaveRunner.  Notice the saddlebags to the sides. 
  • Tow Sports Package. This includes a custom-designed single rider tube.  A 12-v inflator, tow rope and a bungee tie-down.   $199.99


Obviously, Yamaha not only takes riding seriously, but it also takes accessories seriously. This gives owners options to take their FX WaveRunners to the next level of play and that can only make a great day on the water even better.