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Sea Ray SLX 310 (2016-)

2 x 250-hp MerCruiser ECT 4.5L MPI DTS BR3

Brief Summary

The Sea Ray SLX 310 features many amenities as standard that are options on other brands, including a watersports tower that folds down electrically, a wet bar and a head compartment with sink with running water and a VacuFlush toilet. The cockpit entertainment area includes a sink and hard-surface worktop and can be upgraded with an electric grill and refrigerator. The dash is unique, with automotive-style Dynamic Display that provides all information for operational systems as well as navigation on 12” and 7” touchscreens.

Key Features

  • Comfortably seats 17 people while underway
  • Standard with twin MerCruiser 4.5L V-8 250-hp Bravo with Digital Throttle & Shift
  • Iconic styling with elegant hull sculpting, available in multiple color configurations
  • Expansive cockpit space with standard wet bar
  • Plush seating with abundant storage beneath
  • Dual bucket seating at helm and companion side
  • Spacious head compartment
  • Proprietary Quiet Ride technology featuring Tuned Transom
  • Standard dual touchscreen electronics display, enabling multiple control functions
  • Standard electric tower with articulating Bimini system

Test Results

600 3.8 3.3 1.6 2.4 2.1 278 241.6 68
1000 5.9 5.1 2.7 2.2 1.9 254 220.4 71
1500 8.4 7.3 4.5 1.9 1.6 220 190.9 72
2000 9.7 8.4 7.1 1.4 1.2 158 137.8 77
2500 12.9 11.2 10.7 1.2 1 141 122.8 83
3000 22.1 19.2 14 1.6 1.4 184 160.2 85
3500 28.9 25.1 17.8 1.6 1.4 190 165.6 87
4000 34 29.6 22.5 1.5 1.3 177 153.7 86
4500 40 34.8 31.5 1.3 1.1 149 129.2 95
4820 44.1 38.3 36.5 1.2 1.1 141 122.9 91


Length Overall 31' 6'' / 9.60 m
Beam 10' 2''
3.10 m
Dry Weight 8,101 lbs.
3,674 kg
Tested Weight 8,833 lbs.
4,006 kg
Draft Up 28'' / 0.71 m
Draft Down 38''
0.96 m
Deadrise/Transom 21-deg.
Max Headroom N/A
Bridge Clearance N/A
Fuel Capacity 130 gal.
492 L
Water Capacity 24 gal.
91 L
Total Weight 8,833 lbs.
4,006 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 5.3 sec.
0 to 30 12.1 sec.
Ratio N/A
Props 22. 5pitch
Load 2 persons, 1/2 fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 78 deg., 68 humid.; wind: 15-20 mph; seas: choppy

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 250-hp MerCruiser ECT 4.5L MPI DTS BR3
Std. Power 2 x 250-hp MerCruiser 4.5L ECT Bravo III sterndrives with DTS
Opt. Power 2 x 260-hp Mercury Diesel 260 TDI 4.2L T3 Bravo IIIxr
5 twin MerCruiser engines from 250-hp to 350-hp

Captain's Report

Sea Ray 310 SLX running shot

The Sea Ray SLX 310 measures 31’6” (9.60 m) long with a 10’2” (3.09 m) beam, and she is rated for a maximum of 17 passengers.


Sea Ray designed the SLX 310 to be a big day boat and a replacement for the popular 300 SLX. Like all models in the SLX Series, the 310 is designed to be as luxurious as any boat in class, and more than most. She is also equipped with amenities that are usually on the options list for many boats. Some of those amenities include as standard a watersports tower that folds down electrically, a wet bar and a private head compartment with sink with running water and a VacuFlush toilet.

Sea Ray 310 SLX  floor plan

She has the seating capacity for a crowd, but the SLX 310 is also laid out for easy passage from bow to stern.

Distinguishing Features

  • Electrically powered watersports tower with articulating Bimini top
  • Dynamic Display at helm with 12” (30 cm) and 7” (17.8 cm) touchscreens
  • Private head compartment with VacuFlush toilet and a 20-gallon (76 L) holding tank
  • Cockpit wet bar with stainless steel sink and faucet
  • Aft-facing stern seating with multi-position ratcheting backrests

Sea Ray 310 SLX hard top

The SLX 310 can be equipped with an optional fiberglass hardtop that has an electrically powered Bimini that extends aft over the cockpit seats.

Features Inspection

The Stern

More than Swimming.

So many boats in this size range have an activity area in the stern that is much more than a swim platform and the SLX 310 is a good example of one. The platform itself has enough depth that a rider can sit down to strap on a wakeboard and it has a ladder beneath a hatch to starboard. To port of the cockpit passageway, there’s a sunlounge with a backrest that clicks into place to create a variety of seating positions. The seat-bottom cushion has a latch and lifts up on hinges to access storage.

Sea Ray 310 SLX stern lounge

The SLX 310’s stern lounge has space for a few average-sized people to hang out.

Sea Ray 310 SLX back rest

The hinged backrest clicks into multiple positions with a ratchet system that holds it up.

Sea Ray 310 SLX draining compartment

Draining compartments in the base of the stern seat could be a good place for wet towropes and gloves.

The Cockpit

Open Passage.

From the swim platform, to starboard, the SLX 310 has a walkway into the cockpit. In this passageway we found a retractable shower and Sea Ray offers a transom door as an option. Beneath two hatches in the nonskid decking are separate lockers. The aft one raises on a gas strut.

Sea Ray 310 SLX shower head

The aft freshwater shower has an actual shower head on it, instead of the kitchen-style sprayers found on many boats.

Sea Ray 310 SLX locker

This draining locker in the stern passageway could serve as an extra cooler.

Take a Seat.

The SLX 310’s cockpit has a lounge that wraps from the stern passageway around to port, ending just abaft a doublewide seat at the port console. It swivels so that passengers can turn around and join the conversation. A cockpit table that stores in a dedicated rack just ahead of the engines installs in the aft port corner. To starboard ahead of the wet bar, there’s a jump seat that would probably be best for kids.

Sea Ray 310 SLX cockpit

The SLX 310 is designed to accommodate a number of passengers and still provide easy passage to the stern.

Sea Ray 310 SLX cockpit table

With the table in place, the cockpit lounge becomes a comfortable place to enjoy lunch.

Bar and Grill.

To starboard in the SLX 310’s cockpit, the wet bar comes standard with a stainless steel sink, a solid surface lid, trash receptacle and storage. An owner can upgrade it with an optional electric grill (it requires an inverter) and a refrigerator.

Sea Ray 310 SLX grill

The optional electric grill is concealed beneath the hard surface counter that has a heat shield on the underside.

Sea Ray 310 SLX refrigerator

Add the optional refrigerator and the wet bar becomes a nearly complete galley.

The Helm

Command Center.

At the SLX 310’s helm, the dash is absent of analog gauges. Instead it’s equipped with the automotive-style Dynamic Display that provides all information for operational systems as well as navigation on 12” (30 cm) and 7” (17.8 cm) touchscreens. The panel is finished in dark gray fiberglass and upholstery. Beside navigation, the displays provide connectivity and control of multiple systems in the boat: stereo, engine, lighting, tower, etc. A separate rotary knob provides easy access to basic functions. Outboard to starboard are the digital shift and throttle controls and there’s a small glovebox aft.

Sea Ray 310 SLX helm

The SLX 310’s dash has a modern feel with all information provided by the Dynamic Display, but owners who are control freaks can order Mercury’s VesselView screen, shown here.

Sea Ray 310 SLX joystick docking

When the boat is ordered with the joystick docking system, the control is placed abaft the digital shifts and throttles.

Sea Ray 310 SLX glove box

This lockable glove box aft of the joystick will be handy for tow vehicle keys, wallets and similarly sized items.

Sea Ray 310 SLX two person seat

Forward at each console there are two-person seats with foldup bolsters. The port-side seat swivels, too.

Privacy Compartment

Across from the helm to port, the console opens to provide entry into the SLX 310’s private head compartment. The hatch locks for privacy and inside are a stainless-steel sink with a pull-up faucet, shower clip and a VacuFlush toilet with a 20-gallon (76 L) holding tank. There’s a screened port light that opens. Outboard of the head entry hatch is a glovebox that has a soft rubber mat and a 12-volt plug.

Sea Ray 310 SLX head

The head compartment’s step-down design provides 4’5” (134.6 cm) of overall headroom and there’s 3’2” (96.5 cm) of seated space.

Cockpit Storage

Ski Locker.

An in-sole hatch between the helm and port console seats opens on gas struts to access the large locker that would be best for skis, boards, boat hooks and other long items. The compartment is lined with soft rubber mat to protect the contents. Additionally, the hatch opens on gas struts and it locks for security.

The Tower

Obstruction Free.

Sea Ray builds the SLX 310’s optional hardtop with carbon-fiber and Kevlar reinforcement, which eliminates the need for additional supports. This improves sightlines for the captain and gives all of the passengers a better panoramic view.

Sea Ray 310 SLX running shot

The optional hardtop blends cleanly with the boat’s lines and, thanks to its high-tech construction, it needs no additional supports.

The Bow

Moving Forward.

Like most bowriders, the SLX 310’s windshield has an opening center section to make it easy to walk forward to the bow. Below, a door folds out from the starboard console to close off the passageway. Close the windshield and the door to keep onrushing air from entering the cockpit. Outboard of the passageway door, another hatch opens to reveal the boat’s electrical distribution panel.

Sea Ray 310 SLX windshield door

Close the center section of the windshield and the door beneath it to keep wind from rushing into the cockpit.

Sea Ray 310 SLX panel

In the starboard console, the electrical distribution panel is easily accessed. Notice that the hatch closes on a thick rubber gasket that should keep out water.

Long Legs Welcome.

The SLX 310’s bow seating area has angled backrests and fold-down armrests on the front of the consoles. There’s enough space on each side that an adult can sit facing forward and another one could sit forward without compromising space for either one. An owner can customize the bow with an optional cockpit table or an optional filler cushion.

Sea Ray 310 SLX bow

The bow lounges provide 5’6” (1.67 m) of legroom on each side and notice the grabrails wrapped in leather for a more comfortable grip.

Sea Ray 310 SLX bow

An adult can stretch out in the SLX 310’s bow and there’s still space ahead for another person to sit.

Bow Storage.

Each side lounge in the bow rises on scissor-style hinges to unveil storage. On the starboard side, the backrest on the console also picks up and inside the compartment are a series of removable panels to access the helm rigging. There’s enough space that a technician can crawl into the area. A hatch in the sole opens another locker and the forward center cushion in the bow lifts on a gas strut to provide access to the anchor rode or windlass if the boat is so equipped. In the foredeck, we found the anchor locker with a pull-up shower to starboard.

Sea Ray 310 SLX cushions

With the bottom cushion and backrest cushion raised, the starboard bow compartment is big enough that a person can crawl in to remove these panels and perform maintenance.

Sea Ray 310 SLX windlass

This photo shows the optional windlass beneath the hatch in the foredeck and notice that it opens on a stainless-steel gas strut.

Sea Ray 310 SLX bow locker

This locker in the SLX 310’s bow provides access to the anchor and rode.

Power and Performance

Base Engines.

We tested the Sea Ray SLX 310 with the base engine package, twin MerCruiser 4.5L MPI ECT Bravo IIIs turning 22.5” pitch stainless-steel propsets. In wind-blown, choppy conditions and at a test weight of 8,833 lbs. (4,006 kg), we hit a top speed of 44.1 mph (38.3 knots) at 4820 rpm.

Best cruise was at 3500 rpm where we ran 28.9 mph (25.1 knots) and burned 17.8 gph (67.4 lph), giving the boat a range of 190 statute miles (305.8 km) with 10% in reserve. In acceleration tests, the boat planed in 5.3 seconds and ran out to 20 mph in 7.8 seconds and to 30 mph in 12.1 seconds.

Sea Ray 310 SLX engine compartment

The SLX 310’s engine compartment has good space for twin sterndrives and owners can opt for gasoline models up to 700-hp combined or diesels up to 520-hp combined.


Even though we tested in less-than-ideal conditions, the SLX 310 acquitted itself well in our maneuverability tests. She carved cleanly through slalom and circle turns and rode smoothly through the chop. The deep-V design has 21-degrees of deadrise at the transom and has six lifting strakes that run the length of the bottom.

Sea Ray 310 SLX running shot

For her size, the SLX 310 is a nimble performer and her deep-V bottom design can handle wind-blown chop.

Silence Please.

Sea Ray’s Quiet Ride and its Tuned Transom are part of a system that the manufacturer designed to reduce noise and vibration in all its boats. A boat without the system averages 86.2 decibels, while a boat equipped with Quiet Ride averages 79.4, according to Sea Ray.


  • Limited lifetime structural hull/deck warranty to original owner
  • Limited 10-year structural hull/deck warranty to second owner
  • Limited five-year pro-rated laminate hull blister warranty
  • Limited five-year cosmetic exterior gelcoat warranty

Options to Consider and Pricing

  • Shorepower package 120V/60-cycle with 30-Amp service with inlet, 50’ cord and adapter, 20A/12V battery charger/converter, galvanic isolator and distribution panel ($2,692)
  • Bow filler cushion ($885)
  • Electric grill for cockpit wet bar ($2,462)
  • Fiberglass hardtop with courtesy lights and retractable anchor light ($6,308)
  • Fiberglass hardtop with opening canvas section ($10,000)
  • Fiberglass hardtop with opening canvas section and extended aft sunshade ($18,462)
  • Hot water system with 6-gallon tank (for head and transom washdown) ($1,462)
  • Beach ladder on bow with hatch ($300)
  • 12-volt refrigerator (must order battery charger) ($2,308)
  • Submersible hydraulic swim platform (mounted under integral platform) ($5,769)
  • VHF radio with 3.5’ ss antenna and ratchet mount ($769)
  • Windlass, rope/chain with remote control and stainless-steel anchor ($4,385)
  • Dynamic Running Surface ($3,000)
  • Canvas package (for hardtop) includes aft curtains with bungees, front and side curtains and canvas storage bag ($1,569)