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Robalo R317 (2019-)

2 x 300-hp Yamaha 4-stroke

Key Features

  • Large head compartment
  • 50-gallon fish box under the aft seats
  • 36-quart removable cooler
  • 25-gallon cooler/livewell with LED lighting and clear plexiglass lid

Test Results

600 3.7 3.2 1.3 2.8 2.4 649 563.9 58
1000 5.8 5 2.4 2.4 2.1 559 485.7 64
1500 8 7 4.1 2 1.7 457 397.5 72
2000 9.5 8.3 6.8 1.4 1.2 327 284.5 78
2500 12.6 11 10.4 1.2 1.1 283 246.4 82
3000 20.1 17.5 12.8 1.6 1.4 368 320.1 84
3500 30.6 26.6 16.9 1.8 1.6 422 367.1 86
4000 36.3 31.5 22.2 1.6 1.4 382 332.6 88
4500 39.5 34.3 26.5 1.5 1.3 348 302.8 90
5000 44.8 38.9 33.9 1.3 1.1 309 268.6 92
5550 49.3 42.9 39.8 1.2 1.1 290 252.1 92
5960 55.4 48.2 52.8 1 0.9 245 213.5 94


Length Overall 31' / 9.45 m
Beam 10' 6''
3.20 m
Dry Weight 9,050 lbs.
4,105 kg
Tested Weight 10,422 lbs.
4,727 kg
Draft 21"
0.53 m
Draft Up 21''
53 cm
Draft Down 32''
81 cm
Deadrise/Transom 21 deg.
Max Headroom Open
Bridge Clearance 10' 4''
3.15 m
Weight Capacity Yacht Certified
Person Capacity Yacht Certified
Fuel Capacity 260 gal.
984 L
Water Capacity 25 gal.
95 L
Total Weight 10,422 lbs.
4,727 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 4.2 sec.
0 to 30 9.8 sec.
Ratio N/A
Props 19T 15 1/4
Load 3 persons, 2/3 load, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 86 deg., 56 humid.; wind: 10-15 mph; seas: -1

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 300-hp Yamaha 4-stroke
Std. Power Not Available
Opt. Power Not Available

Captain's Report

Robalo R317 running

At 31’ (9.45 m) long with a 10’6” (3.2 m) beam, the Robalo R317 is the flagship of the Robalo fleet.

Mission Statement

Robalo designed the R317 dual console for the family that both fishes, cruises, entertains and is involved with watersports. Further, it is designed for people who know boats and appreciate the sophisticated amenities offered.

Robalo R317 floorplan

Designers gave the R317 an open feel with creative seating layouts in the bow and cockpit.

Distinguishing Features

    Standard Powered Convertible Aft Lounge. The aft sunlounge can be laid flat, set up for forward-facing travel, aft for use when at anchor, or customized in myriad positions in between.

    Separate Amenities. The head and private cabin are on opposite sides of the boat.

    Storage Within Storage. Drawers inside the central under-deck locker pull out from each side, creating more storage space in dead space under the deck that would otherwise go to waste.

    Dual Double-Wide Seats.. The helm and companion seats are both sized for two people.

    Color-Matched. The upholstery and underside of the hardtop are matched to the hullsides, which in the case of our test model was Seafoam Green.

    Two L-Shaped Seats. Robalo has taken some cues from other types of boats and mixed into this dual console to not only seat more people, but to do it in comfort.

Features Inspection

The Stern

Robalo R317 platform

One of the first features we encountered was the stern platform and the wide catwalk from side to side. This is a place where anglers walk when playing a fish on light tackle, or where enthusiasts can launch watersports. Because the boat has outboard brackets, it does not waste space on an outboard well.

Robalo R317 ladder

To starboard is a four-step re-boarding ladder for swimmers. The ss water fill is connected to a 25 gallon (95 L) freshwater tank in the stern.

Robalo R317 fish box

Just forward of the stern platform is a large fishbox or storage compartment that is 4’8” (1.42 m) wide, 17” (43 cm) fore and aft, and 12” (30 cm) deep. Gas assist struts hold the seat up so crew can use both hands when working here.

Robalo R317 grill

We like optional propane gas grill that has a pedestal that mounts into the starboard swim platform. This location keeps the smoke from rising to the hardtop overhead and is the safest place for it.

Vista View Seating. The most popular and attention-grabbing feature on the R317 is the power adjustable aft lounge. It is standard. When fully extended flat, it measures 6’10” (2.1 m) fore and aft, and 4’10” (1.5 m) wide. Retract the seats fully and there is a two-person aft-facing lounge just forward of the wraparound swim platform, which, on our test boat, was finished in a soft vinyl mat.

To starboard, the four-step reboarding ladder stores in its own compartment. To port, there’s a pull-up shower in a locker and in the starboard passageway to the cockpit, the battery switches and circuit breakers are easily accessed behind an identical hatch. The passageway also closes off with a gate.

Robalo R317 chaise lounge

The power-adjustable aft seat can lay out flat for sunning, or in multiple configurations to create this chaise-style lounge. The seat back automatically locks in any position desired. In the sun pad position, the surface measures 6’10” (2.08 m) fore and aft and 4’10” (1.47 m) wide.

Robalo R317 aft backrests

With the backrests fully retracted, the aft bench creates two very comfortable bench seats, one facing forward, the other facing aft.

Robalo R317 swim platform

The full-width swim platform measures 3’4” (1.02 m) from the aft ends to the transom. This stern platform has over a foot of walking surface between the outboard well and the transom. It is suited equally well playing a light-tackle fish or launching tow sports.

Robalo R317 shower

The freshwater shower is in its own dedicated locker to port on the R317’s stern. Note the stereo remote at right.

Robalo R317 battery switch

Across the stern on the starboard side, this locker houses the battery switches and circuit breakers. It is handy when stepping aboard.

Robalo R317 gate

The transom gate opens out as we like it so that it can be used for emergency dewatering in case the boat is swamped.

The Cockpit

From the base of the aft bench seat, forward to the back of the L-shaped seats forward, we measured 4’7” (1.4 m) and the cockpit is 5’3” (1.6 m) wide from seat base to seat base. Freeboard at the stern is 3’4” (1.01 m) and cockpit depth is 2’5” (.74 m).

Aft, there’s a forward-facing seat formed by the previously mentioned adjustable lounge. To port the boat has a side door that can be used to haul in fish, board from a dock or climb aboard after SCUBA diving or snorkeling. There are receptacles for a ladder to facilitate the latter. Forward to port and starboard, there are L-shaped lounges that stop at the forward passageway to the bow.

For fishing, there’s a 25-gallon (95-L) livewell in the aft port corner. Rod racks and a toe rails can be found in both port and starboard gunwales. Overhead, the hardtop measures 9’10” (3.0 m) long and 9’ (2.7 m) wide and it’s finished in Seafoam Green on the underside to match the hullsides. Overhead clearance is 7’ (2.13 m)
Robalo R317 layout

The open rear cockpit space is large by any standard and has room for several anglers to be working fish, to say nothing of being able to handle a cocktail party with a number of guests.

Robalo R317 aft cockpit

The R317’s cockpit is also large enough for scuba divers to suit and do their tanks before rolling over the side.

Robalo R317 cockpit table

Insert the base for the standard side-mounted table into the dedicated receptacle and, voila, the cockpit becomes an entertainment center. The cooler below the table is 36 quarts (34 L).

Robalo R317 side door

The Robalo R317’s side door has a substantial fiberglass covering board with an 11” (27 cm) padded bolster.

Robalo R317 side door

The side door is 21” (53 cm) wide and is good for hauling aboard game fish. Scuba divers and swimmers will appreciate the large ladder for re-boarding. It also makes aboard from a floating dock easy.

Robalo R317 optional ladder

This optional ladder is much better than the ones we usually see on the stern of boats this size. We’d like to see a hand hold about where the rub rail is for easier re-boarding.

Robalo R317 inserts

These are the unobtrusive receptacles for the side boarding ladder.

Robalo R317 live well

The 25-gallon (95 L) livewell has all the right stuff including a clear top, rounded corners and a blue finish.

Cockpit Storage

Robalo makes the most of the R317’s under-deck space for much-needed storage. A large locking hatch in the center of the walking surface opens on a gas strut and there appears to be wide-open storage. The side-mounted table stores in a tub that slides outboard beneath the deck to port and there’s space in a drawer that slides out of sight in similar fashion to starboard.

Robalo R317 storage

Let there be storage. The aisleway in-deck locker measures 17” (.43 m) wide in the deck but then opens up to a huge space below, both the starboard seat has room for stores, beverages or PFDs, and to port is dedicated space for a carry-on cooler. The aft-facing seat with the cushion off is also ideal for gear.

Robalo R317 storage compartment

This storages compartment is 26” (.66 m) deep, 5’5” (1.65 m) fore and aft, and 2’8” (.81 m) wide. The drawer to the port side is dedicated to holding the table, and the one to starboard can hold a second table or other gear.

Robalo R317 ski locker

This storage drawer that slides beneath the portside deck is smart. It enhances the compartment’s capacity and provides dedicated space for the table. We would have two tables, one for the bow and one for the stern for large picnics and cocktail parties.

In addition to the carry-on cooler beneath the starboard bench seat, there is a locker in the base of the forward seat and the bottom cushions to port that is raised on hinges to reveal open lockers, one on the starboard side facing inboard. Both have rubber mats in the bottom. Robalo uses drawers in the base of the aft bench seat so passengers don’t need to get up if a crewmember needs to get to the contents. Our test boat had the optional grill in one drawer.

Robalo R317 aft bench

Drawers under the 4’10 (1.47 m) aft bench seat make it convenient to retrieve gear without disturbing guests.

Robalo R317 seat drawers

Drawers make it easy to get to the contents and we liked that they opened on solid-feeling rollers.

Robalo R317 compartment

This compartment has a floor that is just above the bilge of the boat. As such not only can it house needed equipment such as batteries, but also it can accept plastic bins with other gear. Note the drain in the upper right hand corner of the hatch channel.

Robalo R317 fuel tanks

Looking aft to the transom of the boat we can see where the bilge emerges from under the floor. Note the bilge pump aft. The ship’s fuel tanks are each 130 gallon (492 L) and are mounted port and starboard outside of this compartment.

Robalo R317 wet bar

Our test boat did not have the optional port side wet bar, but if seating is not an issue, we recommend it. Some seating is lost but important functionality is gained. The wet bar has a Corian countertop. Under is a refrigerator.

Robalo R317 wet bar

When fishing, the optional wet bar can be used as a bait prep station with a cutting board right over the sink.


Robalo uses 36-oz. expanded vinyl upholstery with a 10 mil Nano Block topcoat. This offers UV Protection and makes the material easy to clean. It is backed with a soft lining. Multi-density “flow-through” foams are used in the seats which allows water to pass through so they dry fast. Robalo uses triple French stitching.

We found the bolsters to be among the largest we have seen in class. Seven interior colors are available as standard: Deep Water Black, Deep Water Blue, Ice Blue, Ocean Blue, Sea Foam Green, Shark Gray, and Ocean Sand.

The upholstery has a three year warranty.

The Helm

Robalo R317 wind shield

We like the sporty curved windshield. The windshield wiper is standard and is the stainless steel windshield header.

Forward, the R317 has helm and companion seats that are 31” (78 cm) wide behind the port and starboard consoles. Each has a fold-up bolster and they swivel and adjust fore and aft. In the port console, we found a glovebox in the door to the private head.

Instrument Dash. To starboard, the helm comes standard with a 12” (30.5 cm) glass display and an optional 16” (40.6 cm) upgrade is available. Accessory switches are on each side of the hand-stitched panel and the stainless-steel tilt steering wheel has soft rubber grips and a spinner knob. The boat comes with Lenco trim tabs with built-in indicators, a cell phone holder, and USB and auxiliary ports.

Controls. Outboard to starboard, the shift/throttle controls are in reach and just ahead was the optional joystick.

Robalo R317 companion seat

Here we see the bolster on the 31” (78 cm) wide companion seat folded up.

Robalo R317 helm seat

Here the bolster on the driver’s seat is down and notice the wraparound back support.

Robalo R317 helm dash

The R317’s dash has a clean appearance with the accessory switches flanking the centrally positioned glass screen. This is a somewhat unusual designed and we like because the lights of the activated accessories can be seen at a glance. The compass is lighted.

Robalo R317 steering wheel

There is a soft vinyl grip on the forward side of the steering wheel (arrow). The dash can take a 15” nav screen.

Robalo R317 dash

Note that the dark triple French-stitched vinyl dash covering goes all of the way to the windshield to reduce glare. This is good boat building. All too many builders (including some expensive ones) leave the white molded fiberglass here and call it a day.

Robalo R317 controls

Our test boat had Yamaha controls aft with the optional joystick in reach just ahead.

Robalo R317 tab controls

To the right of the steering wheel we have (from L to R) the standard trim tab controls with indicator lights, the Yamaha engine readouts, a compartment for a cell phone, a panel with a 12V outlet, USB port, and ancillary port.

A Standard Fiberglass Hardtop

Robalo R317 hard top

The underside of the standard hardtop is painted to match the hull sides and it’s pre-rigged for outriggers. The Wet Sounds premium upgraded sound system has a sound bar which can be seen hanging from the overhead. A subwoofer is in a seat base.

Robalo R317 hard top

The fiberglass hardtop isn’t going anywhere thanks to this irregular polygonal shape extraction and the 2-1/4” and 3” diameter tubes welded to it. The white powder coating is standard. There are three rod holders on each side.

Robalo R317 lockable boxes

There are two lockable electronic boxes molded into the fiberglass hardtop, port and starboard. Putting often used electronics in them is literally a pain in the neck. We would store other gear here. This door has a friction hinge and will stay open.

The standard hardtop measures 9’10” (3 m) fore and aft and 9” (2.74 m) wide. It is supported by white powder coating supports that measure 2-1/2” and 3” in diameter. (Black powder coated supports are available at no extra cost.) There are also some irregular extrusions in the four corners of the support system that are even greater in size. Visibility is unobstructed looking forward, although to the right of the helm major supports are present. Four rod holders are standard on the structure.

Optional Hardtop Accessories. Our test boat had the optional electrical retractable SureShade awning that measures 6’4” (1.93 m) long and is nearly as wide as the hardtop. Isinglass enclosures are available that will turn this boat into a three-season, all-weather vessel. Gemlux carbon-fiber outriggers are available as well as Taco Grandslam riggers. Pads have been modeled in.

The Head

Robalo R317 head

Most heads are placed in the port console or a dual console, but not on the R317. Her head is entered from behind the forward facing seat in the bow.

Robalo R317 swing seat

The seat swings inboard revealing a head nestled in the starboard console.

Head Compartment. Our test model had an upgraded toilet with a stainless-steel sink and pull-up faucet in a Corian-style countertop to port. A screened port lets in fresh air and releases stem after someone rinses off with a quick shower. For easy cleanup, the compartment is all molded fiberglass.

There is 4’ (1.21 m) of headroom in the compartment and there is 3’ (91 cm) of sitting headroom on the toilet. This is an important measurement and means that most adults will be able to use it without bending their heads.

Robalo R317 head

This photo shows how easy the extra-large door makes it to enter the head.

Robalo R317 headroom

There’s 36” (91 cm) of seated headroom on the toilet and the sink and faucet add comforts of home.

Sleeping Accommodations

Robalo R317 accommodations

The sleeping accommodations are entered through a hatch in front of the companion seat.

Robalo R317 berth

Like the private head, the cabin has a door that makes it easy to enter the compartment.

Robalo R317 cabin

The entry to this cabin is 4’ (1.21 m) and fairly quickly goes to 2’ (60 cm) for most of its length and width. It is 6’6” (1.98 m) long and 14’ (35 cm) at the foot and 35” (88 cm) wide at the head. It has an opening port light to starboard. Note the two rod racks in the upper left.

Sleeping Cabin. Clearly, this cabin is tight for two adults, but it is certainly large enough for one adult and one child -- perhaps just right for a father and son overnight outing. It is also a good place to take a nap or put a guest who is not used to boating.

If we were planning on using this boat for overnighting, we would buy the optional enclosure that goes under the hardtop. In that way, one person could sleep in the cockpit on an inflatable mattress and the other in the cabin. Since sleeping bags are the best way to go in this situation, both people should be warm.

Of course there are other uses for this cabin, such as storage for scuba tanks and gear, watersports inflatables, and boards and countless other things.

Robalo R317 walk through

The opening in the walkthrough windshield is 23’ (58 cm) wide, making it easy for an adult to pass.

The Bow

The R317 has a walkthrough windshield with a passage that is 23” (58 cm) wide. There is a standard lower air dam to close off the passageway. Instead of the typical bowrider layout we usually see, Robalo used her 10’6” (3.20 m) beam to create an L-shaped lounge that wraps around the bow from the port side, and placed a single seat to starboard.

There are fold-down armrests for forward-facing travel and the gunwales have 11” (27 cm) padded bolsters, the largest we have ever seen in class.

Robalo R317 bow seating

The forward seating area of the R317 is noteworthy for several reasons: It is deep at 34” (86 cm), and its other dimensions seen above are equally as impressive. At left is a forward-facing seat that swings inboard to reveal the head compartment.

The same table that clips into place in the cockpit does so in the bow, but depending on how one plans to use this boat, we would consider adding an optional table to the one that comes standard. In this way, two groups could have a picnic table or a cocktail table at the same time.

There is storage beneath the outboard bench seat to port and an insulated cooler beneath the step up to the foredeck on the centerline.

Robalo R317 bow

We measured freeboard at the bow to be 4’3” (1.29 m), which translates into good security for seated passengers.

Robalo R317 bow table

The table secures in place with a substantial stainless-steel leg that gives it a solid, stable feel.

Robalo R317 cooler

The cooler in the step up to the bow is insulated and it drains overboard.

Ground Tackle and the Bow

The Robalo R317 comes standard with an electric windlass, 22 lbs. (10 kg.) of chain and 200’ (60 m) of line. There are foot switches at the bow to operate the windlass as well as at the helm.

The anchor rests in a thru-the-stem hawse pip and there is a stainless steel scuff plat on the stem. We like this arrangement as it keeps the anchor and a mess of the foredeck. There is also a raw water washdown outlet under the hatch. The installation also comes with a retaining lanyard and a cleat on which to tie the anchor rode.

Robalo R317 anchor system

The R317’s anchor system has a proper cleat to secure the rode nearby. The raw water outlet and hand crank at the left.

Robalo R317 treatment

This through-the-stem anchor treatment keeps the anchor and a mess of the foredeck. The polished ss scuff guard is standard. Note the drains in the bow for the anchor locker and the forward cooler.


We have not inspected the R317 while under construction, but the builder tells us that its hand-laid lamination uses bi-axle and tri-axle fiberglass which is superior to conventional glass materials. A sheet of Kevlar is used in the keel, we’re told.

Robalo says that its transom is “poured ceramic composite which has three times the tensile strength of conventional compost transom”. It used no wood in the structure. All hardware and fastenings are 16 ss. The boat has a 10 year structural warranty.

Robalo R317 running

At 5960 rpm, the top speed was found to be 55.4 mph with a 60% fuel load and two people aboard.


We tested the Robalo R317 on a calm day with 65-degree F ambient temperature. This 31’ (9.45 m) boat has a 10’6” (3.20 m) beam and our test boat had 60% fuel, no water, two people and gear for an estimated weight of 10,422 lbs. (4,727 kg). She was powered twin Yamaha 4.2 L V6 4-stroke F300 engines turning 19T 15-1/4 props.

Top Speed. At WOT turning 5960 rpm -- just 40 rpm below her rated maximum rpm of 6000 -- the R317 was clocked at 55.4 mph.

Best Cruise. Her most economical planing speed was found to be at 3500 rpm where she traveled at 30.6 mph, burning 16.9 gph, getting 1.8 miles per gallon, for a range of 422 statute miles and 367 nautical miles, with a 10% reserves of her 260 gallon (984 L) fuel capacity.

Please check the chart for other RPM settings and related data.

Time to Plane was 4.2 seconds, to 20 mph was 5.9 seconds and to 30 was 8.4 seconds.

Robalo R317 running

The concept of the R317 is to have a boat for the whole family from the time there are young until teenagers – then a few years later start all over again with grandchildren. A boat for all reasons and seasons.

Options to Consider

    • Colored hull: $1,200

    • Electric toilet with overboard discharge: $485

    • Wet bar in lieu of cockpit seating: $2,494

    • Storable ss side entry ladder: $500

    • Dual console bow and cockpit cover: $1,445

    • Hardtop enclosure: $2,994


The price starts at $183,595 with twin Yamaha 4.2L V6 4-stroke F300 UCA 300-hp plus 30” shafts. Even with the options suggested above the boat comes to $190,518.

Robalo R317 running

The Robalo R317’s handling was comfortable and predictable in the conditions we tested her with.


With the R317, Robalo set out to make a big-feeling dual console that will appeal to fishermen and their families -- and we think the manufacturer accomplished its mission.

We like the Vista View seating arrangement, the large stern platform, the side door, the L-shaped seats abaft the helm, the optional wet bar, the standard hardtop, the wide helm seats, the good-sized head, and the ground tackle set-up. All of these things are either innovative or well executed or both.

We think the Robalo can serve most any family well for a long time. She is full of amenities, quality equipment and construction, and her price is mid-range.

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