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Captain's Report

Editor’s Report by Capt. Peter d’Anjou


The Heyday WT-Surf signature ‘hot tub’ seating flanks the walkthrough from the cockpit to the boat’s swim platform.

Brief Summary

The Heyday brand of wakeboats is produced by Bayliner, part of the Brunswick Boat Group. The fiberglass, single-engine, 25' (7.62 m) wakeboat model known as the Heyday WT-Surf is being positioned as an affordable entry-level wakeboat whose bottom design produces wave-generation without added tabs, flaps, or deflectors - challenging more expensive builds.

Key Features

  • 17-person capacity
  • Crusader 350-hp gas inboard
  • Fold-down tower
  • Dual-axle trailer


The Heyday WT-Surf is a dedicated wake boat at an affordable price that, with its 17-person capacity, offers room for socializing. Its dual console configuration provides social zones in the bow, cockpit, and stern with flexible seating and removable backrests.

At 25' (7.62 m), it is one of the bigger wakeboats on the market and it is Heyday’s largest model. Year-over-year updates include faster ballast pumps, new hull colors, and an ability to upgrade the powerplant with multiple engine options.

Distinguishing Features

  • Bailing strakes

Major Features

  • 2,800 lbs. (1,270 kg) of integral ballast
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Speed control
  • ‘Hot tub’ seating


wide bow

Most of the boats in class have a wide bow, like the WT-Surf, to accommodate seating.

Cotton Welshan is the wake hull engineer being credited with the WT-Surf hull design. It is a v-hull forward, tapering to a flatter run aft.

Since total displacement is an indicator of potential wave height, we note that the 2,800 lb. (1,270 kg) capacity ballast tanks can be augmented with an additional plug and play ballast option (650 lbs. / 295 kg) that puts this boat in the heavyweight division of wake boat displacement. The main ballast tanks are integral, not ballast bags.

For wakeboarding, flood all three ballast tanks, left, right, and forward. For wake surfing, we are told it is best to flood the WT-Surf’s forward ballast and either left or right tank depending if you surf left or right foot forward.


The bow sponsons are said to give the boat added stability when circling back through her own wake to pick up a downed rider.


According to the builder, the angle and width of the transom, and the rounded corners all contribute to wave generation.

bailing strakes

Bailing strakes replace normal lifting strakes to help the boat push water out from the hull rather than ride over the surface.


Bayliner acquired Heyday Boats in 2016 and kept on the father and son owner/design team of John and Ben Dorton, John as a consultant and Ben as manager of business development at Bayliner. Heyday construction was transitioned from Bryant boats to Bayliner. The boats are now built in Bayliner’s ISO-9001 certified Reynosa, Mexico plant on the banks of the Rio Grande. Heyday WT-Surfs come with a limited lifetime structural hull warranty.

Boat Inspection


filler cushion

Remove the optional filler cushion and the WT-Surf’s bow easily seats five adults.


There is storage under the seat cushions. The seat cushions in the WT-Surf lift out.

bow sponsons

The bow sponsons give the WT-Surf a distinct styling. Pull-up cleats recess when not in use to prevent inadvertent snags.


dual console

The dual console helm layout includes a companion seat with flip seatback and a glovebox.

helm chair

The helm chair swivels 180-degrees and has a flip-up bolster. Note the in-deck storage compartment between the consoles.

The helm has a three-spoked tilt wheel and hydraulic steering assist. A Rockford stereo head is pre-set to allow speaker expansion of the system.


Toggle switches control the ballast pumps for the three separate ballast tanks - left, right, and forward.

storage space

There is storage space for a cooler inside the port console.


helm chair

The helm chair swivels and the companion seatback flips to include people sitting at the helm in the cockpit socialization.


The optional cockpit table attaches to a bracket on the front of the engine box.

helm chair

The backrest behind the helm chair folds away when not in use.

wake tower

Ben Dorton demonstrates how the wake tower folds down in preparation for transporting the boat on a trailer.

Swim Platform / Transom

swim platform

The swim platform is just above water level to make getting back aboard easier.


SeaDek flooring is standard. Here the optional Gatorstep Deluxe flooring is installed.

ski pylon

An optional ski pylon is available in addition to the one that comes standard on the tower.

engine cover

The engine cover provides a walkway from the cockpit to the transom when closed and divides the ‘hot tub’ style seats from which the passenger can sit in either direction.


There is storage in the seat bases and an optional filler cushion to create a sun pad.

filler boards

Add filler boards and a cushion for converting the ‘hot tub’ seating to the optional Kickback lounger.


BoatTEST has not tested the Heyday WT-Surf at the time of this report.

The Heyday WT-Surf has a LOA of 25’1” (7.65 m), a beam of 8’0” (2.44 m), and a draft of 2’5” (.74 m). Dry weight is 4,300 lbs. (1,950 kg) and the ballast capacity of the boat is 2,800 lbs. (1,270 kg). The fuel capacity of the boat is 60 gallons (227 L).

Equipment Discussion


The walkthrough to the stern also acts as the engine cover. Simply lift here to hinge the cover up and access the engine space.

The 5.7L Crusader Challenger 350-hp engine is standard, but can be upgraded to a Coastal Edition that adds protections for use in salt water. Higher horsepower is available in a 6.0L Crusader 409-hp freshwater-cooled engine which also has a Coastal edition at that horsepower.

Mercury 6.2L inboards rated at 320-hp or 370-hp are also available in both regular and Coastal editions.

Since we have not yet tested the boat ourselves, we cannot comment on what that means to the performance.


Heyday has a saying, “It’s all about the wake, tunes, and crew”. Analyzing waves was the first step to making a better wake boat.


gelcoat colors

New for 2020 WT-Surfs are vivid gelcoat colors and even metal flake, these have replaced the vinyl wraps the boat originally debuted with in 2018.

Base price of $57,999 includes engine, tower, and dual axle-trailer.

The a la carte menu of options is long; this approach lets the buyer select exactly what they want within their budget.

Optional Equipment to Consider

graphic colors

Heyday has a choice of graphic colors to choose from.


Kickback filler cushions for the tub seats are an option.
  • GatorStep Deluxe flooring ($540)
  • Cockpit table ($340)
  • Battery switch ($115)
  • Plug-and-play ballast system (650 lbs.) ($410)
  • Zero Off GPS Speed Control (Crusader engines only) ($1,275)
  • Ski tow pylon ($850)
  • 2 swivel wakeboard rack ($1,065)
  • Sound system upgrade ($2,895)

(Rockford Amp, 10" Sub, 2X 8" Tower Speakers)

  • LED light package ($945)
  • Soft-sided cooler ($125)
  • 9” Touchscreen with engine data (Crusader engines only) ($1,815)
  • 9” Touchscreen with engine data (Mercury engines only) ($2,415)
  • 9" Glass dash (Mercury with VesselView Engine Data) ($2,680)
  • Digital depth indicator ($550)
  • Bow block-off  (requires bow filler cushion) ($215)
  • Bow filler cushion ($215)
  • Stainless steel package: rub rail and cupholders ($715)
  • Kickback lounge: ‘hot tub’ seat filler cushions ($1,215)
  • Sunshade for tower ($990)


pro boarders

One of Heyday’s pro boarders, Dylan Miller, surfs behind the boat.

Give Heyday credit, they have a professional team of boarders who are being allowed to influence the design by providing feedback on what makes a good wave. Heyday is listening, providing an entry level boat that does the job without overly complicating the onboard wave-making equipment and still competes with the high-end wakeboats that can cost two or three times as much.

As always, BoatTEST looks forward to getting on board and testing her for you.