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Axopar 28 Cabin (2019-)

2 x 200-hp Mercury Verados

Brief Summary

We tested the Axopar 28 Cabin in 5’ to 7’ (1.52 to 2.13 m) seas in one of the roughest conditions we have ever tested a boat in, much less in one this size with an open bow. The Axopar line of open day and cabin boats is built in Finland, a country known for building rugged sailboats and powerboats.

Axopar has combined the pilothouse and open commuter/patrol boat concept popular in Northern Europe with the hull shape and styling that we have seen coming out of Southern Europe. These blunt-bow, slab-sided, open-transom, mostly day boats are being built all over Europe now. They range from the super-luxury Pardo brand (which we have tested) to the Axopar brand with models that are far more economical to buy. The Axopar brand is now available in the U.S.