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Regal 38 XO (2019-)

3 x 300-hp Yamaha 4.2L F300

Brief Summary

The team at Regal has introduced a new player in their lineup. A crossover between their larger luxury sport cruisers and their more nimble outboard line, they call her the Regal 38 XO. She is a dual cabin sport cruiser powered by triple 300-hp Yamaha outboards. 

Key Features

  • Master cabin suite
  • Guest cabin with convertible king or twin berths
  • Hardtop with sunroof
  • Triple Yamaha outboards
  • Integrated swim platform
  • Two 16,000 BTU and one 27,000 BTU AC units
  • NMMA, ABYC, USCG, and CE Certified
  • Aft cockpit with grill station       

Test Results

600 3.9 3.4 1.8 2.2 1.9 683 593.5 57
1000 6.1 5.3 3.6 1.7 1.5 541 470.7 53
1500 8 7 5.7 1.4 1.2 442 384.4 55
2000 10 8.7 9.6 1 0.9 328 285.4 59
2500 11.1 9.6 15.5 0.7 0.6 225 195.3 64
3000 12.2 10.6 19.7 0.6 0.5 196 170.1 66
3500 17.1 14.8 25.6 0.7 0.6 210 182.4 74
4000 31.2 27.1 36.7 0.9 0.7 268 232.9 74
4500 34.8 30.2 41 0.8 0.7 267 232.4 73
5000 38.9 33.8 55.1 0.7 0.6 222 193.3 75
5500 43.1 37.5 70.5 0.6 0.5 193 167.6 75
5800 49.2 42.7 79.8 0.6 0.5 194 168.8 79


Length Overall 38' 10''
11.84 m
Beam 11' 11''
3.63 m
Dry Weight 18,000 lbs.
8,165 kg
Tested Weight 19,970 lbs.
9,058 kg
Draft Up 24''
0.61 m
Draft Down 38''
0.97 m
Deadrise/Transom 18-deg.
Fuel Capacity 350 gal.
1,325 L
Water Capacity 55 gal.
208 L
Total Weight 19,970 lbs.
9,058 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 4.7 sec.
0 to 30 10.7 sec.
Props 17px15.5
Load 3 persons, 2/3 fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 64 deg., 45 humid; wind: 0 mph; seas:

Engine Options

Tested Engine 3 x 300-hp Yamaha 4.2L F300
Std. Power Not Available
Opt. Power 3 x 300-hp Yamaha 4.2L F300
3 x 350-hp Yamaha 5.3L F350

Captain's Report

Captain's Report by Capt. Peter d'Anjou 

Regal 38 XO

The Regal 38 XO is outfitted with triple Yamaha 4.2L F300s and two cabins a midship VIP berth and a bow island master berth. She is a sport-luxury crossover.


Regal sunset

The Regal 38 XO is not only NMMA and ABYC certified but is also CE Yacht Certified.

Regal, based in Orlando, Florida, like much of the industry is offering a larger boat with outboards. The 38 XO is a conversion of Regal’s Grand Coupe 38, one of Regal’s twin sterndrive-powered Sport Yacht models. The XO and Grand Coupe use the company’s same Oceantrac V-hull design. The XO combines the luxury of the sterndrive with outboard power – bridging the gap between Regal’s Sport Yacht and Outboard Series.

The boat’s mission is to be a sporty coastal cruiser with overnight or weekend accommodations for a family or two couples.


With a 24” (.61 m) draft with the engines pulled up, exploring the beach is easy with the Regal 38 XO.

Being able to pull a 38' (11.58 m) boat up on a beach is not something easily done with outboard boats, so right there the use of the boat is more versatile than her sterndrive-powered twin. The draft with the engines down is only 38'' (.97 m), so in coastal areas with tidal swings, the outboard XO may be a more practical alternative. The 38 XO V-hull has a deadrise of 18-degrees at the transom and with her top speed of nearly 50 mph (80.46 km) is expected to be a versatile coastal cruiser.

Major Features

  • Master cabin suite
  • Guest cabin with convertible king or twin berths
  • Hardtop with electric sunroof
  • Triple Yamaha outboards
  • Integrated swim platform
  • Aft cockpit with grill station        


Overview main deck

Regal designed the 38 XO from a practical standpoint, extending her transom platform to allow for ample side-to-side access around the engines even when trimmed up.

Overview cabin

While some would choose the roomy midship cabin with its king-sized berth as the master, Regal considers the forward cabin the master due to the way they partitioned the split shower and toilet.


The 38 XO is resin-infused over closed-cell foam in her own tooling.


We tested the Regal 38 XO in calm conditions.

The Numbers. The Regal 38 XO has an LOA of 38’10” (11.81 m), a beam of 11’11” (3.63 m), and a draft of 38” (96.52 cm) with the outboards down. With an empty weight of 18,000 lbs. (8165 kg), 227.5 gallons (861.18 L) of fuel and three people onboard, we had an estimated test weight of 19,970 lbs. (9,348 kg). 


The three-bladed propellers are from Yamaha’s Saltwater Series II line.

Top Speed. With the triple Yamaha F-300s turning 17” (43.18 cm) pitch, 15.5” (39.37) diameter Saltwater Series II propellers and run up to 5800 rpm, our speed topped out at 49.2 mph (79.1 kph). 

Best economic cruise came in at 4000 rpm and 31.2 mph (50.2 KPH). It was at that speed that the 36.7 gph (138.9 lph) fuel burn translated into 0.9 mpg (0.36kpl) and a range of 268 miles (431 km), all while still holding back a 10-percent reserve of the boat's 350-gallon (1,325 L) total fuel capacity.   

Top speed

A top speed of 49.2 mph and nimble handling were positives from our testing.

take off

Coming out of the hole, the bow rise from acceleration through to cruising speed can be controlled by trim tabs.


The Regal 38 XO has good pickup with these engines; we reached planing speed in 4.7 seconds with a 10.5-degree bow rise, accelerated to 20 mph (32 kph) in 6.5 seconds and 30 (48 kph) came and went in 10.7 seconds.   

Time-to-plane:    4.7 seconds

Zero to 20 mph:  6.5 seconds

Zero to 30 mph: 10.7 seconds


Our test captain had praise for the agility and responsiveness of the Regal 38 XO.

She’s a nice handing boat with surprising agility and quick response to the helm. She’s slightly bow high at cruise so a little tab brings the bow down. At full speed, she’s at a more level attitude. Otherwise, we only used the tabs to level an uneven distribution of weight.  


The 38 XO carved readily into turns.

When entering turns, she’ll roll 19-degrees into the turn and lose roughly 4 to 5 mph (6.43 to 8.04 kph) as her shoulder carves into the turn. Keep those turns to port shallow as the operator will lose visibility unless the sunroof is open.  

hoping wake

Hopping the photo boat’s wake to see how the Regal 38 XO might handle chop had our test captain suggesting pulling back from WOT to find the sweet spot for those conditions.

Her sharp entry had her cutting through the light wakes we crossed with minimal hull slap at full speed. Pulled back to cruise, she cut through effortlessly. Otherwise, our calm day prevented us from exploring her rough water handling.   


The center and starboard engine are connected by a tie-bar, so the optional Optimus joystick maneuvered effortlessly.

For docking, we put the helm master joystick through its paces to see how well the 38 XO responded. As it turns out, the system was well dialed in. The three engines basically work as two because the starboard and center are locked together with a tie-bar. Small movements of the stick had us sliding right into and gently up against the dock. 


The cabin top electronics included optional Garmin radar, satellite radio, VHF antenna whip and an optional satellite TV antenna.

Boat Inspection

The Swim Platform and Transom


The swim platform has room in front of the engines for side-to-side access as well as wings on either side of the engines for water access. One can just see the reboarding ladder (red arrow), stowed undercover, on this port side of the swim platform


The Regal 38 XO is the company’s first Sports Yacht outfitted with triple outboards. Our test boat came standard with triple Yamaha 4.2L F300 (900-hp) engines. There’s also the option to go with Yamaha 5.3L F350s (1050-hp). Yamaha offers painted white or gray for color options.

The main focal point here is the redesign of the swim platform from the sterndrive model. By extending both 42” x 21” (106.68 cm x 53.34 cm) wings on either side of the platform, Regal has better integrated the outboard engines, transom storage and access to the machinery space. Both wings act as swim steps and each has 8” (20.32 cm) pull-up cleats on either side. Two more 10” (25.4 cm) fixed cleats are mounted on the bulwark leading up the stairs to the aft cockpit.


Notice the shaft extension on the center engine, which allows the prop to be at the proper depth in relation to the keel.

Stern storage

At the transom, there are two storage compartments. The starboard locker contains the 12V master breaker and shorepower cord reel switch. TV and city water inlets are just below. The gas fill is located on the step riser leading up to the main deck.

Port stern storage

The port side transom storage, which is accessible from the platform, measures 4’ (1.21 m) wide by 27” (68.58 cm) high and 29” (73.66 cm) deep. The hatch is held up by two gas struts. It is finished on the inside and has a carpeted sole.

The Mechanical Space

The engine space from the sterndrive model still hosts machinery in the 38 XO, a gas-powered genset and an optional SeaKeeper 3 stabilizer. The former engine room provides some added storage on the 38 XO, which is accessible from the swim platform. The 38 XO also carries a bigger fuel tank (350 gallons / 1,324.89 L) than the sterndrive version.

Electric lift hatch

An electric lift hatch elevates the cockpit seating and port storage cover for access to the mechanical space within.

Generator space

Within the mechanical space on the port side are the gas-powered 9.5 kW Westerbeke generator and battery banks.

Fuel Tank

Also in the center of the mechanical space are the gray 350-gallon (1,324.89 L) fuel tank and optional SeaKeeper 3 gyro stabilizer.

Aux systems

On the starboard side are the blackwater tank (upper left), air conditioning (top center) and fire suppression systems (right).

The Aft Cockpit

Swim platform

Twenty-three-inch (58.42 cm) wide stairs with courtesy lights in the 5” (12.7 cm), 10” (25.4 cm) and 10” (25.4 cm) risers lead from both sides of the swim platform to the aft cockpit. The port stair shown here has a freshwater wash-down bib in the bulwark.

Entry gate

An outward opening gate adds a measure of safety to the cockpit. Note the step beyond that leads up to the port side deck.

Heading up the port side staircase from the swim platform, we are met with courtesy lighting along the way and an outward-opening stainless steel/acrylic gate at the top, which leads us into the L-shaped seating area of the cockpit.

Folding teak table

A folding teak pedestal table fits the socket in front of the cockpit settee for some al fresco dining. Leaving it installed with the leaf folded over gives room to walk forward into the salon.

Cockpit hardtop

The hardtop over the cockpit has 6’9” (2.06 m) of headroom and contains padded vinyl inserts housing LED lighting and speakers.

Rear glass panel

The glass panel behind the cockpit bar lowers to join the galley and cockpit.

With the large window between the cockpit refreshment bar and galley plus the sliding partition doors open, it’s easy to see how seamlessly the cockpit and salon blend to create a versatile open entertainment space.

Cockpit refreshment center

The cockpit’s refreshment center is outfitted with a stainless steel grab rail. Above that is an electric grill. An optional refrigerated drawer faces aft and a 30” (76.20 cm) flat-screen TV drops down from above.

open concept

There is certainly no need to feel separated while aboard the 38 XO, thanks to Regal’s open concept integration of the cockpit, galley and salon areas.

Hinged backrest

A gas strut-assisted, hinged backrest section of the L-shaped seating area on the starboard side flips up. The seating cushion removes to provide a clear path in and out of the cockpit from the starboard side.

The Bow

Side decks

The bow is accessed via either of the 8” (20.32 cm) wide side decks. The 1.25” (3.17 cm) overhead grab handles, 1” (2.54 cm) toerail and the 24” (60.96 cm) high side rails assist in a safe passage.


The one-piece windshield is 99” (251.46 cm) wide x 50” (127 cm) high and is covered by a 9” (22.86 cm) brow.


The sun pad on the bow has multiple seatback and configuration options.

On the foredeck above the cabin trunk is an 80” x 59” (203.20 cm x 149.86 cm) sun pad.

Flip up sun pad

Regal did a nice job making the sun pad convertible to a two-level chaise on both sides while adding a three-level flip-up bench seat fully forward. Note the pull-up cabana-style Bimini. A Fusion stereo remote control and beverage holder are alongside.

Sunpad Bimini

When deployed, the sun pad Bimini provides a cool place out of the sun. Note the window tint option on the glass windshield.

sun pad

The sun pad, configured with the bench seat open, is a good spot for relaxing.

The Anchor 

Anchor bay

Fully forward, the ground tackle is concealed beneath hatches recessed into the foredeck. To either side are two 10” (25.4 cm) cleats and in the center is a well-placed spotlight.


The anchor rode is in the port locker and the starboard locker includes a washdown. Foot controls for the centrally located windlass are just forward of the port locker and aft-facing Fusion speakers flank the remote spotlight. The Lewmar windlass holds onto the plow anchor while a safety cleat is located alongside.

The Galley

The galley features an electric cooktop, a single basin sink, drawer-style refrigeration, overhead storage with a microwave and a pull-out trash receptacle.  

Cabin access

The cabin access from the aft cockpit is through a sliding glass door that opens a full 32” (81.28 cm). Headroom in the cabin is 6’3” (1.91 m).

Galley sink

Corian covers for the galley sink and glass cooktop are removable. There’s storage below the sink for the covers and a two-drawer refrigerator/freezer is on the right.


The two-burner Kenyon cooktop has the controls right in the glass panel.

Overhead storage

The galley’s glass panel overhead storage adds to the contemporary styling.

Retractable glass panel

To extend the versatility of the galley, the aft glass panel retracts into the lower cabinetry to combine the inside with the outside and keep the host in the center of activity.

The Salon 


The expansive windows in the salon have pull-down privacy shades with magnetic catches on the bottoms to keep them in place. The flooring option shown here is called Maple Rum.

As we enter the salon from the cockpit, a 43” (109.22 cm) couch is to starboard.  It has soft-touch vinyl upholstery.  A Corian end table is to the side, supporting beverage holders.  On the window ledge behind the sofa are air conditioning vents for the two 16,000 BTU main deck A/C units. 

Salon storage

Storage is both behind and below the salon couch.

Just above the couch is an optional 32” (81.28 cm) drop-down TV, viewable from the port side seating. 

The port side in the salon has an L-shaped settee with storage underneath and a pedestal table fabricated from wood and vinyl with stainless inlay, all on an elevated platform 7” (17.78 cm) above the deck.

Salon table

Forward of the galley on the port side is a salon table on a raised platform. Opposite is the helm station. Stairs leading below to the sleeping cabins are in the middle.

Vent windows

Sliding vent windows provide cross ventilation with the opening sunroof or the helm-side window.

Drop down TV

The Regal 38 XO’s open concept as seen from the cabin enhances the feeling of being on a larger boat. Note the optional drop-down TV over the salon’s starboard settee.

The Helm 

Double bench helm

A double bench helm seat with a flip-up bolster and fore-and-aft adjustor positions to suit the operator.

Garmin displays

The helm includes a soft-touch padded brow over a pair of optional 12” (30.48 cm) Garmin displays, completing the glass dash concept. A single 16” (40.64 cm) Garmin display is standard.

Dashboard switches

Dashboard switches are all clearly labeled.

Just below the Garmin displays are a stainless steel beverage holder, an array of electrical switches, a small cubby with connectivity and the bow thruster joystick is to the far right. Below the accessory switches are the fully-featured Fusion stereo with AM/FM, SiriusXM, touchscreen, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Steering wheel

The wrapped wheel is tilted down for action.

The steering wheel is mounted to a tilt base. To its right are the VHF and engine start/stops. On the shelf by the window are the engine controls, the SeaKeeper gyro stabilizer control panel, the Optimus joystick for effortless docking, trim tab controls and the remote controller for the forward displays. 


The windshield is a single piece 50” x 99” (127 cm x 251.46 cm) with a 9” (22.86 cm) visor just above. Optional tinted glass is recommended.

Helm window

The opening window is a welcome feature at the helm, but we’d like to see a midship cleat within reach.


At first, sightlines are a little lower than our test captain is comfortable with.

flip down platform

Regal thoughtfully provided this flip-down 7” (17.78 cm) platform.

Customization helm

Properly comfortable at the wheel while standing on the platform puts our test captain back in command and control. Tiny details make the difference in selling boats. Customizing the helm for a range of owners proves Regal is paying attention.

Helm Storage

The 32” (81.28 cm) wide helm seat has pullout storage. Above is hinged storage.  


The full-width sunroof over the helm adds ventilation and contributes to the open feeling of the salon.

The Accommodation Deck 

Vertical grabrail

Our test captain uses the vertical grabrail as he descends four steps down to the accommodation deck, which lands in a common passageway between cabins with the split toilet to starboard and full-size shower to port.

We head below through the center-mounted companionway. Below are two staterooms and a split head, all climate controlled from an 18,000 BTU A/C system.

Electrical outlets

The electrical panel is located under the helm and is accessed from just above the companionway stairs.

The main electrical panel is to starboard at the bottom of the stairs that include storage. 

120-240V panel

Inspection of the panel shows tank control on top then 12v switches in the middle and 120/240v breakers on the bottom.

Stairwell storage

The stair treads are hinged to access the storage below.

The Master Cabin

Master bedroom Overview

Regal considers the forward cabin to be the master stateroom due to the proximity of the head and the midship cabin’s lower overhead.

Pocket privacy door

The forward cabin has a three-paneled pocket privacy door.

privacy doors

When the privacy door is open the head and shower can become an en suite for the master cabin.

Straight ahead and through a set of triple-panel pocket doors, we come to the master cabin. 

Master cabin

The master cabin has accent lighting above the sidelights, around the headboard and by the steps on either side of the California Queen berth.

The master stateroom consists of an island berth that's 79” x 60” (200.66 cm x 152.4 cm) with steps to both sides and nestled between hull side windows. There’s accent lighting above them as well as around the padded headboard.

Large sidelights

Note the detailed vinyl trim around the large sidelights in the master cabin.

Master Cabin

The master cabin has a step on either side to make getting in and out of the berth easy. Note the plug in the upper left and the accent lighting below the padded side.

NMMA certified

The obligatory NMMA certified escape hatch is centered 3' (0.91 m) over the berth. From the deck, the hatch is hidden under the sun pad.

Headroom is 6’2” (1.88 m) with 36” (91.44 cm) above the berth, decreasing as we move forward.

Wide drawers

Full-width storage drawers are below the berth and lifting the mattress reveals more storage behind the drawers.

Master bedroom

The bulkhead at the foot of the berth houses a framed 32” (81.28 cm) flatscreen TV.

Cider lined

A cedar-lined hanging locker with a light inside is on the port side of the master. The pocket privacy doors are stowed in their recess to the left of the locker.

The Head 

The head

The hull side window has a privacy shade above and behind a valance. The solid countertop is Corian. The toilet sits on an 8” (20.32 cm) platform and the overhead clearance in the head is 6’3” (1.9 m).

Just outside the sliding privacy doors of the master cabin, the head is split into two separate compartments. The water closet is to starboard with an electric flush porcelain toilet, vessel sink, storage shelves and a hull side window. To port is the shower compartment, housing the contemporary plumbing fixtures and shelf space for products.  

VIP cabin door

With the privacy doors retracted in the middle, one can see the step-down entrance to the VIP cabin to the left of the shower door. The door on the right next to the forward berth is the hanging locker in the forward cabin.


A teak seat and floorboard are warm wood accents in the shower. Shelving above the seat in the shower is designed to hold personal products. The window is non-opening.

Shower head

The showerhead (top) is mounted on teak and has a contemporary control (bottom).

The VIP Cabin

Midship cabin

At first glance, the midship cabin would appear more spacious than the forward cabin, especially with its king-sized berth, but the overhead height is limited.

Amidship is the VIP cabin. It would rival for designation as the master were it not for the headroom that begins at 5’4” (1.62 m) at the entrance, dropping to 4’7” (1.4 m) over the 5” long (1.52 m) couch and lowering again to 4’3” (1.3 m) until we get over the berth, where it’s 2’4” (0.71 m). 

The 81” x 80” (205.74 cm x 203.2 cm) berth is mounted on the centerline and slides apart to form two single berths that are 40” (101.6 cm) wide. Hull side windows provide for views and natural light.   


The midship berth slides apart, converting into twin berths if desired.

Long couch

The port side of the VIP cabin has a 5’ (1.52 m) long couch, a Corian topped three-drawer set (middle) and a cedar-lined hanging locker.


Facing forward, there’s a 32” (81.28 cm) TV with an AC vent above and a storage cubby below. Another hanging locker is alongside.  

Privacy shades

Privacy shades can be drawn down over the non-opening ports.

Equipment Discussion

A range of hull color options and interior finishes will make personalizing the 38 XO fun.

Color options

Options to Consider

  • Triple F350-hp Yamaha outboards 
  • Bow thruster
  • SeaKeeper 3 12v
  • Overboard discharge (requires electric toilet)
  • Teak cockpit table
  • SeaDek on the swim platform
  • Windlass remote
  • Sirius XM antenna
  • Garmin autopilot
  • Cockpit fridge


The Regal 38 XO has a price in the range of $525,000.


Port side view

For those interested in buying the all-new Regal 38 XO, they might want to hop on it sooner rather than later as Regal has a six-month lead time on these new boats.

Regal successfully accomplished its goal of creating a brand-new class in its fleet. The 38 XO was surprisingly nimble and Regal packed a lot of features into the accommodations with an open concept main deck that made the boat feel larger than her actual size. She is suited for entertaining, weekends with the family and trips along the coast or pulling up on a beach.