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Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence (2020-)

4 x 350-hp Mercury Verado

Brief Summary

By introducing the 45 Divergence, Ocean Alexander whose previous smallest vessel was a 70' yacht, delivers an uncharacteristic outboard-powered, open boat they describe as a “day yacht.” As would be expected from Ocean Alexander, it inherits many yacht-like qualities. It is available in two base configurations, Coupe or Sport. tested the Sport version.

Key Features

  • Quad 350-horsepower Mercury Verado outboards
  • Port and starboard wing decks
  • Port and starboard boarding doors
  • Summer kitchen in the cockpit abaft the helm seats
  • Cabin with micro galley and dinette that converts to a double berth
  • Full head with separate, walk-in shower
  • Joystick control for low-speed close in maneuvering
  • Triple wide forward lounge seating
  • Bow seating with table that converts to a sun pad

Test Results

600 3.1 2.7 2.5 1.2 1.1 680 591.4 57
1000 5.9 5.1 4.6 1.3 1.1 702 610.8 62
1500 8 6.9 7.5 1.1 0.9 583 506.9 66
2000 10.1 8.7 11.7 0.9 0.7 469 408.1 69
2500 11.6 10 19.7 0.6 0.5 321 279.2 73
3000 13 11.3 30.4 0.4 0.4 233 202.7 77
3500 15.6 13.6 42.2 0.4 0.3 202 175.8 81
4000 20.8 18.1 53.2 0.4 6.3 214 185.7 83
4500 27.6 24 61.9 0.4 0.4 243 211.6 83
5000 38.7 33.6 69.7 0.6 0.5 303 263.6 85
5500 42.3 36.8 96.8 0.5 0.4 266 231.6 82
6000 45.9 39.9 119 0.4 0.3 210 183 85
6200 46.5 40.4 123.5 0.4 0.3 205 178.7 85


Length Overall 47'5" (14.45 m)
Beam 13' 9" (4.19 m)
Dry Weight 28,900 lbs. (13,109 kg)
Tested Weight 33,118 lbs. (15,022)
Draft 37.5" (95 cm)
Deadrise/Transom 18 degrees
Bridge Clearance 16' 2" (4.93 m)
Fuel Capacity 607 gal. (2,298 L)
Water Capacity 100 gal. (379 L)
Total Weight 33,118 lbs. (15,022)


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 6.6 sec.
0 to 30 19.3 sec.
Props 17p
Load 4 persons, 3/4 fuel, 9/10 water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 98 deg., 80 humid; wind: 0-5 mph; seas: calm

Engine Options

Tested Engine 4 x 350-hp Mercury Verado
Std. Power 4 x Mercury Verado 350-hp

Captain's Report

Captain’s Report by Capt. Mark Kellum


The name, Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence, says a lot. The company has taken a very uncustomary turn with the introduction of their quad 350-horsepower outboard powered, 47’ (14.45 m) open.


With more luxury features than typical center console fish boats, the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence can serve as a tender for much larger yachts.


Ocean Alexander classifies the 45 Divergence as a “Day Yacht” whose potential customers are Ocean Alexander owners who want to stay in the family and want a day boat or tender for their big yacht. Ocean Alexander also designed and manufactured the 45 Divergence to attract those that appreciate the quality build and luxury features of an Ocean Alexander. Their unique approach to a center console sportboat sets the 45 Divergence apart from the already crowded class.


The Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence’s heavy build and hull design creates a smooth dry ride in most sea conditions.

Major Features

  • Quad 350-Horsepower Outboards. 45 Divergence is the first outboard powered boat for Ocean Alexander.
  • Summer Kitchen. The summer kitchen is mounted abaft of the helm seat base and features a large prep area, an electric grill, a two-burner cooktop and a sink with a cover that can be reversed and used as a serving tray.
  • Port and Starboard Wing Decks. The bulwarks on the port and starboard sides of the aft cockpit hydraulically lower to create wing decks on both sides.
  • Flexible Aft Cockpit Seating Options. A forward-facing bench seat folds out of the transom bulwark. The bench seating forward has a flip-flop back rest. A table rises out of the deck between the forward-facing transom seating and the forward aft cockpit bench seating to form an al fresco dinette area.
  • Pop-Up Flat-Panel Television in the Aft Cockpit. The aft facing 50” (127 cm) flat-panel television can be viewed from both aft cockpit bench seats with the forward bench backrest in the forward-facing position.
  • Flexible Forward Seating. The Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence has triple wide lounge seating built into the forward cabin trunk. The bow seating surrounds a solid wood table that lowers to create a sun pad with fitted upholstered filler-cushions.
  • Cabin. The cabin offers 6’7” (2.01 m) of headroom with a small galley with counter, sink, and microwave. The U-shaped dinette can be converted to a double berth.
  • Full Head. The head in the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence features a vessel sink mounted on a vanity and there is a full walk-in shower.

main deck

The Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence's main deck offers highly social configurations in both the aft cockpit and the forward seating area.



The bulwarks on both the port and starboard sides hydraulically lower to create wing decks extending the beam to 19’ (5.79 m). Note, there is a reboarding ladder cleverly integrated into the port side boarding gate built into the wing decks.


The cabin on the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence offers a small cabin with a relatively large head compartment.



Super high performance was not a design goal for the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence. However, the test boat performed admirably with a smooth dry ride.

The Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence has a length overall of 47’5” (14.45 m), a beam of 13’9” (4.19 m) and a draft of 37.5” (95 cm). With a dry weight of 28,900 (13,109 kg), 75-percent of fuel, 87-percent water, four people onboard, the test Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence has an estimated weight of 33,118 lbs. (15,022 kg).

Top Speed. With quad 350-hp Mercury Verados turning 17 pitch propellers run up to 6200 rpm, the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence tested reached a top speed of 46.5 mph (74.83 kph).

Best Cruise. At 5000 rpm and 38.7 mph (62.28 kph), the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence achieved a 69.7 gph (263. 8 lph) fuel burn that translated to 0.6 mpg (0.97 kpg) and a range of 303 statute miles (487.6 km). When the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence was placed in “no-wake” mode, 1000 rpm equates to 1.3 mpg (2.09 km) and a range of 702 statute miles (1,130 km), while still reserving a 10-percent of the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence’s 607-gallon (2,298 L) total fuel capacity.




With light winds and light 1’ (0.30 m) chop, the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence proved to have a comfortable, smooth, dry ride.

Because the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence is built to the same tolerances as the company’s larger yachts, the 45 Divergence is a heavy boat, so maneuvers don’t happen fast, which in turn adds to the comfort level for those onboard.

With light chop when running on the test day the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence handled nicely with only a slight hull slap at top speeds. At cruise speeds, the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence cut through the waves sending spray low and wide for a dry ride. Slow the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence even more and now she tends to oppose the waves and break through rather than slice through, so owners should not be hesitant to let the 45 Divergence run.  When accelerating from 0 mph, there’s a significant bow rise before she comes on plane and settles in. It is important to remember that on the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence nothing happens fast. She demonstrated a natural running attitude that is about 8-degrees bow high. Pushed to the pins, the test Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence reached planing speed in 6.8 seconds, accelerate to 20 mph (32.2 kph) in 10.4, and continue through 30 (48.28 kph) in 19.3 seconds. 

Freeboard. The freeboard at the swim platform measured 16” (40.64 cm), increasing to 48” (121.92 cm) at midships, and 66” (167.64 cm) at the bow. 

Boat Inspection


The Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence is designed to entertain guests al fresco with a cabin for occasional overnights or inclement weather.


The Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence can be boarded via a step outboard of the outboards splash well. A walkway runs across forward of the outboards. Transitioning forward is through transom walkthroughs on both sides.


The four Mercury Verado outboards are mounted on the splashwell. The 21” (53.34 cm) walkway provides access to the access for day checks and servicing.


Built into the transom is a sink with a wand-style faucet and storage. Ocean Alexander has an option to replace the storage with a 40-gallon (151 L) live baitwell.


There are 21” wide transom walkthroughs with substantial gates on both the port and starboard sides of the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence.


On the port side of the transom is the city water port and the input and controls for the automatic outboard flushing system.

shore power

On the starboard side of the transom is the shore-power cord with power reel controls.

Aft Cockpit

The aft cockpit on the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence is the central entertainment area. It features flexible seating, in-deck storage, a summer kitchen and a pop-up 50” (127.0 cm) flat panel television. On both port and starboard sides are boarding doors built into the wing deck portion of the bulwarks. The aft cockpit depth is 32” (81.26 cm).

aft cockpit

The Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence has a large wide-open aft cockpit that is the center for socializing and entertaining on board.

aft bench

The forward-facing aft bench seating has armrests integrated into the seat. They have a locking mechanism that allows the armrest to be positioned at any height in its range.

boarding gates

There are 22” wide (55.88 cm) boarding gates on both the port and starboard sides. They are integrated into the hydraulically operated, drop down wing decks.

carbon fiber

Shown is the carbon fiber details on the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence’s hull sides. These tie in with other carbon fiber details throughout.

summer kitchens

Forward in the cockpit is a summer kitchen that features a carbon fiber lid with a grab rail that doubles as a handle to lift the lid.


Under the lid is a polished metal mirror, a sink with a pull-out sprayer faucet, a two-burner electric cooktop, an electric grill with cover and a large prep area.

prep area

Below the prep area are two drawer-style refrigerators. There are also storage drawers to port.

rod storage

At the foot of the summer kitchen base is an 8’6” (2.59 m) long in-deck rod storage with gas assist struts.


There is insulated fish-box-style storage in the aft cockpit deck as well as in the side decks. They all are self-draining and have gas assist struts and gutters around the top to cannel water to overboard drains. Both aft most storage boxes have chill-plates.

aft table

The 42” (106.68 cm) wide table expands from 26” (66.04 cm) to 52” (132.08 cm) to service both the forward bench seating and the transom fold out bench seating.

Aft Cockpit Overhead Protection. Protection overhead in the aft cockpit includes a 7’5” (2.26 m) hardtop that extends to just over the forward bench seating. It has LED lighting and LED spreader lights. An electrically activated extendable awning is 9’6” (2.90 m) that carries back to the aft transom fold out bench seating.


With the table folded and the aft transom bench seating in the stowed position there is much more room to move about the aft cockpit.


The aft cockpit table is mounted on a single stainless-steel hydraulically actuated base that can retract the table into a deck housing. The deck hatches are complete with the gas assist struts.


With the aft cockpit table stowed the aft cockpit becomes a wide open fish fighting area or a place to socially engage.


A 50” (127.0 cm) flat panel television electrically lifts from just forward of the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence’s summer kitchen.

bench seat

The 60” (152.40 cm) forward bench seat has a flip-flop backrest. This allows forward-facing television viewing from both the forward bench seating and from the 72” (182.88 cm) aft transom bench seating.

led lights

Pop-up LED lighting is nicely integrated into the cap rail adding ambience to the aft cockpit on the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence.

wing decks

There are wing decks incorporated into the port and starboard aft cockpit bulwarks. They hydraulically lower with a switch located near the transom walkthrough.

wing decks

With the wing decks deployed the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence’s aft cockpit increases to 19’ (5.79 m) of useable deck.


A 45” (114.30 cm), four-rung reboarding ladder is cleverly assimilated into the cap rail of the wing deck on the port side.

Side Decks

Moving forward to the side decks the bulwarks are 39” (99.06 cm) above the deck. There are two 8” (20.32 cm) steps, one at midships and the second ahead of the helm deck. At the helm the side decks are 22” (55.88 cm) wide.


To facilitate safe transitions from the aft cockpit to the forward seating, Ocean Alexander incorporated LED courtesy lights in the step risers.


Mounted on the cap rail at midship is a custom 10” (25.40 cm) pop-up cleat. On the starboard side, shown, is the fuel fill for the 607-gallon (2300 L) gas fuel tank and the fill for the 100-gallon (227.12 L) freshwater tank.


The fill for the 60-gallon diesel fuel tank that feeds the generator and waste pump-out port and the 31-gallon (117 L) waste tank are incorporated into the midship starboard side cap rail.

Forward Seating

Transitioning to the highly social forward seating area, the bulwark comes up to 30” (76.20 cm). Ocean Alexander added a grab rail to the bulwark that rises to 34” (86.36 cm) above the deck. There is a triple-wide lounge seating ahead of the windshield and wraparound bench seating in the bow.


The forward seating area on the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence is designed to be a social conversation area.

lounge seats

The 55” (139.7 cm) wide by 37” (93.98 cm) deep lounge seats have individual headrests, outboard armrests with drink holders, grab rails and speakers built-in.

bow table

The solid wood table measures 27” (68.58 cm) across forward, 44” (111.76 cm) across aft most and 32” (81.28 cm) deep. The table lowers, shown, with the touch of a button (green arrow).

sun pad

With the table lowered and upholstered filler cushions, the U-shaped seating area becomes a sun pad.


A sun shade can be deployed to provide sun protection from the windshield brow to the foredeck.

drink holders

Ocean Alexander has incorporated drink-holders and pop-up LED ambiance lighting throughout the 45 Divergence.

Helm Deck

The large helm on the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence is fully featured. Visibility through the 81” (205.74 cm) wide by 53” (134.62 cm) high windshield is uninterrupted. The windshield has a 21” (53.34 cm) brow just above to knock down glare. The helm continues the carbon fiber accent theme.


The compass is mounted on the top of the helm console centered on the tilt mount stainless-steel steering wheel to provide direct line of sight of the operator.


There are three 17” (43.18 cm) multifunction Garmin displays mounted in the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence’s helm dash.

display dash

Under the display dash and to the left is the SeaKeeper control panel which is also integrated into the upper displays. To the right is the windlass control and spotlight control. Continuing right is the VHF and Octoplex touchscreen display.

touch screen

The Octoplex touchscreen display is a distributed power and monitoring control system that manages all the electrical switching.

Digital Switching Systems. Digital switching systems eliminate mechanical switches, contacts, fuses, and bus-bars, and wiring harnesses with separate wires for each and every switch and replaces them with an electrical flow of current distributed through a NMEA2000 “backbone” cable. The interface can be displayed in a number of ways, on the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence it is through the dedicated Octoplex touch-screen display. 


To the right of the steering wheel is the engine control binnacle, to the right of the binnacle is the joystick. Continuing right are four push-button switches for the horn, navigation, anchor and the fourth is unmarked. To the right of the switches are the USB and 12-volt ports and windshield wiper switch. There is a lockable glovebox. Below on the console is the engine start-stop switches next to the wheel, the bow thruster controller, three drink holders and a recessed tray for incidentals. The test captain would like to see a rubber base in the tray.

helm seat

The three-across helm and companion seats are mounted on a base that rises to 36” (91.44 cm) above the deck. All have flip-up bolsters, shown, and flip-up armrests.

helm seat

The helm seat is mounted on an electrically-actuated forward and aft adjustment slider, shown here in the forward most position. The test captain found the footrest a little too low.


Both companion seats are mechanically adjustable forward and back. The port side companion seating has a drop-down footrest since the console footrest ends after the helm seat.


On the port side of the helm seating base is the stereo remote and a storage drawer.

helm seat

Inside the starboard side helm seating base is an icemaker. Note the helm console footrest extends to the starboard end of the console.


The helm is protected by a hardtop held in place with hefty duty aluminum stanchions and the windshield frame.

hard top

Mounted on the hardtop are the spotlight horn, hatch, GPS antenna, open array radar transmitter, satellite dish and FLIR camera.

Cabin Space

Below decks is the cabin space. Access is through a door to port of the helm console. Inside the overhead height is 6’7” (2.01 m) above the wide-planked hardwood deck. The cabin is replete with a small galley, a dinette that converts to a double berth and a full head.


Access to the cabin on the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence is through a 22” (55.88 cm) port side companionway next to the helm console.


There are four solid wood steps with 10” (25.40 cm) risers. The risers have drawer storage built-in.


The ignition keys for the outboards and the Fusion stereo remote are located just inside the companionway on the port bulkhead.

u shaped bench

The U-shaped bench seating surrounds a trapezoidal solid wood table forming an intimate dinette.


On the starboard side are a portlight, storage lockers and the air conditioning control.


On the port side of the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence’s cabin are storage lockers shown open.


There is an overhead hatch and recessed LED lighting in the overhead. Note the 27” (68.6 cm) flat panel television mounted on the aft bulkhead.

galley sink

The galley has a sink mounted in a solid surface countertop. To increase usable prep-area, there is a matching solid surface sink lid.


Below the countertop in the galley area is a microwave oven and drawer storage.

hanging locker

Forward of the head door is a narrow hanging locker.

double berth

With the table lowered and the upholstered insert in place, the forward seatback can be raised to create a 76” (193.04 cm) long double berth.

head compartment

Inside the starboard side head compartment is a vessel sink mounted on a solid surface countertop with a mirror above and vanity below.


There is a separate walk-in shower in the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence’s head compartment.

Mechanical Space

The mechanical space on the Ocean Alexander is below the aft cockpit. It is accessed through a hatch at the base of the aft cockpit table. Egress throughout the mechanical space is tight but well-organized with efficient use of space.

table leaves

After closing the table leaves, activate the electric lift hatch in the aft cockpit deck to access the mechanical space.

mechanical space

Entering or leaving the mechanical space is problematic with the aft cockpit table receiver extending into the egress.

sea keeper

Forward mounted on the centerline is the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence’s SeaKeeper 6 gyro stabilizer with cooling water pump to starboard. To starboard are the freshwater heater and freshwater expansion tank providing stable water pressure. To port is the 11-kilowatt generator and forward of the generator is a backup hydraulic hand pump for raising the wing decks manually.

battery charger

The Mastervolt inverter and battery charger are mounted on the forward bulkhead on the starboard side.

bulk head

Mounted on the forward bulkhead on the port side are the Octoplex digital switching system and the Garmin NEMA 200 bus connectors.

water tank

Looking abaft is the center-mounted 100-gallon (379 L) freshwater tank and starting battery for the generator. On the aft bulkhead are the hydraulics for the outboard steering controls.

Options to Consider

Layout Options:

  • Sport with open helm

    • Fishing options with 40-gallon live baitwell in transom and other fishing features

    • Diving options with dive tank dividers in transom

  • Coupe with enclosed helm space

Engine Options:

The test Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence was powered by quad 350-horsepower Mercury Verados totaling 1400-horsepower. The Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence has a rated maximum capacity of 1600-horsepower equivalent to quad 400-horsepower Mercury Verados.


Full Warranty Information on this brand coming soon.


Pricing Range: 936,000 base 1,280,000 as tested


The Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence is a dramatic departure from Ocean Alexander’s traditional 70 to 150-foot plus yachts. The model represents Ocean Alexander’s attempt to expand on the day boating trend making the 45 Divergence with yacht quality fit and finish and take day boating to a new level. The Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence is loaded with standout features in an already crowded class of large outboard center console boats and tenders.

The 45 Divergence is not the type of boat that you jump into and blast off expecting to be the first one to the fishing spot or island destination.  She’s more sedate and focused on comfort.  While the test Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence was rigged as an entertainment and dive platform, there is another version that is offered as a fishing model, and it will include the usual amenities of livewell, freezer plates in the in-deck fishboxes, more rod holders…. etc.  Either way, there’s no denying that Ocean Alexander has redefined what a day boat can be, and how far we can take entertaining in one platform.  Ocean Alexander deeming the 45 Divergence as a “day yacht” seems to be the classification.