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Mako Pro 17 Skiff CC (2014-)

1 x 60-hp Mercury EFI Four-Stroke


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Brief Summary

Originally built as work boats capable of carrying a heavy load of nets or traps across shallow, protected coastal waters, traditional skiff designs share characteristics that include a flat or nearly flat bottom with a broad beam for the boat’s length, and a blunt bow. Recreational anglers find those same features favorable for negotiating shallows while fishing protected waters where there is not the need for a traditional vee’d hull to tackle rough water on a regular basis. The skiff category has become popular as interest in in-shore light tackle saltwater fishing has grown. The Pro 17 Skiff CC is one of three skiff configurations Mako offers in 2012, which include a 17 tiller model, a 16 foot center console and an 18 foot Light Tackle version, with a new, shallow-running hull design.