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Alumacraft Bay Coastal 20 (2021-)

1 x Mercury Pro XS 150

Brief Summary

The Alumacraft Bay 20 Coastal Edition is a fishing boat designed for the sole purpose of getting into shallow water. She’s ruggedly built and has everything an angler needs to take his family out for a day of chasing fish in coastal creeks and backwater shoals.

Key Features

  • All-welded construction
  • Tunnel hull
  • Livewell and baitwell
  • Custom built trailer
  • Alumatrack system

Test Results

600 2.3 2 1 2.3 2 61 52.8 58
1000 4.4 3.8 1 4.4 3.8 117 102.1 70
1500 6.4 5.6 2 3.2 2.8 86 75.1 73
2000 7.9 6.9 2.5 3.2 2.7 85 74.2 76
2500 11.8 10.3 3 3.9 3.4 106 92.3 81
3000 24.6 21.3 4 6.1 5.3 166 144.1 86
3500 30.1 26.1 5 6 5.2 162 141.1 87
4000 34.5 30 7 4.9 4.3 133 115.7 84
4500 37.9 32.9 9.5 4 3.5 108 93.5 86
5000 43.6 37.9 12.5 3.5 3 94 81.8 87
5000 47.4 41.2 13.5 3.5 3.1 95 82.4 88


Length Overall 20'
6.1 m
Beam 94"
2.4 m
Dry Weight 1,175 lbs.
533 kg
Tested Weight 2,313 lbs.
1,049 kg
Draft 11"
27 cm
Fuel Capacity 30 gal.
114 L
Total Weight 2,313 lbs.
1,049 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 3.5 seconds
0 to 30 7.1 seconds
Props 22p Bravo 1
Load 3 persons; 1/3 fuel; 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 89 deg., 45 humid., wind: 10-15 mph, seas: <1

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x Mercury Pro XS 150
Opt. Power 1 x Mercury Pro XS 150

Captain's Report

The Bay 20 Coastal Edition has an overall length of 20’ (6.1 m), even with a beam of 7’10” (2.13 m). Maximum power is a 150-hp outboard.

By Eric Colby

Mission Statement

Alumacraft designs the Bay 20 Coastal Edition for shallow-water fishing. She has a tunnel ahead of the propeller that helps reduce draft to just 11” (27.94 cm). Her all-welded aluminum hull can withstand the inevitable bumps up against a stump or a rock and she has all the equipment an angler needs to get on the water at a reasonable price.

Alumacraft Bay 20 Coastal Edition Major Features

  • Choice of outboards from Mercury, Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda up to 150 hp
  • Minn Kota trolling motor with remote control
  • Livewell and baitwell
  • Standard fishfinder at the helm
  • Stainless-steel rail encircles the windshield
  • Fold up rear jump seats
  • Locking rod storage

The Bay 20 Coastal Edition has a ton of elevated casting space.

Alumacraft Bay 20 Coastal Edition Features Inspection

The Bow. Since most of the fishing action is going to take place in the bow, that’s where we’ll start. The raised casting deck is 80” (203.2 cm) wide and 68” (172.72 cm) fore and aft. The walking surface is recessed 7” (17.78 cm) below deck level to add a level of security. All the way forward, the boat has a Minn Kota Riptide saltwater trolling motor with 70 lbs. (31.75 kg) of thrust. One way to tell that it’s a saltwater unit is that there isn’t a recessed footwell with a control pedal. Instead, it comes with a handheld remote control. It’s also finished in a coarse powder-coating. Forward is a panel that has the plug-in for the trolling motor and a trim switch for the outboard is alongside. All the raised walking surfaces on the Bay 20 Coastal Edition are finished in SeaDek foam mat. There’s a socket for a pedestal mounted bucket seat that can be installed. For storage, there are two locking compartments on each side ahead of the centrally located 38-gallon (143.85-L) livewell that is aerated and has a timer.

The raised casting deck in the Bay 20 Coastal Edition’s bow is finished in SeaDek mat and has a socket for a pedestal-mounted fishing seat.

The Minn Kota Riptide trolling motor deploys easily and has 70 lbs. of thrust.

Instead of a foot pedal, our test boat’s trolling motor has a handheld remote that can be used anywhere on the boat.

The backrest for the bucket seat folds down and the caprail is 7” above the forward deck as indicated by the red arrow.

The lockers on each side of the bucket seat have hatches that open toward the outboard side and can be locked. We’d like to see a gas strut or tension hinge to hold the hatch open.

The livewell hatch opens on a piano hinge and the hatch is reinforced with an aluminum brace. Notice the slot in the center of the photo for a divider to keep species separate.

The Cockpit. Just aft of the livewell, the cockpit is 21” (53.45 cm) deep outboard of the center console. On each side are locking rod lockers that can handle gear up to 8’ (2.44 m) long. They are also finished in SeaDek and the port side has an embedded ruler for measuring fish. Outboard on each side, we could see the heavy-duty welds. There isn’t a rivet used anywhere on the Bay 20 Coastal Edition. The inwales and gunwales are all finished in Alumagard nonskid finish that resembles powder-coating. Our test boat also had Alumacraft’s Alumatrack accessory mounting system. It’s basically a track that accessories click into and owners can customize a boat with cupholders, rod holders, tool racks and other items. There’s a seat on the front of the console with a fixed backrest and hinged bottom cushion that opens to reveal the 15-gallon (56.78-L) baitwell.

Note the heavy-duty welds indicated by the red arrow. The Bay 20 Coastal Edition definitely has a rugged feel and anglers will like the easy-to-use ruler for measuring fish.

Outboard on each side are rod lockers that can accommodate gear up to 8’ long. We’d like to see gas struts holding up the hatch so anglers can use two hands to retrieve gear.

Captain Steve was impressed by the two-tone upholstery and the hand-stitched Alumacraft logo.

The baitwell is conveniently located beneath the bottom cushion for the console seat.

Here we see the cupholder clipped in place in the Alumatrack rail. It clicks in easily and it’s just as simple to release it and move it.

The Helm. Working our way aft, there’s plenty of space to pass on each side of the console, even with three vertically-mounted rod holders on each side. The plexiglass windscreen is completely rigged by a stainless-steel rail so no one should ever grab the acrylic to use as a handhold. The helm has a cupholder to port on top. The dash has a Humminbird Helix 7 fishfinder/chartplotter with analog-style gauges to starboard in a faux-carbon panel. Our test boat had a fuel gauge plus a tachometer and speedometer. Accessory switches are down to starboard and the ignition is to port. In between is a 12-volt plug and below, a hatch in the console base opens to reveal the trolling motor batteries.

Down low on each side of the console are three vertically-positioned rod holders.

The console has one of the sturdiest stainless-steel handrails we’ve seen on a boat of this size and price.

The fishfinder will take care of navigation. Given the boat’s intended shallow-water use, we would like to see a trim gauge in the open spot in the lower right.

Accessory switches are clearly labeled and we like the “master” switch that kills all electrical power to keep from draining the batteries.

Twin batteries for the trolling motor and live and baitwell pumps are easy to get to in the console base.

The Stern. Abaft the helm console is a double-wide bench seat that the driver can sit on or there’s sufficient space to stand and run the boat. Outboard on each side, 16” (40.64 cm) tall backrests fold up to create two jumpseats that measure 8” (20.32 cm) fore to aft by 18” (45.72 cm) wide. Each has storage under hinged bottom cushions. There’s a socket for a pedestal mounted bucket seat and in the aft center is a hatch that opens to give owners access to the engine battery and built-in fuel tank. Remove two pins that hold the driver’s seat in place and it folds forward to open the aft fishing deck. It’s also covered in SeaDek and measures 86” (218.44 cm) wide by 35” (88.9 cm) fore and aft.

With the doublewide bench abaft the console, a companion can sit alongside the driver during a run to a fishing spot.

The aft deck is pretty much wide open for fishing, but the attachment points for the driver’s seat pins create trip hazards.


The center section of the aft casting deck is hinged and opens to access the engine-start battery, fuel tank and trim pump.


The Specs. The Bay 20 Coastal Edition has an overall length of 20’ (6.10 m), a beam of 7’10” (2.39 m) and a draft of 11” (27.94 cm). With an empty weight of 1,175 lbs. (533 kg), 40 percent fuel and three people on board, we had an estimated test weight of 2,313 lbs. (1,049 kg).

Our test boat was powered by a 150-hp Mercury Pro XS four-stroke outboard turning a 20” pitch Bravo One propeller. Winding up the engine to 5700 rpm, we hit a top speed of 47.3 mph. Best cruise came in at 3500 rpm and 23.4 mph where the 4.6 gph fuel burn translated into 5.1 mpg and a range of 139 statute miles. Of course, this number is calculated while holding back a 10 percent reserve of the boat’s 30-gallon (113.56-L) fuel capacity.

In acceleration tests, we reached plane in 3.3 seconds and then accelerated through 20 mph in 5.1 seconds before hitting 30 mph in 7.4 seconds.

Our test day brought some light chop that the Bay 20 Coastal Edition crushed with ease.

Her multiple strakes and hard chine keep the worst of the spray off the deck.

The tunnel in the running surface is indicative of the Bay 20 Coastal Edition’s shallow-water intentions.

Durable Finish. In addition to being fully welded, the Bay 20 Coastal Edition is painted in a similar fashion to an automobile with a primer, color base coat and clear coat.

The Trailer. Alumacraft partners with local builder Diamond City for a custom single-axle trailer. It’s powder-coated to hold up over time, has diamond-plate step sections, a swing-away tongue and custom wheels.

The blue hullsides are automotive-style paint and the trailer is powder-coated in black. Both finishes will hold up well over time.

Retail Price. As tested with a 150-hp Mercury Pro XS outboard, Minn Kota Riptide trolling motor, SeaDek flooring and deluxe Diamond City trailer: $36,250.


As tested, the Alumacraft Bay 20 Coastal Edition is a total turn-key package that’s ready to head to the ramp. She’s comfortable, feels solid on the water and should deliver hours of fishing fun to a young family or maybe even a retiree who wants to take his/her grandkids fishing.

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