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Galeon 435 GTO (2024-)

3 x 600-hp Mercury Verado

Brief Summary

The Galeon 435 GTO packs a huge amount of features and performance into a 43' (13 m) boat. Multiple distinct spaces, each with the ability to transform into different configurations, make this dayboat a compelling choice for someone looking for speed and comfort. Our test boat was powered by triple 600-hp Mercury outboards.

Test Results

697 3.4 3 4.3 0.8 0.69 379.6 329.8 64.6
1000 4.4 3.9 7.1 0.63 0.55 298.6 259.5 67.6
1500 6.8 6 9.4 0.73 0.64 348 302.4 67.8
2000 9 7.8 14.5 0.62 0.54 295.2 256.5 66.2
2500 10.8 9.4 22 0.49 0.43 232.4 202 67.8
3000 12.8 11.2 30.7 0.42 0.36 198.9 172.9 72
3500 24.3 21.1 59.2 0.41 0.36 194.9 169.4 75.3
4000 32 27.8 67 0.48 0.41 226.9 197.2 78.7
4500 38 33.1 80.3 0.47 0.41 225.2 195.7 78.6
5000 44.1 38.4 107.8 0.41 0.36 194.6 169.1 83.6
5500 48.3 42 131.7 0.37 0.32 174.5 151.6 84.1
5920 52.6 45.8 140.4 0.38 0.33 178.3 154.9 87.3


Length Overall 44' 9"
13.64 m
Beam 13' 6"
4.11 m
Dry Weight 35,314 lbs
16,018 kg
Tested Weight 39,536 lbs
17,933 kg
Draft 3' 9"
1.14 m
Fuel Capacity 528 gal
2,000 L
Water Capacity 79 gal
300 L
Total Weight 39,536 lbs
17,933 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Load 4 persons + gear = 850 lbs (1,870 kg) | 396 gal diesel = 2,812 lbs (6,186 kg) | 67 gal water = 560 lbs (1,232 kg) | Total Load = 4,222 lbs (8,650 kg)
Climate 77 deg; 60% humidity; wind 10-14 kts; waves 3-4'

Engine Options

Tested Engine 3 x 600-hp Mercury V12 Verado
Std. Power 3 x 600-hp Mercury Verado

Captain's Report

by Capt. Gregg Clark


The 44’ 9” (13.6 m) Galeon 435 GTO is designed to be a multi-purpose yacht serving cruising and day boating enthusiasts equally well.  Her flexibility is enhanced as various spaces transform to meet different needs.

Galeon 435 GTO cruising

The Galeon 435 GTO cruising at 30 knots off the coast of Pompano Beach, FL

The 435 GTO packs an incredible amount of space into her 44’ (13.4 m) platform by bringing almost the full 13’ 6” (4.1 m) beam far forward towards the bow. Because of this, her bowriding seat capacity is the greatest in class.

She has a fuel capacity of 528 gal. (2,000 L) giving her giving of 200 nm range at a cruise speed of 33 knots. The Galeon 435 has exceptional performance characteristic with a 50 knots + top speed when the engines are turning 6400 rpm. A time-to-plane speed of just over 6 seconds and an almost imperceptible change in bow rise throughout her speed range.

Major Features

  • Electric Anchor Windlass
  • Air Conditioning 
  • Joystick and Autopilot
  • Wet Bar with Sink
  • Triple 600-hp Mercury Engines

Performance Review

Test Conditions

Test day brought moderate conditions with winds from the east-northeast between 10 and 12 knots and leftover seas of 3 – 4 feet on the ocean driver by multiple days of stronger breezes. The test area was just offshore from Hillsboro Inlet in Pompano Beach, FL.

Leaving and returning to the dock was from the protected docks of MarineMax Pompano Beach. 

Performance Test Results

Once offshore, our first tests were a series of runs focused on getting the speed, fuel burn and noise level (measured in decibels or dBA) at specific RPM.  

Galeon 435 GTO Knots and GPH at Various RPM

Galeon 435 GTO Knots and dBA at Various RPM

Acceleration Times & Conditions*

The next tests were the acceleration runs.  Here, three tests were conducted and averaged to get the time from 0 knots to select speeds.  With the triple Mercury V12 Verados creating 600 horsepower each — for a combined horsepower of 1,800 — the 435 GTO had an acceleration time of 3.6 seconds from 0 knots to 10 knots, 10.6 seconds from 0 knots to 30 knots, and approximately 12 seconds from 0 to her 33 knot cruise speed.

Galeon 435 GTO acceleration runs

*Average over 3 runs
**21.1 knots was the average planing speed, although this was hard to distinguish given her minimal bow drop at plane
***45.8 knots was the average maximum speed

Galeon 435 GTO Time to reach various speeds

Range and Optimal Cruise

The Galeon 435 GTO has an effective range between 150 nm and 300 nm.  The two-speed transmission of the Mercury 600s flatten out the declining range curve around 3000 RPM. Technically, best cruise is at 4000 rpm, where going 27 knots she has a slightly greater range (197.2 nmiles) than 4500 rpm and a speed of 33 knots, where she has a range of 195.7 nm. I’d pick whatever is most comfortable.


The handling of the Galeon 435 GTO was impressive.  Given the outboard configuration, the turn radius, even at high speed, felt like that of a pure sport boat.  The photo below shows a 40 knot, 180° turn that the Galeon 435 GTO completed in four or five of her boat lengths.

The Galeon 435 GTO completing a 40 knot, high-speed 180° turn

The Galeon 435 GTO completing a 40 knot, high-speed 180° turn.

Galeon 435 GTO lower unit gear cases

The lower unit gear cases for the 600-hp Mercurys rotate 45-degrees to each site, while the engine bodies stay stationary.

I was surprised at how docile this 40,000-pound boat is.  One reason is that she has a sharp forefoot which splits the waves, another reason is that the Mercury 600-hp engine bodies do not move – only their lower units move from side to side. 

Because of that, the prop-steering has a full 90-degree range of motion, instead of just 60 degrees like virtually all large outboard engines.  And, compared to an inboard pod drive, high-speed maneuverability is much greater.

Galeon 435 GTO Mercury gear case 90-degree movement

Most large outboard engines move 60-degrees from side to side, but the 600-hp Mercury gear case can move a full 90-degrees.


The Mercury DTS (Digital Throttle and Shifter) system, which integrates a joystick makes docking a breeze.  Having the starboard window down allows for full visibility along the entire starboard side of the boat.  There is good visibility to the aft port quarter as the port corner of the swim platform is visible from the helm seat.

Galeon 435 GTO from her berth

Captain Gregg slowly taking the Galeon 435 GTO from her berth using the joystick.

Boat Inspection


Galeon 435 GTO at cruise speed

The Galeon 435 GTO at Cruise Speed.

The Galeon 435 GTO is a modern looking yacht with lines and visual characteristics reflective of the times.  She combines contrasting white fiberglass work with dark windows, support structures and accents.  Her exterior proportions look natural and not overdone, especially considering the size of accommodations internally.

The standout exterior feature of the boat are the broad shoulders Galeon has built into the bow of the boat to maximize deck space and seating in the bow. Her beam is taken forward at deck level almost to the pointy end. 


The 435 GTO has a continuous, single level that spans all the way from the bow to abaft the cockpit.  Of note is the asymmetrical design which is the major contributor to the voluminous interior features.

Galeon 435 GTO

Main Deck

The lower deck features the accommodations including two staterooms plus a full head and the “down” portion of the split galley.  The master is forward and takes advantage of Galeon’s design feature of carrying the full beam of the boat as far forward as possible.  Rarely does a v-berth have almost as much beam forward as aft.

Galeon 435 GTO accommodations layout



Beginning with the main deck forward, there is a 74 SqFt (22.4 SqM) bow section that, like the majority of the 435’s spaces, is configurable. There is seating for eight. The forward-facing lounge seats can accommodate three to four people.  A table, which is stored under the forward-facing seats, converts this space into a perfect al fresco dining area.  There is also a sun pad to fill in the center open section.  Armrests with cup holders fold down for the lounge seats.  There is a Fusion stereo control in the starboard bulwark and JL audio speakers on both sides.

Galeon 435 GTO bow section

74 SqFt bow section

Galeon 435 GTO bow forward and aft

Bow looking forward | Bow looking aft at lounge seats


The cockpit of the 435 GTO measures 101 SqFt (30.7 SqM) and can be configured in various ways.  The wrap around seating easily accommodates five people.  The seat has an aft position, the usual position for running, or a forward position to bring the seating area closer to the salon.

A table, stored under the seat, can be inserted with the seat in either the aft or forward position.

Galeon 435 GTO aft cockpit seating

Aft Cockpit Seating

The back of the seat folded down and the seat flips open to create a sun pad for 3-4 people.

Galeon 435 GTO seat to sunpad

Back of aft seat being flipped down to begin the conversation to a sunpad.

Another transformation of the 435 GTO is converting the salon from closed to open.  By opening and then sliding the two starboard-most door panels to port, the Galeon 435 GTO converts to a continuous space encompassing both the salon and cockpit.

Galeon 435 GTO Salon doors in the closed and open configurations

Salon doors in the closed and open configurations

The transformations of the cockpit area are controlled by push-bottom control panels just outside the salon doors on both port and starboard.

Galeon 435 GTO Cockpit control buttons for the balconies, sunshade, mast and exterior lighting

Cockpit control buttons for the balconies, sunshade, mast and exterior lighting

The first of these transformations, and probably the most defining of the Galeon 435 GTO, are the fold-down balconies on both port and starboard. Galeon has been leading the market with this feature in yachts of this size.  The balconies are 3’ 7” (1.1 M) wide and 12’ 11” (3.9 M) fore and aft. With the balconies extended, the beam of the 435 GTO increases from 13’ 6” (4.1 M) to just under 20’ (6.1 M).

Galeon 435 GTO Starboard balcony in the up position

Starboard balcony in the up position

Galeon 435 GTO Overhead view with both balconies extended

Overhead view with both balconies extended

Galeon 435 GTO retractable sunshade

The panel on the starboard side also controls a fully retractable sunshade that covers the entire cockpit.

The mast, which holds the radar dome, navigation light and antennas, can be “flipped” off the roof, folding into the cockpit.  This reduces the air draft of the Galeon 435 GTO from ~18’ (5.5 M) to just under 14’ (4.3 M).  This allows the 435 GTO to traverse many of the lower bridges on the ICW. It would be nice to be able to control this from the helm in addition to the port control station in the cockpit.

Galeon 435 GTO Radar mast in the up and down positions

Radar mast in the up and down positions

Galeon 435 GTO Radar mast flipped down into cockpit

Radar mast flipped down into cockpit

One step down from the cockpit on both port and starboard there is a 9 SqFt (2.7 SqM) swim platform with a covered boarding ladder.

Galeon 435 GTO Port swim platform and boarding ladder

Port swim platform and boarding ladder

Walkway and Hardware

The sole walkway from the salon to the bow is well protected with good breadth of 22” (55.8 cm) and handholds.

Galeon 435 GTO Looking aft at port walkway from salon to bow

Looking aft at port walkway from salon to bow

All hardware is custom made in Galeon’s factory in Poland.  The cleats are very sturdy and railing are made from sturdy 2” (5 cm) 316 stainless steel.

Galeon 435 GTO Forward port bow cleat and handrail.

Forward port bow cleat and handrail



The helm station holds a prominent place on the salon deck forward and to starboard.  It is open and flows with the rest of the salon allowing the operator to always feel part of the mix regardless of area.

The helm station is stylish.  The three Raymarine Axiom 16 xl 19” multi-function displays at the top of the helm station provide every required piece of information to the captain yet don’t block the sight lines either while sitting or standing.  The Mercury DTS (Digital Throttle and Shifter) controller and joystick along with the Zipwake Dynamic Trim controller are all within easy reach.  

There are three helm seats covered in faux leather each with a bolster for leaning.  All three can be independently adjusted for the comfort of the user. While the number of control buttons might seem overwhelming, they are all well labeled and logically laid out to control all the yacht’s critical systems.

Galeon 435 GTO

Helm station looking forward

Galeon 435 GTO

Mercury DTS controller and joystick along with the ZipWake Dynamic Trim controller

Galeon 435 GTO Triple helm seats allow others to be part of the action and keep the captain company

Triple helm seats allow others to be part of the action and keep the captain company.

During docking maneuvers and at slower speeds, the yacht is controlled by Mercury DTS joystick.  This makes handling a breeze and brings boating within reach for a broader range of people.  There is also a separate bow thruster control for those who wish to maneuver in close quarters the “old school” way.


The salon of the Galeon 435 GTO consists of multiple seating areas, most configurable, the helm and the galley up portion of the split galley.  The salon is 132 SqFt (40.2 SqM) and provides excellent visibility throughout 360°.

Galeon 435 GTO Layout of the salon deck

Layout of the salon deck

Working around the salon from port forward to behind the helm are three distinct areas.  First is a small, fixed countertop with a single bar stool. This is the perfect place for the captain to enjoy a cup of morning joe or for those on grill duty to take a short break.

Galeon 435 GTO Table and bar stool

Table and bar stool

The Galeon 435 GTO is a “split galley” with some elements below and a prep area and grills up.  Aft and to port is a chest style fixture that has multiple components.  With the lid closed, there is workspace that measure 2’ 3” (69 cm) deep by 6’ 7” (2 m) long.  Under the lid are two Kenton grills and a sink with a flip-up stainless-steel faucet.  

There are 4 cup holders on the aft part of the chest.  There are three under-cabinet areas.  Aft is dry storage.  In the middle, a trash can.  And forward a refrigerator.

Galeon 435 GTO Chest in the closed and open position

Chest in the closed and open position

Aft and to starboard in the salon is a seating area that can be configured in three different ways.  First is the dining configuration where 6 people can easily fit around the split folding table.  Second is the expanded seating configuration where the aft seat in the salon rotates 90° to integrate the salon seating with the cockpit seating with room for 11 or 12 people.  Lastly, the salon seating can be converted into second and third-row running seats by closing the split table and then flipping the back of the seat just behind the helm seats aft.

Galeon 435 GTO

Galeon 435 GTO various seating

Various seating configurations of the salon seating area

The salon can convert from a closed to open configuration through three actions.  First is opening the aft door leading from the salon to the cockpit.

Galeon 435 GTO Salon doors in the closed and open configurations

Salon doors in the closed and open configurations

Second is by opening the retractable roof which opens up 40 SqFt (12 SqM) of the roof to the sky.

Galeon 435 GTO

Sunroof in the open and closed position

Third is to open both side windows, which almost completely retract into the bulwarks.  With the windows open it is easy to access the midships cleat as there is no walkway outside the 435 GTO, a nice safety feature.

Galeon 435 GTO

Port salon window in the open and closed position


The accommodations on the Galeon 435 GTO encompass the lower part of the split-galley, a master v-berth, a limited height aft stateroom and a full head that serves both staterooms as well as functioning as a day head. The total accommodations are 230 SqFt (70 SqM).

Galeon 435 GTO Diagram of “The Keys” accommodations

Diagram of “The Keys” accommodations


The galley-down part of the split galley is 20 SqFt (6 SqM).  It has Corian countertops, a microwave, a sink with stainless steel faucet and storage all around both above and below the countertops.

Galeon 435 GTO Galley as seen from companionway

Galley as seen from companionway

Next to the floating stairs into the galley is the breaker panel with all master switches above an area that houses the engine ignition switches, the Fischer-Panda generator controller, a Dometic controller and a Fusion controller for the accommodations area.

Galeon 435 GTO Engine ignitions and generator, HVAC and Fusion controllers, Master Breaker Panel

Engine ignitions and generator, HVAC and Fusion controller | Master Breaker Panel


The master suite is 72 SqFt (22 SqM) of which 147 SqFt (45 SqM). The berth measures 75” L x 58” W with 2’ 11” of headroom above the mattress. There are nightstands / tops that integrate with the entire length of the stateroom.  There is a large window to starboard and a smaller window to port due to the walkway to the bow.  There is also a window forward that resides under the forward-facing bow seat.

Subtle earth tones dominate the décor with faux leather walls and headliner.  All wood throughout the yacht is a semi-glass walnut. 

Galeon 435 GTO Galeon 435 GTO V-Berth Master

Galeon 435 GTO V-Berth Master

Aft Stateroom

The 51 SqFt (16 SqM) aft stateroom is limited height with 46” (117 cm) of headroom.   The inboard berth measures 74” L x 50” W with headroom over the mattress of 2’ 8”.  The inboard berth measures 74” L x 26” W with headroom over the mattress of 2’ 8”. There is a nightstand with outlets, charging ports and a Dometic HVAC controller between the berths. 

Galeon 435 GTO The Aft Stateroom looking aft

The Aft Stateroom looking aft

Galeon 435 GTO Inboard berth looking towards port, nightstand between berths

Inboard berth looking towards port | Nightstand between berths


An 18 SqFt (5 SqM) head services both staterooms as well as acting as a day head.  There are Corian countertops, the walls are marble and there are multiple mirrors making the head seem even roomier than it is.  The 11 SqFt (3 SqM) shower has 6’ 8” of headroom. 

Galeon 435 GTO Head looking to starboard

Head looking to starboard

Galeon 435 GTO Vacuflush toilet and shower

Vacuflush toilet | Shower, note integrated seat

Mechanical Room

The mechanical room of the Galeon 435 GTO is below the cockpit and accessible from a large hatch abaft the salon doors.  It contains all non-engine related systems including the Fisher-Panda generator, the Seakeeper 5 gyro stabilizer and all required AC and DC systems.

Galeon 435 GTO Seakeeper 5 flanked by engine start and house battery banks

Seakeeper 5 flanked by engine start and house battery banks

Galeon 435 GTO Hot water tank and cablemaster, Fisher-Panda 12i 12kW generator and breaker panel

Hot water tank and cablemaster | Fisher-Panda 12i 12kW generator and breaker panel


The Galeon 435 GTO comes with 3 Mercury Verado 600 hp V12 motors.  The Verado 600 boasts an array of features.  The V12 design delivers powerful performance in a relatively compact footprint.  The motors can be mounted on 27” centers, allowing three 600s to fit easily on the Galeon 435 GTO.  This is aided by the independent, steerable gearcases.  There is no movement of the motors above the waterline.  

Verado 600s also have an automatic two-speed transmission that delivers impressive torque and acceleration in first gear followed by efficient cruising and higher top speeds in second gear.  Lastly, the Mercury Verado 600s have counter-rotating props that get a boat on plane quickly and allow for excellent fuel economy at midrange speed.  Each Mercury Verado 600 weighs in at 1,260 pounds (573 kg).

Galeon 435 GTO The 435’s triple Merucry Verado 600 V12s in the partially up and down position

The 435’s triple 600-hp Merucry V12 Verados in the partially up and down position.


Galeon Yachts was founded in 1982 and their experience and Polish craftsmanship shine through in the 435 GTO.  

Galeon has been leading the market in mid-size yacht innovation. For example, it was the first to introduce gunwales that fold down, creating wings. Now, most boats in class have them. The bow space, the cockpit, the salon, and the balconies make this yacht adaptable to watersports and serious entertaining with three large venues.

Having accommodations that have a large master v-berth benefited by the beam being brought so forward combined with a second stateroom that is 51 SqFt (15 SqM), even if limited to 46” in headroom, is hard to come by in a yacht of this size.  

Add in a thoughtful split galley and a finely appointed 18 SqFt (5 SqM) head with an additional 11 SqFt (3 SqM) shower with 6’8” of headroom to round out the accommodations and this is about as complete a package that is the market in this size range.

Any owner/operator looking for a yacht powered by outboard engines that perform as well as a coastal cruiser as a dayboat and combine loads of features with outstanding performance and handling characteristics should have a look at the Galeon 435 GTO. 

Remember, life is better on a boat!

Captain Gregg
[email protected]