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Hampton Yachts Endurance 658 LRC (2017-)

2 x 1000-hp CAT 12.9

Brief Summary

Docking control aboard the Hampton Yachts Endurance 658 LRC is simplified by twin “wing stations” to port and starboard on the aft deck which control the engines and bow and stern thrusters. She has large rudders and is remarkably responsive to the helm, according to our test captain. In every regard she is an owner/operator boat. Nevertheless, our test vessel had a crew cabin, an ideal place for extra guests, a nanny, or delivery captain. When buying a boat like this, an owner can pretty much design the layout. Her interior finish work is up to world-class motoryacht standards, and is ruggedly constructed.

Key Features

  • Solid fiberglass hull with Kevlar reinforcements
  • Hull/deck joint through-bolted every 6”, sealed with 3M 5200 sealant, and glassed over with 3 layers of fiberglass
  • Hand-laid fiberglass deck, deckhouse, and flybridge cored with high strength Divinycell foam
  • Redundant, in-line back ups for fuel filters, pumps, spare generator and dual PTO's
  • SeaTorque anti-vibration isolation and extensive sound proofing
  • Day head on the aft deck
  • Internal staircase from salon to the crew quarters and engine room
  • Family has been building yachts for over 50 year with zero debt owning the factory
  • Third stateroom side by side twins convert into a double
  • 65,000 man hours start to finish at factory
  • Interior African Makore cherry all from one tree creating grain and finish consistency throughout the entire yacht
  • Davit can deploy tender not only off the starboard side however also from from the stern
  • Third stateroom side by side twins convert into a double
  • The warranty is 1 year on all systems and 5 years on the hull

Test Results

600 6.7 5.8 2 3.4 2.9 5276 4588 59
1000 9.9 8.6 10 1 0.9 1551 1349 59
1250 11.9 10.3 18 0.7 0.6 1041 905.4 57
1500 13.4 11.7 30 0.4 0.4 704 611.7 59
1750 15.5 13.4 48 0.3 0.3 507 440.8 63
2000 18.6 16.1 69 0.3 0.2 423 368.2 68
2250 22.5 19.6 94 0.2 0.2 377 327.8 70
2315 23.3 20.3 100 0.2 0.2 367 319.1 71


Length Overall 68' / 20.7 m
Beam 18'
5.48 m
Dry Weight 102,500 lbs.
46,493 kg
Tested Weight 109,360 lbs.
Draft 5' 2"
1.57 m
Deadrise/Transom N/A
Max Headroom N/A
Bridge Clearance 25'
7.62 m
Person Capacity N/A
Fuel Capacity 1,750 gal.
6,624 L
Water Capacity 400 gal.
1,514 L
Length on Trailer N/A
Total Weight 109,360 lbs.


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane N/A
0 to 30 N/A
Ratio 2.52:1
Props 5 blade ZF 40x35.5
Load 6 persons, 1/2 fuel, full water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 48 deg., 44 humid.; wind: 0-5 mph; seas: 0

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 1000-hp CAT 12.9
Std. Power 2 x 1000-hp CAT C-12.9
Opt. Power 2 x 873-hp Caterpillar C-18 Acert

Captain's Report

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC

The Hampton Yachts Endurance 658 LRC has an LOA of 68’ (20.7 m), an 18’ (5.49 m) beam, three staterooms, crew quarters, and four heads on board.


Hampton Yachts’ Endurance 658 LRC was designed and built with safety, comfort, and efficiency as a goal. Hampton Yachts describes the result as a “new and unique” combination of these objectives.

High efficiency across a range of speeds combined with safety and comfort was what Naval Architect and professional engineer Howard Apollonio looked to produce, on what is called the Hampton Hybrid Hull. This hull is a further development of a design Apollonio has been working on since 1977. The hull is designed, according to the builder, to meet or exceed the Weather Criterion stability standards issued by the United States Coast Guard for licensed passenger vessels in exposed water service (Subchapter S CFR 46 Part 170.170) and stability criteria of the IMO (Chapter 3 .1 General Intact Stability Criteria).

Our first impression as we stepped aboard was that we were clearly on a Long Range Cruiser. The well-appointed helm stations and the Portuguese bridge cemented that notion. Secondly, we were impressed with the excellent level of fit-and-finish we saw throughout the yacht. It takes an obsessive-compulsive test captain to truly appreciate the straight lines, perfect joinery work, and flawless woodwork exhibited throughout this quality yacht.

Major Features

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC hull

The Hampton Hybrid Hull is one of the signature design elements of the Endurance 658 LRC -- engineering work perfected since 1977.
  • Hampton Hybrid Hull. Continuing work started in 1977, Hampton Yachts designer Howard Apollonio has created a hull that maximizes the space, comfort, and efficiency through an innovative design that satisfies stringent industry stability standards.

Features Inspection

Swim Platform

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC stern

The aft swim platform on the Endurance 658 LRC -- note the removable stainless steel guide rails along the stern.

The 3’6” (1.07 m) swim platform is where we boarded the Endurance 658 LRC. It has an Attwood hot and cold shower head recessed behind an FRP door. The aft end of the platform also has four stainless steel guard rails 2.5” (6.35 cm) in diameter with an opening gate just above the hatch concealing the stainless steel swim ladder.

In the bottom step risers to port and starboard there are cablemaster cord reels behind flush doors so these connections are out of sight when not being used. For versatility when docking, there is another set of shore power connections behind a concealed panel midships in the starboard deck cabin sides.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC shore cord

At the bottom step, there’s a cablemaster shore cord. The switch to control the electric reel is just inside and notice the flip open channel to hold the cord and eliminate the tripping hazard on the deck.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC compartments

To the sides of the stair bulwarks, there are storage compartments with the starboard housing the freshwater washdown spigots.

Aft Deck

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC aft deck

The aft deck on the Endurance 658 LRC, with a cherry wood cocktail table -- note the refrigerator built into the table base.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC gate

Teak-lined steps lead up to the aft deck to port and starboard, with stainless steel framed acrylic doors at each opening. Additionally, side doors provide a boarding point from fixed piers.

The aft deck sits under an overhead 6’8" (2.03 m) off the deck and includes LED lighting. Seating is just along the transom, with a stainless steel grab rail just behind the backrest. The seating faces a cherry wood table that comes standard with an inlaid compass rose design. The table itself has a refrigerator built into its pedestal, a great convenience when socializing. A 32” (81 cm) LED TV sits inside a fold-down cabinet just off the cabin entry door to the starboard side.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC bow stern thrusters

One of two “wing stations” on the 658 in the aft deck to port and starboard with electronic throttle controls and joysticks for the bow and stern thruster.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC cleats

To the sides of the Endurance 658 LRC are cleats nestled into the bulwarks. This clever solution allows the boat to be tied up while standing on the dock and eliminates a lot of the deck clutter we typically see.

Remote Control. On both the starboard and port sides of the aft deck are “wing stations,” which have engine controls and hydraulic thruster control, particularly advantageous when presented with the option of only portside or starboard side to docking situations.

Day Head

One of the most convenient features of the aft deck is the day head just to the forward starboard side. With everyone either enjoying their time on this aft deck or the swim platform, it’s best not to have everyone traipsing through the main deck and down below just to answer the call of nature. Having this head located here solves a myriad of inconveniences for guests.

We like the installation of a day head on the main deck -- something rarely seen on a boat of this size.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC day head

The day head is just to the forward starboard section of the aft deck -- a perfect location and something rarely seen on this size of vessel.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC door

Here’s a neat feature… just to the side of the day head door is a small door that’s ideal for holding boat hooks, brushes, mops… any long items since it’s 8’ (2.44 m) deep.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC aft deck

The aft deck on the Endurance 658 LRC with transom swing door, teak decks, and the storage locker in the far bulkhead.

Foredeck/ Portuguese Bridge

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC side decks

The side decks on the Endurance 658 LRC, with the teak decking up to the steps leading to the Portuguese bridge.

Access to the side decks -- with teak decking -- comes via the aft deck. The Endurance 658 LRC has a symmetrical layout with 18” (45.7 cm) of side deck width and 31” (79 cm) of rail height. However, at midships there is a single step up where the bulwarks match the elevation and rail height comes up to 41” (104 cm).

Portuguese Bridge. As we continue forward, there’s a wrap-around Portuguese-style bridge. It’s lined with stainless steel grab rails, and storage compartments populate the forward section of this protected deck to the front and rear. At the foremost point a central set of swinging gates open outward and leads to two forward-facing bench seats.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC portuguese bridge

The Portuguese bridge on the Endurance 658 LRC. Note the storage hatches in the bulkheads with a path through to the forward-facing seating.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC foredeck

The foredeck has a recessed area around the seating that consists of two bench seats to either side of the Portuguese Bridge gates. Fully forward the ground tackle is handled from an elevated platform that saves a lot of bending over. The Endurance 658 LRC has a Muir 3500 dual anchor with a 50 kg Bruce polished stainless steel with 350’ of chain.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC forward foredeck

A view of the foredeck on the Endurance 658 LRC, facing forward. Note the VIP stateroom skylight, the bow seating to port and starboard, and the windlass forward. Note the bulwarks, something we often don’t see on some boats this size.

Doors to Sidedecks

To both port and starboard the Endurance 658 LRC is fitted with watertight doors leading from the pilothouse to the sidedecks. To port the door opens forward and encourages access aft. The starboard door opens aft and provides access forward to the Portuguese bridge. Both pantograph doors open on massive hardware. Theses doors, by their very nature, are water tight and are a sign of the seriousness work this boat is designed to do.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC

The watertight pantograph doors open on massive stainless steel hardware and each side opens opposite the other for complete access to the side decks.

Side Deck Details. Two additional features on the sidedecks include the fuel fills, one to each side, complete with a recessed space to catch spills and a storage area for absorbent pads, and to the starboard side there’s also a separate shore power connection point. This allows flexibility for when the Endurance 658 LRC is docked starboard side to and the stern cords don’t reach the dockside connection station.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC

Shore power is connected to the starboard side behind this flush panel. Notice the notches for the cords. Inside the connections are to the top of the compartment and face down to make the connections as safe from water as possible.

Flying Bridge

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC stairs

The Flybridge access stairs, which sit to port in the aft deck. Note the teak decked steps and the fiberglass reinforced plastic molded structure.

The access stairway up to the Endurance 658 LRC’s Flybridge is to port on the aft deck. The treads are teak. The stainless steel hand railing is inboard and we would like to see it placed outboard, or have a second one outboard.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC

The flying bridge is divided into three sections -- the helm entertaining area and boat deck. This layout is different (the stairs, seating and grill are flopped) than the one on the boat that we tested, but essentially the same.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC fly bridge

The flybridge in the Endurance 658 LRC -- note the HD TV in the overhead --with the LED lights turned on.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC grill

The flybridge entertainment center, with storage, propane grill, sink, and faucet. Note the helm in the background and the entrance from the pilothouse to the left.

The flybridge has a dining space, entertainment refreshment center, and helm station. The entertainment center -- which is nearly a mini-galley unto itself -- is at the aft end of the flybridge. There is Corian countertop with a faucet and sink, as well as refrigerator and icemaker below and a propane grill to the starboard side. Storage cabinets can be found underneath. Propane stores in a separate cabinet just adjacent to the grill.

Forward to the starboard side is the dining space, which features an L-shaped settee wrapped around a hi-lo fiberglass reinforced plastic table. With the addition of two director’s chairs it can seat six or more people.

The Hard Top.The flybridge is covered by a hardtop that has a non-glare texture as well as LED lights. It also has a fold-down cabinet to port that holds a 32” HDTV.

We would rig the hardtop with polycarbonate side curtains so that the helm could be buttoned up for three-season piloting from the flying bridge. That isinglass will also come in handy when entertaining on a chilly evening. This creates much more utility for the boat for little added expense.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC davit

A view of the flybridge davit, with tender aboard. Notice how big the boat deck is, and it can be made bigger by removing the rails around the aft entry.

Boat Deck. At the aft end of the flybridge is the Endurance 658 LRC’s tender launching operation with a 1,600 lb. (726 kg) capacity power rotation davit that has enough swing to launch from the stern or the starboard side. The boat deck is huge -- measuring 11’7” (3.53 m) x 16’ (4.88 m) when the railing at the aft stairs is in place. Remove them and the boat deck opens to 16’ x 16’ (4.88 m x 4.88 m). Blocking the aft access with a large tender, or other equipment, is not problematic as there’s another access point forward from the lower pilothouse helm.

The large boat deck is the sign of a true cruising vessel. In addition to the ship’s tender there is also room for a pair of kayaks and dunnage boxes for all sorts of gear, such as scuba equipment.

Flybridge Helm

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC helm seats

A view of the Flybridge helm on the Endurance 658 LRC. Note the three Pompanette Platinum Series captain’s chairs.

The Endurance 658 LRC’s flybridge helm is an impressive one -- to start, it features three Pompanette Platinum series helm chairs, which have adjustable armrests, adjustable non-skid flip-down footrests, and luxurious upholstery.

There are three identical helm chairs facing forward which is a bit unusual, and something that we like. The more eyes that are pointed forward, the better. The three chairs insure that every member of the family or all of the guests can take their turn helping with the piloting of the vessel during a cruise.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC helm

A closer look at the flybridge helm dash. Note the steering wheel, with cherry wood and stainless steel. Obviously, there is room on the raised console for four nav screens.

The helm itself is a simple utilitarian design that has all of the necessary instruments without a lot of clutter. A stainless steel and cherry wood wheel has a classic feel with ergonomic design and placement.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC fly helm

The flybridge helm is nearly appointed as well as the main helm on the Endurance 658 LRC, and with one additional captain’s chair.

Instruments. The flybridge helm’s dash is fully stocked, with complete engine and instrumentation displays. The dash panel has a compass on top, with space for four large touchscreen displays on the console, as well as a VHF radio and smaller readouts. Hampton Yachts has an interesting offer when it comes to the electronics here and on the main salon helm -- a $50,000 allowance for stocking the helm with tools such as radar, chartplotter, autopilot, speed and temperature gauges, GPS, VHF radio X2, AIS. The customer can select the brand and style under their $50,000 “allowance.”

Storage lockers are to port and starboard of the centerline helm on the flybridge, accessed via latched lids on the dash and these are sized right for use as chartbook holders.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC

Now, as wide and roomy as the flybridge area is, it doesn’t go to the full width of the deck. To the sides there’s walk space for stowing kayaks or paddleboards… essentials to every long range cruising yacht.


Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC salon

A view of the salon, facing aft. Note the step down from the aft deck access door, the cabin chairs, and the large sofa space.

Back through the aft deck via the sliding glass access door is the Endurance 658 LRC’s salon. Upon entry is a small step-down onto a plush, carpeted deck. The wood paneling is in Makore Cherry, with a 60/40 gloss mat finish giving the interior a warm, classy look.

The joiner work veneer laminate is 55mils thick, according to the builder, where the industry standard is typically 25 to 30 mils thick, and all the wood is cut from the same tree to ensure a uniform look. Upon close inspection of the fit-and-finish, it’s easy to see how 65,000 man hours go into it.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC

Again, this drawing is somewhat different than the boat we tested. Once again, everything has been flopped port to starboard. Nevertheless is shows the relationship of spaces.

This is the main advantage of having a boat built in the Far East – while all of the equipment and materials are identical to those used in the West, even today, the Hampton boat yard is able to lavish the boat with many more man-hours of work. This pays off for the consumer most noticeably in the joinery work, which is world-class.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC drawer

The drawers have dovetail joinery and metal sliders on ball bearings are full length, allowing the drawers to open fully.

The Endurance 658 LRC’s salon has a spread-out design giving an open and airy feel that is enhanced by the huge frameless windows and the 7’1” (2.16 m) overhead. The room features one main L-shaped settee as well as several club chairs and cherry-wood coffee and lamp tables. This area is as big as to be found on most 85-footers.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC salon

A view of the salon facing forward from the access door. Note the helm station ahead, as well as the storage in the base of the cherry table next to the sofa.

The windows along the port and starboard sides are large and can be outfitted with custom shades for privacy. A wine cooler is built in to the portside cherry cabinet just adjacent to the stairs to the galley. Forward to port is a cabinet dedicated to the entertainment system, which features a 46” (116.8 cm) Samsung LED HDTV, as well as a Bose surround-sound system.

The overheads in the salon are upholstered with lighting accented by a center wood-framed soffit, giving the entire space a dramatic, luxurious vibe.


Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC galley

A view of the galley facing aft, from the helm station. Note the available counter space, as well as the GE oven, microwave, and cooktop.

Forward is the yacht’s galley. It too has an open design, which means it sits in a flow from the pilothouse helm station back to the aft deck access door, with no obstruction in sight or space in between.

The galley has a little step-up from the carpeted salon deck and features granite countertops with matching decks that can be heated. There are three separate counter surfaces in the galley’s U-shape, with the cherry wood design carrying heavily into this space. The overhead lights in the galley can be operated with a dimmer for desired intensity to maintain the night vision of the captain just ahead.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC galley

Another view of the galley, facing forward from the salon. Note the trash compactor and dishwasher below the sink.

The galley comes with a large, under counter stainless steel sink with a Grohe single-lever faucet. This is just above the Broan trash compactor and Fisher & Paykel dishwasher, both with stainless steel fronts. A small breakfast bar is elevated above the countertop surrounding the sink, with three barstools on the opposite side.

The refrigerator is a SubZero 700 TCI with two freezer drawers and an icemaker. The aft countertop features a GE electric four burner stove-top, which sits just above the GE oven and just below the GE microwave.

Storage comes next to the oven, as well as via drawers and cabinets above and below -- specifically a dedicated pots and pans drawer.

All countertops are granite which the buyer selects.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC sole

The deck under the throw rugs is cherry and holly. At the galley it’s granite, with radiant heat generated from the diesel hydronic furnace in the engine room.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC bar stools

Just ahead are two barstools allowing the raised galley counter to be used as a light snack area. In a feat of cleverness, the legs of the stools fit into diamond cutouts just above the deck to hold them in place in a seaway.

Dining Area

The Endurance 658 LRC has no “formal dining” area as this is more of a family style cruiser. The dining takes place either at the galley bar or just ahead at the dining table. It features a wraparound settee with a table in front. The table is mounted to a slider to aid in entry and egress from the seating. It’s on an elevated platform so it enjoys the same views as the captain just alongside. And, in fact, the helm seat can be lowered and swiveled to join the gang at the table.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC dining and helm

The dining area is next to the helm and the helm seat can also be used here. Two storage drawers are built into the pedestal.


The pilothouse sits largely apart from the rest of the salon, though there is formally no “separation” in the design. That being said, a curtain can be used to formally separate the spaces for nighttime navigation or any other desired moments of privacy.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC

The lower helm is a study in form meeting function. Navigation displays are controlled from either touch or a remote control.

The helm has two Pompanette Platinum series captain’s chairs, with stainless steel adjustable pedestals and adjustable armrests. The wheel is assisted by hydraulic power steering and is identical in design to the wheel on the Flybridge helm -- classic look with cherry wood and stainless steel.

The main helm dash console is bigger than its Flybridge counterpart, with some additional design flare as well—glossy wood finish underneath a soft touch brow extending along its top edge. The console has space for as many as three 16” (40.6 cm) touchscreen readouts, as well as panels for VHF radio, autopilot, and smaller gauges.

Control Sticks. The flat surface just behind the steering wheel has the bow and stern thrusters, electronic throttle control, and other instrumentation, while moving starboard the surface turns to countertop, a nice convenience for spreading out a chart, or simply getting smaller items out of the way but immediately handy.

The helm also has stereo system control panel with speakers in the pilothouse and aft deck, as well as remote control of the windlass, trim tabs, search light, stabilizer system, fire suppression system, and the electric horn. The windshield comes with windshield wipers standard as well.

To port and starboard are watertight, pantograph doors that lead out to the side decks. The door to port opens forward allowing easier access to the stern, to starboard, the door opens aft allowing better access to the Portuguese bridge just ahead.

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC power panel

Just alongside the helm station is the 12/24v power panel. Notice the watertight door to the side deck.

Lower Deck

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC

This is a three stateroom/three head layout with crew quarters. Our test boat had only two heads. We like this layout because we think every stateroom should have a private head. We also like the Master bath arrangement that leaves space for a large walk-in closet.

Accessed via companionway to the starboard side of the helm station, the lower deck features three staterooms, two heads, a washer and dryer in the lower deck foyer, and storage both in the staterooms and the common area/foyer. The decks are cherry and holly in the common spaces, with a compass rose design inlaid in the foyer.

Master Stateroom

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC master stateroom

The master stateroom. Note the en suite off the side of the berth, as well as the HDTV on the forward bulkhead and the vanity on the far side of the space.

The master stateroom is a full-beam space with a king-sized berth that has storage underneath. The design aesthetic carries through to the lower deck cabins also, with the cherry wood finish and classic cabinet-front designs featuring here.

Much like in the salon, the staterooms have upholstered overheads with direct and recessed lighting and plush carpeting below. The master stateroom features a mirrored surface over the berth, a 32” LED HDTV on the aft starboard bulkhead, dimmers for the overhead LED lighting, stereo system, individual climate controls, and a vanity to starboard with a mirror that lifts out of the countertop and storage drawers below.

There is a large closet behind the king-sized berth, with three cedar-lined hanging lockers and one walk-in clothes locker.

Master Head

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC head

The master en-suite head, with the notable “shower tower” that features massage jets along the surface, and a Corian seat in the walk-in shower.

The master stateroom also has an en-suite head, which features a cherry vanity with storage under an under counter sink. The sink has a Grohe single-lever faucet, and the surrounding countertop -- like the deck -- is marble.

There is a large shower stall lined with Corian and features a “shower tower” instead of a conventional shower head, which makes room for the massage jets that come standard just below the primary water source. An exhaust fan comes standard as well.

The en-suite head also has stainless steel opening portlights and a Tecma toilet.

If an owner chooses, the walk-in closet to the opposite side of the berth can be converted into a separate head. In this manner the stateroom can have his-and-hers heads separated by a central shower.

VIP Stateroom

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC vip stateroom

The VIP stateroom sits in the bow. Note the headboard reading lights, steps up to the berth, and storage drawers below.

The VIP stateroom sits in the bow, where the cherry and holly decking from the foyer extends in right up to the carpeted steps-up to the berth itself. The VIP stateroom has an island berth, with storage drawers underneath, and reading lights in the headboard.

The space has wraparound storage cabinets, as well as a cedar-lined hanging storage locker. Creature comforts in the form of a 26” HDTV, DVD/ CD stereo system, and climate controls over the heat or air conditioning.

The overhead LED lights can be operated with a dimmer for desired intensity, and the stainless steel portlights can open and feature screens. The VIP stateroom also has an opening skylight with ocean-air screen.

Third Guest Room

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC twin beds

The third guest room with two twin beds that can slide together on tracks to form a larger berth. Note the cherry and holly decks.

The third guest stateroom features two twin beds over the cherry and holly decking from the lower deck foyer. The beds slide, allowing for one large berth instead of the two separated ones. A nightstand between them is featured when the beds are separated, and of course is concealed when they are joined together, with another revealing to the opposite side when the berths are joined.

There is one cedar-lined hanging storage locker, stainless steel opening portlights on the starboard side, and a mirrored surface above the berths.

The overhead LED lighting is on a dimmer as with the other staterooms and a 20” (51 cm) HDTV, CD/ stereo system, and individual climate control for air conditioning or heat.

The VIP stateroom and third guestroom share the VIP head in the boat we tested. But as can be seen in the accommodations drawing of a sistership, there can be three heads. , which the third guestroom access from across the foyer.

Crew Quarters

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC bunk beds

The crew quarters features the bunks seen here and a common space with amenities like a refrigerator, sink, faucet, and head.

The crew quarters on the Endurance 658 LRC features a common area with refrigerator, Corian countertop, sink and faucet, and storage cabinets above and below. The crew head has a vanity and separate shower stall.

The bunk has an over/under berth design with cherry and holly decks, two stainless steel opening portlights, and storage drawers below the berth. It also features shelving and a small desk on the forward bulkhead.

With the crew area having a separate access at the aft section of the salon, and with this living space having the same fit and finish as the rest of the yacht, it also lends itself to guest quarters when an owner doesn’t need a hired crew on full time duty. Having this private entrance is rare in a yacht this size.

Engine Room

Hampton Yachts 658 Endurance LRC engine room

The engine room view on the Endurance 658 LRC.

The engine room can be accessed via the crew quarters, and has standing headroom throughout. The 1,750 gallon (6,624 L) fuel capacity comes in the athwartships fuel tanks. The copper water lines are color coded, as are the hydraulic lines. LED lighting throughout, and the bulkheads are insulated with extra sound insulation. The floors have rubber, non-skid treads.

The engine mounts, rudders and rudder posts, and safety grab rails around the engines are all stainless steel.

Specs and Performance

The Hampton Yachts Endurance 658 LRC has a LOA of 68’ (20.73 m), a beam of 18’ (5.49m) and a draft of 5’2” (1.58 m). With an empty weight of 99,000 lbs. (44,906 kg) 57% fuel and six people onboard, we had an estimated test weight of 109,360 lbs. (49,605 kg). She holds 1,750 gal. (6,650 L) of fuel and 400 gal. (1,520 L) of water.

With a pair of CAT 12.9 1000-hp engines turning 40 x 35.5 (101.6 cm x 90.17 cm) 5-bladed props we reached a top speed of 20.3 knots at 2315 rpm. There really is no “best cruise” per se but she’s more of a boat that you adjust your speed based on how far you want to go. Cruise to distant locations at just over 10 knots and that location can be over 900 nm past the horizon, burning a models 18 gph.

Dial back to 8.6 knots for a long delivery and her range is 1,349 nautical miles, burning just 10 gph.

Once there, explore at 16 knots and she’ll keep going for more than 368 miles, burning 69 gph, which is not bad for a boat this heavy. In short, it’s as much about the journey as the destination with this yacht.


As we got underway, we were immediately impressed with how responsive she is to the bow and stern thrusters. They put out plenty of torque and had us side slipping away from the dock nicely. We also started to get a quick feel for how responsive she is at the helm. This starts to bode well for a cruiser targeting the owner-operator.

There are a couple of things we like from our time at the helm. First, the feel of the steering wheel, particularly the lower helm wheel. Its wood rim is thick and just feels good to the hand. Secondly, the steering is very responsive so this boat undoubtedly has big rudders. This is also aided by the electric over hydraulic steering system that provides three turns of the wheel from lock to lock with zero feedback.

In turn tests she remains flat at the onset of the turn, and once established her weight takes over and she starts to lean to the outside of the turn. This, of course, when under the grips of a heavy handed test captain. That said, this is clearly a distance cruiser meant to go straight ahead for long periods at a time.

As an example of how she has good responsiveness to the helm, we pulled off the power and put the helm hard over and she still responded instantly, and then even returned to her previous course, all without the benefit of prop wash from the propellers.

Big Rudders Count. Of course, we had flat calm conditions on our test day, which prevents us from commenting on how she handles offshore conditions. As we made our way back to the confines of the marina, it was time to put those big rudders to the test and sure enough, we had impressive control authority. I was able to flip us right around and lay her up port side to with little effort and no practice approaches were needed to get the feel for it first. This really is an operator-friendly boat.


The base price for the Hampton Yachts Endurance 658 LRC is listed as $3,095,000.


The Hampton Yachts Endurance 658 LRC aims largely to provide luxury and comfort from the ground up -- efficient, safe, and stable performance that augments the design inside. Our performance tests bore this out, and while the interior design is conventional, it doesn’t skimp on details or quality, and as such is a great success. These boats are certainly a large investment, but nothing in the performance or layout of the 658 will let anyone taking the plunge down.

This yacht in the final analysis can do all of the work of a trawler-type, yet does not have the exterior design affectations nor the often quirky interior layouts of some long range cruisers we have seen. Her interior is all motoryacht, and here she can go toe-to-toe with the finest on the market in her size range.