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Absolute Navetta 64 (2021-)

2 x 1,000-hp Volvo Penta D13 IPS1350

Brief Summary

The Absolute Navetta series, including the Absolute Yachts Navetta 64, is characterized by distance-cruising capability and her externally large external hullside and salon windows make for an exceptional profile. 

Developed in Varazze, Italy, this boat was designed as an elegant and luxurious option to sail the seas.  

In the interior, the line makes full use of the volume by creating open space. Venture inside to its expansive interior volume and wide-open space for entertainment. This three-cabin yacht can accommodate dozens of guests, providing seven feet of headroom, a large owner’s cabin and a twin-berth guest cabin. Standard finishes include elm and walnut veneers for furniture, oak flooring, Corian or marble surfaces and fabric and leather accents. 


Test Results

600 5.6 4.9 2.7 2.1 1.8 1809 1572.8 57
1000 9.6 8.3 9.1 1.1 0.9 908 789.5 57
1250 11.8 10.2 17.2 0.7 0.6 586 509.9 67
1500 13.4 11.6 28.2 0.5 0.4 406 353 63
1750 17.2 14.9 43.5 0.4 0.3 337 293.4 60.8
2000 21.6 18.7 57.3 0.4 0.3 322 280.2 62.1
2200 26 22.6 72.6 0.4 0.3 307 266.5 66.3
2400 30.4 26.4 85.9 0.4 0.3 303 263.4 65
2470 32 27.8 92.3 0.3 0.3 296 257.8 67
Absolute Navetta 64


Length Overall 64' 5"
19.63 m
Beam 18' 1"
5.52 m
Draft 5' 10"
1.78 m
Person Capacity 16
Fuel Capacity 951 gallons
3,600 L
Water Capacity 240.4 gallons
910 L

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Load 4 persons; 162 gal. fuel; 50 lbs. gear
Climate 78 deg.; 62 humid.; winds: 5-10; seas: 0

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 1000-hp Volvo Penta D13 IPS1350
Std. Power 2 x 900-hp Volvo Penta D13 IPS1200
Opt. Power 2 x 1000-hp Volvo Penta D13 IPS1350

The Absolute Navetta 64 measures 64’5” (19.63 m) with a beam of 18’1” (5.52 m). She’s powered by twin Volvo Penta IPS pod propulsion systems up to 2,600 hp total.

Report by Eric Colby

Mission Statement

The Absolute Navetta 64 is designed, engineered and built to be a family-friendly luxury yacht for cruising and entertaining. An open plan on the main deck and the oversized flying bridge, aft deck and large bow seating area offer multiple options for open-air entertaining. Her salon, customizable stern and belowdecks take advantage of the yacht’s interior volume.

Absolute Navetta 64 Major Features

  • Twin Volvo Penta IPS1350s
  • Customizable stern with watertight doors
  • Hydraulic swim platform
  • Two full-beam staterooms
  • Supersized hullside and salon windows
  • Third docking station
  • Extra Large Flying Bridge
  • Can sleep up to 8 (plus 2 crew)

An owner has a few choices on the accommodations deck and perhaps the most intriguing is the stern area that can be configured as a beach club or cabin.

Absolute Navetta 64 Features Inspection

The Stern. The standard version of the Navetta 64 has two windows and a pantograph central door in the transom, but it’s the option that’s going to evoke the biggest reactions. The “Beach Club” offers a full windowed transom with two sliding doors in the center. Inside are a berth that converts into a sofa, two hanging lockers, a private head with separate shower, air conditioning, a stereo and a refrigerator. It’s basically a water-level VIP with unmatched views. Because the quarters are at water level, the doors need to be watertight so Absolute designed with a pneumatic gasket that’s waterproof while at rest. To make it watertight, press a button and a compressor inflates the gasket that expands and creates a watertight seal with the frame. Press a different button and the hydraulic swim platform lowers into the water.

Sliding stainless-steel framed doors open one of the most inviting stern areas we’ve seen on a yacht in this size range.

This is a view that’s tough to beat at any time of day and the Navetta 64 is one of the only boats in class with it.

With the swim platform lowered, passengers can frolic on their private beach.

Absolute Navetta 64 Accommodations Deck

The Master Stateroom. The master stateroom is at the opposite end of the boat in the Navetta 64’s bow. Her designers carry the beam forward and give the yacht some of the highest freeboard in class, creating a huge feeling in this cabin. The hullside windows that are also some of the largest we’ve seen in this size range further enhance the spaciousness. Outboard of the berth to port is a sofa-style lounge with dresser-style storage and a desk and chair to starboard. The en suite is forward of a bulkhead that houses a flatscreen TV and has a separate shower stall.

This image gives a good impression of just how wide the forward stateroom is.

The hullside windows provide some of the most breathtaking views we’ve seen from a master stateroom in this size range.

We could think of worse places to social distance while working remotely.

The large mirror and hullside window in the head continue the feeling of openness.

VIP Stateroom. The VIP is amidships at the foot of the accommodations-deck stairs with the berth facing inboard from the port side. Absolute was smart to use sliding pocket doors for the entryways to this cabin and to the head. The en suite is aft and shares a bulkhead with the engine compartment. It has a separate shower stall as well.

Sliding doors that take up no space whatsoever open the VIP head, giving the overall quarters a more open appeal.

The VIP stateroom has a small vanity area with a slide-out ottoman that has storage in the base.

Like the master, the VIP head is finished with optional marble surfaces (shown here) and a large window lets in abundant natural light. The standard would be Corian.

Guest/Captain’s Cabins. Opposite the VIP is a guest cabin with two single berths, a hanging locker and an en suite. The captain’s quarters are also to starboard with separate access from a door in the walkway. The captain can go from the engine compartment to the aft platform and from there to his/her cabin without entering the salon or other gathering area.

Even the hullside windows for the guest cabin have an extra-large feel and provide exceptional views.

The crew cabin has sleeping areas for two and a wet head.

Absolute Navetta 64 Main Deck

The aft deck, galley, dining area and salon are all on the same level on the Navetta 64.

The Main Helm. Working our way up to the main deck, the first stop is the lower helm station, which is two steps up from the salon area. Ahead of two high-backed bucket seats are the tilt wheel and two vertically positioned 22" (55.88 cm) multifunction screens. A smaller engine-data display is embedded in the lower dash panel alongside and outboard to starboard are the digital engine controls, the joystick, auto pilot and other equipment. Also to starboard is a door to the side deck where the captain can stand and still keep a hand on the joystick while pulling up to a dock. It has an integrated window that can also be lowered so the captain can stick his/her head out from inside.

The captain and a companion have nearly unobstructed views from the lower helm station.

A door alongside the helm station has an opening window, giving the captain options for being able to simply lean out or open the whole thing and step onto the side deck.

The Salon Just abaft the helm to starboard are two sofas around a table. Opposite to port is an entertainment cabinet with a TV that retracts into it. There’s also a single free-standing seat. Continuing aft, we saw a dining table to starboard with a built-in lounge and three free-standing chairs. Just aft of this are the stairs to the captain’s cabin with entry from the side decks. Headroom in the salon is just under 7' (2.13 m).

Notice that the salon windows are the same height as the windshield, which creates exceptional views for guests.

Looking aft, the salon has a less formal feel, which is something we’re seeing more of in modern motoryacht design.

The salon TV retracts into the cabinet to port to keep it protected when the Navetta 64 is underway.

The Galley. Aft to port, the galley has a horseshoe-shaped counter area with a full-sized refrigerator and freezer aft. Outboard to port are a large window plus a stove with an induction fan overhead. In the forward outboard corner is a wastebasket and at the forward end is a recessed sink. On the inboard side, the countertop is left open for serving. There is a stainless-steel rail for passengers to grab in rough water.

The galley is positioned between the salon and the aft deck to serve both areas with equal efficiency.

The galley window opens to make it easy to serve guests on the aft deck.

The Aft Deck. Sliding stainless-steel-framed doors open to connect the aft deck to the salon and dining areas, creating a seamless area for entertaining a crowd. On the aft deck, there’s a fixed lounge across the stern with a table plus stairs to the flying bridge forward to port. Absolute gives the Navetta 64 an even more open feel with open bulwarks. There are integrated boarding gates in these bulwarks, plus the yacht has a passarelle.

The sectional sliding door with a stainless-steel frame closes the salon from the aft deck.

With the doors and window open, the salon and aft deck blend as one.

The Navetta 64’s aft cockpit could be a comfortable spot to catch a sunset.

When the sun is a little too strong, shades can be used to make the aft cockpit more comfortable.

The Bow. Steps on each side of the cockpit lead to side decks that have tall bulwarks capped with rails and overhanging extensions from the flying bridge protecting them. They also light up at night. It’s four steps up to the foredeck. There’s a forward-facing lounge on the front of the pilothouse around a table on two stanchions. Ahead of this is a longer lounge where at least three adults can stretch and soak up the sun’s warming rays. Forward are the windlass, anchor and chocks and cleats for bowlines.

The Navetta 64’s bow table is on some serious stainless-steel stanchions.

The Navetta 64’s bow provides an escape for the owning couple to enjoy some private time during a cruise.

Lit up in the evening, the bow becomes an inviting entertainment area.

The Flying Bridge. At more than 30’ (9.1 m) long from the windscreen to the aft rail, the Navetta 64’s flying bridge is one large gathering area. Just ahead of the stairs the cockpit to port, a full bar has a stove, refrigerator and serving bar with a dining table for six just across. Overhead is a hardtop with an opening center section. The helm is centrally positioned with twin 22" (55.88 cm) screens flanking the tilt wheel. The controls and joystick are aft to starboard so they’re in reach from the single captain’s chair. Lounges are on each side so the captain can always have company during a cruise.

There’s easy flow from the aft section of the flying bridge to the helm.

Removing the fixed furniture would open up the aft deck for storing a tender or creating a heckuva dance floor.

The detail lighting in the bar helps give the flying bridge a festive aura at night.

The centrally positioned helm has a small wind deflector just ahead and the layout is compact and efficient.

Lounges that flank the upper helm ensure that the captain won’t get lonely during a cruise, but we hope that he’s looking forward.

Absolute Navetta 64 Performance

The Numbers. The Navetta 64 measures 64’5” (19.63 m) with an 18’1” (5.52 m) beam and she draws 5’ (1.52 m) even. She carries 951 gallons of diesel (3,600 liters) and 240.4 gallons (910 liters) of freshwater. Our test boat was powered by two 1,000-hp Volvo Penta IPS1350 pods.

The Navetta is available with Volvo Penta IPS1200s and IPS1350s. We tested with the larger engines.

In calm 1’ (0.3 m) seas and 10-knot winds, we hit a top speed of 27.8 knots at 2470 rpm. We recorded best cruise at 1500 rpm where she ran 11.6 knots and burned 28.2 gph, which translated to 0.4 nmpg and a range of 353 nautical miles. Interestingly, from 1750 rpm up through the power curve, the Navetta 64 got 0.3 nmpg at all rpm settings, so the speed will be dictated by the passengers’ comfort level.

Handling. The conditions didn’t challenge the Navetta 64. The 10-knot winds could have been enough to keep our captain correcting his course, but our test boat maintained her heading. Even when we engaged the autopilot, she stayed on course. Capt. Steve was impressed with the yacht’s handling offshore and around the docks. The joystick was perfectly dialed into the IPS units. We liked that the third station in the cockpit had a Garmin screen for the onboard camera. We could see an owner-operator thoroughly enjoying a cruise on this yacht.

With her narrow, blunt bow and bottom that flattens as it runs aft, the Navetta 64 can cut through seas and deliver a stable ride.

Laundry-Engine Areas

Just off the master is the laundry/utility room. A watertight door opens the engine room that can also be accessed from a hatch in the mezzanine. The laundry/utility room is accessible from the lower deck companionway, while the watertight door to the engine room is placed in the Beach club head. There's 6'2" of headroom in the engine room and plenty of space between and outboard of the two Volvo Penta engines and the twin 21.5 kW generators. The fuel-water separators for the engines and generators are easily accessed at the base of the fuel tanks on each side and the Seakeeper 16 gyroscopic stabilizer is centrally positioned, where it should be.

The Navetta 64’s depth is evident even in the engine room where it looks like there is good headroom.


There’s more behind the Navetta 64’s readily recognizable looks. She’s deeper than most boats in class and carrying the beam forward gives designers the flexibility to create a wide master stateroom forward with some of the best waterline views an owner can experience. Those are only rivaled by the aft water-level cabin aft that’s likely to be a favorite place for the kids to hang out because of the privacy it affords.

She’s an owner-operator’s boat so the pods and joystick are a good choice to improve maneuverability and the capacity to sleep up to 8 makes her attractive to families who want to have everyone aboard.