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Maritimo X50 (2019-)

w/ 2 x 670-hp Volvo Penta D11

Brief Summary

For better performance, Maritimo designed the X50 with the dual Volvo D11 670 diesel engines forward, close to midships to afford a more balanced weight distribution. By doing so, they created an innovative aft accommodation space accessible from the salon and swim platform deck. Maritimo offers several options for this space, including a convertible living space that changes from a lower salon-like venue to an additional stateroom.

Key Features

  • Innovative aft accommodation space
  • Yacht Controller Joystick Control System
  • Hydraulic swim platform that lowers
  • Galley with island counter
  • Engines forward for more balanced weight distribution
  • Straight shafts
  • Full walkaround oblique berth in the forward stateroom
  • Full beam master stateroom

Test Results

600 8 7 0.6 12.4 10.8 8551 7435.4 80
1000 11.1 9.6 9.1 1.2 1.1 842 732 88
1250 12.7 11 18.8 0.7 0.6 467 406 91
1500 16.6 14.4 27.7 0.6 0.5 413 359.3 90
1750 21.7 18.9 37.5 0.6 0.5 399 346.9 92
2000 27.2 23.7 46.4 0.6 0.5 405 351.8 93
2200 33 28.7 54.3 0.6 0.5 419 364.7 93
2400 36.5 31.7 64.5 0.6 0.5 390 339 94
2500 38.7 33.6 69.5 0.6 0.5 384 333.6 94


Length Overall 52' 7''
16 m
Beam 14' 11''
4.55 m
Dry Weight 41,887 lbs.
19,000 kg
Tested Weight 45,708 lbs.
20,733 kg
Draft 4' 10''
1.48 m
Fuel Capacity 766 gal.
2,900 L
Water Capacity 132 gal.
500 L
Total Weight 45,708 lbs.
20,733 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane N/A
0 to 30 N/A
Ratio N/A
Props N/A
Load 5 persons, 1/2 fuel, 3/5 water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 70 deg., 5-10 mph; seas: calm

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 670-hp Volvo Penta D11
Std. Power 2 x 670-hp Volvo Penta D11
Opt. Power 2 x 725-hp Volvo Penta D11

Captain's Report

By Capt. Mark Kellum

Maritimo X50

From the exterior of the Maritimo X50, it appears to be a traditional sport yacht. However, several innovations make this model unique.


With the Volvo Penta diesels set near midships, the Maritimo X50 is able to get on plane quickly and with little bow rise.


Maritimo designed and built the X50 to be a luxury performance cruising yacht that achieves efficient fuel economy while being blue water capable. Throughout the Maritimo X50 are innovative features that contribute to that mission. The galley, salon, and below deck accommodations provide additional livability for long distance cruising.

Aft storage

By moving the Volvo diesels forward, the Maritimo X50 offers an aft accommodation space that can be accessed by the swim platform or the salon.

Distinguishing Features

  • Aft accommodation space with en-suite head accessible from the salon or the swim platform.

Major Features

  • Forward Mounted, Dual Straight-Shaft Diesel Engines. For a more balanced weight distribution, the engines are mounted more forward than traditional sport yachts. The straight shafts eliminate the weight and expense of pod drives.
  • Yacht Controller Joystick Control System. Utilizing the main engines and the bow and stern thrusters, the Yacht Controller systems allows for precise close in maneuvering using the joystick controller.
  • Walkaround Double Berths. Both the master and the forward stateroom offer double berths that can be walked around.
  • Full Galley. The fully equipped galley is accessible from the salon and the aft deck and features an island counter with icemaker and storage.
  • Forward Sun Pad. The forward deck has side-by-side sun pads with adjustable backrests.
  • Hydraulic Swim Platform. The swim platform lowers into the water hydraulically.
  • Summer Kitchen. On the aft deck is a built-in grill, sink, and refrigerator.

Main deck layout

Main deck with aft deck, galley, and salon. The helm is mounted forward on the starboard side. Forward is twin sun pads with adjustable backrests.


Below the main deck is the accommodation spaces and mechanical space. Note the engines are mounted just behind midships.


Maritimo port side

With engines mounted more forward than traditional sport yachts, the Maritimo X50 has more balanced weight distribution which results in a better running attitude.

By placing the engines further forward than a traditional sport yacht, Maritimo created several innovative results. Better fuel efficiencies, an aft accommodation space where the engines would typically be, and a better running attitude.



The Maritimo X50 features standard dual Volvo Penta D11 670 diesel engines with straight shafts.

The Maritimo X50 has a LOA of 52’7” (19.42 m), a beam of 14’11” (4.55 m), and a draft of 4’10” (1.48 m). With an empty weight of 41,887 lbs. (19,000 kg), 48 percent fuel, 60 percent water and with five people onboard, we estimated our test weight at 45,708 lbs. (20,733 kg). 

Top Speed. With the Volvo Penta D11 670-hp engines run up to wide open throttle, the Maritimo X50 reached a top speed of 33.6 knots.

Best Cruise. Best cruise was measured at 2200 rpm and 28.7 knots. At that speed, the 54.3 gph fuel burn translated into .5 nmpg and a range of 364.7 nm. All while still holding back a 10-percent reserve of the boat's 766-gallon (2,900 L) total fuel capacity in reserve. These impressive numbers were achieved because of Maritimo’s dedicated analysis if water flow over the hull, and carefully balancing the weight by moving the engines further forward. 


In acceleration tests, the Maritimo X50 reached planing speed in 6.2 seconds, accelerated to 20 mph in 9.8 seconds, and passed 30 in 14.4 seconds.



On the day of testing the sea conditions were calm. Therefore to simulate sea conditions, the Maritimo X50 was run through the photo boat's wake.

On the day of testing there were calm conditions. To demonstrate how the Maritimo X50 transitions through waves, she was run through the wakes of the camera boat. The Maritimo X50 threw the water to the sides and there was no hull slap or pounding... not surprising based on’s experience with Maritimo Yachts.

Turn testing

In turn tests we found her to be responsive to the helm, exhibiting a roll of 7-degrees into the turn.

Boat Inspection

Clear lines

The Maritimo X50 exhibits clean lines throughout its exterior, giving it a contemporary look that feels undated.


The inspection starts at the stern which is where one of the most obvious benefits of moving the engines closer to midships is displayed. That is the addition of flexible aft accommodations. Maritimo offers three different configurations of this space; beach, twin aft cabin or tender garage. The Maritimo X50 that was tested was configured as the standard beach mode.

Transom open

With the transom open, the aft accommodations can be entered from the swim platform.

Access space

Access to the space is obtained by a set of stairs on the port side of the table.

Transom view

The view, when the transom is open is expansive. With the transom closed, there is a large window built into the transom hatch. Note the courtesy lights built into the stair risers.

Salon stairs

Access to the aft accommodations can also be achieved via the stairway leading to the salon.

Built in television

A credenza with storage drawers and a wine cooler are mounted to the forward bulkhead. Above the credenza is a built-in television.

Double berthing

On this model the table converts to a double berth. Not the entrance to the en-suite head on the port side.

Starboard hanging locker

On the starboard side is a hanging locker.


The head has a vessel sink and stainless-steel faucet and a solid surface countertop.


The head is a wet head with an adjustable shower wand and mounting hardware.

Swim platform

The swim platform lowers into the water to accommodate those who want to partake in a plunge. Note the transom stairs with handrails and built-in courtesy lights.

Aft Deck

Maritimo kept the aft deck simple with few innovative touches. The aft bench seating has a contemporary look. The safety gates are substantial and well designed to lock open or closed.

Aft decks

The wide-open aft deck is uncluttered and can accommodate a crowd. Note the summer kitchen on the port side.

Summer kitchen

The summer kitchen opens to reveal a grill and a molded-in sink with a pop-up faucet. The front opens to storage and a drawer-style refrigerator.


There is storage under both sides of the Maritimo X50's aft bench seating.

Transom stairs

The transom stair safety gate on the Maritimo X50, shown here in the closed position locks firmly both open and shut.

Aft quarter storage

The gunwale on the port and starboard aft quarter open with space for storage. On the starboard side, shown is the remote for the swim platform.

Starboard pop out shower

Also, on the starboard side at the top of the transom stair is a pull-out freshwater shower wand. Convenient for rinsing off after a swim.

Glass divider

The glass divider between the aft deck and galley has a door to port or can be completely opened to the outside.

Glass Divider System. Maritimo understand how their customers use their boats. By having a single door in the glass divider, people can move from the galley to the aft deck without fully opening the divider thus keep the air conditioning in and the heat out or visa versa. However, when wanting outside air to flow, the entire glass divider accordions open.

Divider latch

When the glass divider is in the open position on the Maritimo X50, it latches firmly to the port side.

Stereo remote control

Mounted on the hardtop support structure on the starboard side is a stereo remote controller.


Entering from the aft deck to the main deck via the door in the glass divider the galley is immediate to port with an island countertop on the centerline. Immediately to starboard are the stairs leading to the aft accommodations. By having the galley just inside, it can serve both the salon and aft deck equally well.


The Maritimo X50 has a full galley with a refrigerator/freezer, microwave, cooktop stove, sink, and dishwasher. The ice maker is in the front of the island counter.

Galley switches

There are switches for the galley and salon lighting at the entrance to the galley.

Overhead cabinet

In the aft-most, port side, from the deck to the overhead cabinet is a pantry and refrigerator/freezer.


The microwave and four-burner cooktop stove are just forward of the refrigerator/freezer with storage below.


Under the stainless-steel sink is storage and next to the storage is a dishwasher.

Storage drawers

In the island countertop cabinet of the Maritimo X50 is an icemaker on the front panel and storage drawers both on the front panel and on the port side.


Across from the galley on the starboard side is the stairwell that leads to the aft accommodations.

Electrical panel

At the top of the aft accommodation’s stairwell is the access doors to the electrical panel.

Next to the electrical panel is the access door to the shore power/ships power panel. Shown here on ships power from the 13.5-kilowatt Cummings-Onan generator.


Moving forward from the galley on the Maritimo X50 is the salon area for entertaining indoors. Storage is a credenza-style cabinet for storage and bench seating behind the helm seating on the starboard side. On the port side of the salon is U-shaped bench seating with a convertible dining table.

Starboard TV

The credenza-style cabinet on the starboard side has drawer storage and a television that swivels out for easier viewing from the salon.

Forward credenza

Forward of the credenza is a bench style settee just behind the helm seating.

U-Shaped bench

The U-shaped bench seating surrounds a pedestal table.

Foldable tables

The table opens with two hinged panels. The table swivels to allow people access to the seating without having to collapse the panels.

Swiveling Dining Table. When dining in the salon, if someone wants to leave or join the group, the table can be swiveled 90-degrees to allow for access to the seating.

Bench seats

The seats on all the bench seating lift to give access to storage below the seat.

Large windows

Both of the large side windows open, allowing for the outside air to flow freely.


The sunroof on the Maritimo X50 has three positions closed, opened, and opened as a rear vent.

Sunroof shades

Maritimo has engineered a screen and a blind into the frame of the sunroof.


The helm on the Maritimo is designed with the operator in mind. The helm is upholstered in soft touch vinyl. The dash has room for two multifunction Simrad 16” displays and a smaller engine diagnostic display below. The helm seats reflect Maritimo’s racing heritage.

Helm consoles

All the controls are within easy reach for the operator. Note the armrest mounted controllers.


Autopilot switches

On the port side of the helm is the Yacht Controller monitor, the Simrad autopilot and systems switches.

Yacht Controller Joystick Control System. The Maritimo X50 features a Yacht Controller Joystick Control System that allows the boat to be controlled at low speed from anywhere on the boat. Utilizing the two main engines along with bow and stern thrusters the boat can be maneuvered with the joystick or a remote.


Shown is the Maritimo X50 spinning on its own length using the Yacht Controller joystick.


Shown is the side-mounted joystick for the Yacht Controller system, the trim tab controller and the engine controls brinicle.

Forward stairwell

Forward of the engine control binnacle is the bow and stern thruster controls.

Deep side decks

Between the helm and the salon dinette is the forward stairwell that leads to the forward VIP stateroom and the master stateroom accommodations.

Forward Entertaining Area

The forward deck on the Maritimo X50 is designed to be another al fresco entertaining area.

Deep side decks

Moving forward on the Maritimo X50, there are deep side decks with substantial safety rails.

Side Decks. The side decks measure 11” (27.94 cm) and have a generous toe rail that is approximately 14” (35.56 cm) high.

Sun lounger

The Maritimo X50 has two side-by-side sun loungers on its forward deck with separate adjustable backrests.


Ground tackle

The ground tackle is deployed and retrieved with a capstan windlass. Note the heavy-duty stainless-steel cleats.


Shown is the access to the rode locker with the safety cable in place.

Forward VIP Stateroom

Moving below, the forward VIP stateroom has a double berth that is oblique with the headboard on the starboard side and the berth angled toward the centerline. Unlike traditional centerline forward berths, this approach allowed Maritimo to design a forward berth that is completely walkaround with no steps. Much easier to get in and out as well as making the berth.

VIP stateroom

The Maritimo X50's forward VIP stateroom has a double berth with night stands on both sides.

VIP entry stateroom

Shown is the entry to the forward VIP stateroom, the en-suite head and hanging locker closed. Note the hull side window that brings natural light into the stateroom.

Hanging locker

Shown is the deck to the overhead hanging locker upper shelf and clothing hanger rod.


Switches that control the lighting are conveniently located along with a power outlet.

VIP Stateroom Head

Maritimo designed the X50 with privacy in mind. The VIP stateroom has an en-suite head with a private entry from the VIP stateroom. It also has an entry from the forward stairwell landing to use as a day-head.


The VIP stateroom head is replete with a glass-enclosed shower, built-in countertop sink, storage, and mirrored upper cabinet.

Master Stateroom

The full-beam master stateroom has a large centerline double berth with a chaise lounge on the starboard side and built-in storage drawers on the port side. Stylish hull-side window brings in natural light and opening portlights allow fresh air into the stateroom.

Master stateroom

The full-beam master stateroom gives the Maritimo X50 an impression of a larger yacht. A television is mounted on the forward bulkhead for entertainment.

Starboard chase lounge

To starboard is a chaise lounge and a desk with storage drawers. Note the in-hull windows with opening portlight.

Compartment air conditioning controls

On the forward bulkhead above the desk is the compartment air conditioning control, light switches and power outlets.

Full lengthed mirror

On the port side of the master stateroom entry is a full-length mirrored door for the hanging locker.

Port side master stateroom

On the port side of the master stateroom is six drawer, bureau-style storage, and a hull-side window with opening portlight.

Storage drawers

On both sides of the Maritimo X50 master berth are nightstands with storage drawers.

Master Head

As would be expected from Maritimo, the master head has all the amenities that would be anticipated from a luxury sport yacht of its class.

Glass enclosed shower

A glass-enclosed shower, built-in countertop sink, storage and mirrored upper cabinet make the Maritimo X50 master stateroom complete.

Mechanical Space

The full standup mechanical space houses the dual Volvo Penta D11 670 diesels with straight shafts and dripless shaft seals with all-round access to the diesels and systems.

Diesel engines

Shown are the dual Volvo Penta D11 670 diesel engines with triple oil filters mounted in front (red arrows) and oil fills (green arrows). The primary fuel filters are on the side with manual prime pump (yellow arrow).

Fuel filters

Racor 500 secondary fuel filters for each main engine and generator are located on the aft bulkhead.

Hydraulic  steering system

Shown is the easily read sight gauge (red arrow) for the racing-inspired steering system and transom opening hydraulic system. In addition, both fuel tanks have redundant sight gauges.


Forward near the bulkhead separating the mechanical space from the master stateroom is the 13.5-kilowatt Cummings-Onan generator.

Options to Consider

The aft accommodation space and engines are the primary options to consider. tested the Maritimo X50 with the aft accommodations configured as the beach layout with Volvo Penta D11 670 diesels. Maritimo offers two other aft accommodations and the option to power with D11 725 diesels.

Aft stateroom layout

Aft accommodations twin stateroom option.

Garage options

Aft accommodations tender garage option.


Full Warranty Information on this brand coming soon.


Pricing Range: $1,498,000

Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.


The Maritimo X50's weight distribution and hull form were a carefully thought out in the initial design and it shows in her performance. By moving the engines further forward, Maritimo effectively added useable space aft and did some out of the box thinking that really brought this otherwise dead space to clever use. Add to that Maritimo’s quality build and innovative touches, and the latest X Series yacht proves to be a flexible sport yacht to consider for cruising and island-hopping adventures.

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