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Sea Ray SLX 350 (2019-)

2 x 380-hp MerCruiser 8.2L MAG Seacore

Brief Summary

The new Sea Ray SLX 350 is a 2019 redesign of Sea Ray’s luxury sport boat.  She’s a twin inboard Mercury-powered bowrider with Bravo III sterndrives that straddles the line between dayboat and cruiser due to a reconfigured hideaway berth.

Key Features

  • Seating for 18
  • Enclosed head
  • Deep-v hull design
  • Yacht Certified
  • QuietRIDE™ Technology

Test Results

600 4.7 4.1 3 1.6 1.4 250 217 64
1000 6.5 5.6 5 1.3 1.1 205 178.7 65
1500 9 7.8 8 1.1 1 178 155 75
2000 10.8 9.4 15.5 0.7 0.6 111 96.5 77
2500 15.9 13.8 22.5 0.7 0.6 113 97.9 80
3000 28.7 25 25 1.1 1 183 159 83
3500 36.1 31.4 32 1.1 1 180 156.3 79
4000 43 37.4 44.5 1 0.8 154 133.9 80
4500 48.7 42.3 57 0.9 0.7 136 118.2 85
4800 50.8 44.2 62 0.8 0.7 131 113.5 87


Length Overall 34' 6'' / 10.52 m
Beam 10' 6''
3.20 m
Dry Weight 13,890 lbs.
6,300 kg
Tested Weight 15,557 lbs.
7,056 kg
Draft Up 25''
0.64 m
Draft Down 39''
.99 m
Deadrise/Transom 21-deg.
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Fuel Capacity 177 gal.
670 L
Water Capacity 30 gal.
114 L
Total Weight 15,557 lbs.
7,056 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 6.1 sec.
0 to 30 15.1 sec.
Ratio N/A
Props B3 28p
Load 3 persons, full fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 85 deg., 52 humid; wind: 5-10 mph; seas: 1

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 380-hp MerCruiser 8.2L MAG Seacore
Std. Power 2 x 300-hp MerCruiser 6.2L MPI ECT Bravo III with Axius
Opt. Power 2 x 300-hp MerCruiser 6.2L MPI ECT SeaCore Bravo IIIx with Axius
2 x 350-hp MerCruiser 6.2L MPI ECT Bravo IIIx with Axius
2 x 350-hp MerCruiser 6.2L MPI ECT SeaCore Bravo IIIx with Axius
2 x 380-hp MerCruiser 8.2 MAG ECT Bravo IIIx with Axius
2 x 380-hp MerCruiser 8.2 MAG ECT SeaCore Bravo IIIx with Axius

By Capt. Peter d’Anjou

Sea ray SLX 350

The redesigned 2019 Sea Ray SLX 350 with its deep-v hull and 50 mph top speed is a sport boat to consider if one is looking for a premium level dayboat that can handle a lot of friends.


Overhead look

The Sea Ray SLX 350 is Yacht Certified and capable of carrying 18 adults.

Sea Ray’s SLX Series are luxury bowriders ranging from 23 to 40' (7.01 m to 12.19 m). The newly redesigned SLX 350 has refinements in seating, storage, cabin layout, swim platform, engine, and helm upgrades to deliver superior ride and handling.

Distinguishing Features

  • Carbon-fiber reinforced fiberglass hardtop with sunroof

Major Features

  • Twin MerCruiser V8s with Bravo III sterndrives
  • Active Trim with integrated GPS, speed-based automatic engine trim system
  • Extended swim platform with optional submersible section
  • Wet bar refreshment center with grill option
  • Hideaway berth



The layout of the hideaway cabin has been swapped with the head in the 2019 version of the SLX. The cabin is now in the port console and the head is located under the helm console.

Trim tabs

The Dynamic Running Surface option automatically adjusts the trim tabs so the boat’s running attitude and trim are optimized for a smooth level ride.

Large triangular planes in the hull create an articulated running surface that improves acceleration, reduces bow rise, and keeps the boat at optimal trim, no matter the load.


The SLX 350’s cockpit might be more appropriately called an open air salon.

Sea Ray emphasizes that “comfort and style are woven into every surface, every line of the SLX series”. The ergonomically designed seating has been refined in every zone of the vessel.

Lifting strakes

Four parallel lifting strakes per side run the length of the hull ending in a 21-degree deadrise at the transom.

The bow has a soft chine dropping to a fairly deep V that cuts efficiently through the water at non-planing speeds.


The capacity placard on the SLX 350 simply says Yacht Certified, without giving an explicit number of people or weight. Yacht Certified means the boat meets all the ABYC safety standards, but because the boat exceeds 26' (7.92 m) in length, calculating capacity follows a far different formula based on stability, than boats under 20' (6.09 m) in length.

Submersible swim platform

A new submersible swim platform option has replaced undermounted steps in the 2019 redesign of the SLX 350.


Sea Ray employs multiple ways to reduce sound and vibration aboard its vessels during construction that they collectively call their Quiet Ride technology.

Noise absorbing panels

The SLX 350 hull has panels strategically laminated into the hull to absorb noise and vibration, as one part of the Quiet Ride technology.

Quiet Ride technology begins when composite panels are laminated right into the hull. The panels convert vibration energy to heat which is whisked away by the water. Windshields are engineered with softened edges which limit the amount of wind noise. Transoms with drive units, like musical instruments, can act as sound boards to transmit sound and vibration throughout a boat, which is why Sea Ray partnered with Omni products on a patented way to “tune” a transom so that engine noise and vibration are dampened. Voids in liners are foam filled to isolate noise. One-inch thick acoustic foam is used on engine room bulkheads. Rubber gaskets and neoprene isolators are used on hatches and when installing tankage to brackets - the list is quite extensive, as a 10 decibel drop in noise is akin to a 50% drop noise reduction, according to Sea Ray. 

BoatTEST tests noise levels at the helm of boats, some of which is wind noise on a speeding boat, so look for the decibel (dBa) levels of this boat in the performance section to see how effective Sea Ray is in reducing sound and vibration and making a day on the water more enjoyable.


Noise and vibration can come from parts of the boat as unlikely as the windshield.

Sound insulation

The SLX 350 is kept quieter by copious amounts of sound insulation and acoustical foam in the engine room.

Inside Transom

The transom of Sea Ray boats where the drive units pierce the hull gets particular attention so they don’t transmit engine noise and vibration – using a patented technology the company calls “tuning”. 

Sea Ray attributes the high-level fit and finish to the lack of vibration and noise. They clearly take the whole build quality aspect of quietRIDE technology seriously. 


Over head view

Starting with an earlier version (2014) of the SLX 350 gave Sea Ray some solid benchmarks along with customer feedback to make enhancements.

The Numbers

The Sea Ray SLX 350's hull with the integral, extended swim platform has an overall length of 34' 6" (10.50 m) and a beam of 10' 6'' (3.20 m). The boat draws 39" (99 cm) with the sterndrives down and 25" (63 cm) with the drives up. With an empty weight of 13,890 lbs. (6,300 kg), full fuel and three people onboard, we had an estimated test weight of 15,557 lbs. (7,057 kg).  

Propelled by a pair of 380-hp MerCruiser 8.2L MAG engines turning Bravo IIIx sterndrives with 28 pitch duo propsets and run up to 4800 rpm, our speed topped out at 50.8 mph. Best cruise was reached at 3000 rpm and 28.7 mph. It was at that speed that the 25 gph fuel burn translated into 1.1 gph and a range of 183 statute miles.


The running attitude of the SLX 350 keeps nearly the same profile as this still shot, thanks in part to auto trim of the outdrives and the dynamic running surface trim tab control.

Interestingly, the hull-to-engine match with the twin 380-hp MerCruisers was enhanced beyond the standard power plant so that now, the best cruise setting could be run in choppy conditions. In calmer water, we could bump the revs up to 3500 and hit 36.1 mph while still enjoying the same 1.1 mpg fuel economy. We still held back a 10-percent reserve of the boat’s 177-gallon (670 L) total fuel capacity.  


We reached planing speed in 6.1 seconds.  Once up on plane, start adding trim and feel the boost in speed, like shifting gears.  There’s no noticeable change in the spray or bowrise.  Continue accelerating to 20 MPH in 9.1 seconds and 30 passes by in 15.1.

Time-to-plane:    6.1 seconds

Zero to 20 mph: 9.1 seconds

Zero to 30 mph: 15.1 seconds

Sound levels at idle (600 rpm) were 64.4 dBa and rose to 86.5 at WOT of 4800 rpm and 50.8 mph. The wind was 5-10 mph during our tests which contributes to overall wind noise at the open air helm.  Interestingly, when the boat hit best cruising speeds between 3000 and 3500 rpm, the noise level dropped from 82.8 dBa at 2500 rpm to 78.9 dBa at 3500 rpm.



Turning reminds the helmsman that there’s 760 horses galloping along under the deck, even if the audible sound seems like it’s coming from much less power.

Enhanced handling is another hallmark of the SLX lineup, and this newest version is no exception. She has a nice solid feel to her handling.  We were running in 1’ (.30m) chop with no pounding or hull slap and therefore no need to restrict speed. 

Power turns

Sea Ray’s SLX 350 can handle power in the turns, digging in her shoulders.

Turned hard over, she’ll roll 22-degrees into the turn. Gentle turns are by their nature, much more docile and comfortable. In either case, she will put her shoulder into the turn and bleed off speed until you ease off the turn or she drops off plane, so don’t be shy about adding power.

Boat Inspection

Engines and Power Options

The standard Sea Ray SLX 350 package comes with twin gas MerCruiser® 6.2L MPI ECT Bravo® III with Axius Propulsion (300-hp each).


Our test boat had stainless steel duo prop Bravo IIIx sterndrives with the SeaCore anti-corrosion package, which extends the warranty to 4-years.


The SeaCore option is a comprehensive corrosion package that increases the warranty and serviceability of the engines and drive units, especially in saltwater.

Twin gas/Axius® options:

  • Twin MerCruiser 6.2L MPI ECT SeaCore Bravo IIIx with Axius (300-hp each)
  • Twin MerCruiser 6.2L MPI ECT Bravo IIIx with Axius (350 hp each)
  • Twin MerCruiser 6.2L MPI ECT SeaCore Bravo IIIx with Axius (350-hp each)
  • Twin MerCruiser 8.2 MAG ECT Bravo IIIx with Axius (380-hp each)
  • Twin MerCruiser 8.2 MAG ECT SeaCore Bravo IIIx with Axius (380-hp each)

Twin diesel Axius® options:

  • Twin Mercury® Diesel 370 TDI® 4.2L SeaCore Bravo IIIxr with Axius (364-hp each)


We tested the SLX 350 with a max horsepower setup: twin 380-hp V8s, which is always a little more fun than the standard power options.

The engine compartment hatch is electrically actuated. The Quiet Ride technology is evident with enhanced soundproofing all around. The tuned transom absorbs still more sound and vibration.

Engine hatch

With the stern settee on top of the engine box, Sea Ray provided a lift for the engine hatch – actuated from the cockpit. Note the black soundproof material on the underside of the hatch.


One little known and under-appreciated feature of MerCruisers is MerCathode, which neutralizes galvanic current, protecting and lengthening the life of the drives.

Swim Platform

Swim platform

The redesigned swim platform now has tie downs for lashing down large water toys.

Gone in this redesign is the old undermount swim step. An optional 18” (45.72cm) submersible center section has replaced it.  In the previous SLX 350, only one person could step back aboard from the water. The new iteration has more of a beach experience that can be enjoyed by more people.

Swim platform submerged

The submersible part of the swim platform is seen here fully submerged.

The submersible platform can be stopped at various levels. The undermount reboarding ladder with a grab handle to remain NMMA compliant per ABYC standards is located under the starboard wing of the swim platform.

Staging area

A staging area for affixing skis, boards or other long items is located forward of the platform. The aft lounger is shown here with the cover closed.

A rumble seat style cover over the aft seating has also been enhanced. We can still flip-up the seatback and enjoy the view out of the stern when not underway. The support for under the legs has been made easier to use.

Aft lounge seat

With the aft lounge seat open, leg supports can be set individually.

It’s an example of refinements to the boat’s ease of use that appears throughout. Beverage holders and USB connectivity plugs are mounted to the sides.  A Fusion stereo remote is in the center of the transom.

Aft radio remote

The Fusion stereo NMEA remote is conveniently located between the rear seats and the swim platform.

Aft lounger

The aft lounger seatback opens like a rumble seat of old.


Cockpit table

Here the cockpit table is fully extended.

We enter the 40” (101.6 cm) deep cockpit through an 18” (45.72cm) angled walkway, elevated 10” (25.40cm). The angle maximizes the seating.  There’s a speaker in the riser.

Cockpit walkway

Sea Ray provided a step above the walkway for entering and exiting the cockpit from the side.

The “ease of use” theme continues in the cockpit.  No hunting for the battery switch, it’s tucked into the bulwark as you enter.  Just ahead is the switch for raising and lowering the swim platform and engine hatch. This location allows the user a direct view of the action.  

Battery switches

Leave individual light switches on and the battery switch off to save the battery. One click of the battery switch can light the boat’s interior when boarding after dark.

Seating wraps around the aft and port sides of the cockpit with a smaller bench on the forward starboard side. There’s plenty of room for snacks, meals or conversation. 

Table grab handle

The cockpit table folds and when it is, a grab handle assists guests getting in and out of the seats.

A cockpit table expands the functionality of the area. Fold the leaf up and over to reveal a curved grab handle reachable from the after cockpit seats. The forward corner seat has its own grab rail, beverage holders, and a continuation of the elegant upholstery. Below is a 36-qt (39.64L) carry on cooler. A subwoofer for the premium Fusion stereo is mounted alongside. 


The starboard side cockpit seating has a subwoofer and portable cooler below and wet bar refreshment center alongside.

All seats have been enhanced with new upholstery choices but what we really liked is the space between the seat base and seat backs.  This not only creates a quickie storage area for the shirts and phones we all need to stuff somewhere, but at the end of the day we can hose down the seats and not have trapped water between cushions.


The cushions have an open space between the seats and seatbacks.

Removable cooler

A small door hides the removable cooler and keeps it secure while underway.

Grab rails, USB ports, and beverage holders are close to every seat.

Wet Bar Refreshment Center

The starboard side of the cockpit features a Corian topped refreshment center that includes a sink with fold-up faucet, an optional electric grill, a wrapped grab handle, a drawer-style 2.3 cu ft (.07 cu m) refrigerator and a trash receptacle.

Roll out trash can

The roll-out trash receptacle locks in place when not in use.


The SLX 350 has a 30-gallon fresh water tank for the sinks in the refreshment center and head. An optional hot air cockpit heater is available to help extend the boating season.



Double-wide bench seats each with single bolsters on fixed bases make up the seating at the helm and companion consoles.

Forward of the cockpit, the helm and passenger seats are wide enough to seat two across, 38” (96.52cm), so we can now have four people facing forward when underway, and both include single flip bolsters and upscale treatments.

Companion seat

The companion seat for two facing the port console allows more people to view the action around the helm.

Helm seat

A single bolster is provided on the helm seat.

Helm glass dash

The helm has the glass dash covering MFDs below the padded brow. There is no option for analog gauges. Optional 12” Simrad MFDs are available.

Sea Ray has partnered with Simrad to integrate two 9” (22.86 cm) multifunction displays into the flush panel. The MFDs include a chartplotter, echo sounder, full vessel electrical switching and a full Mercury Interface with the engines and controls to provide features such as troll mode, active trim or dynamic running surface, bow hook, skyhook, drift hook, and a full host of towing features, including programmable profiles for individual boarders.

Non glare dash

Simple elegant styling on the non-glare brow over the helm is appreciated by Captain Steve.

Below the glass dash and from left to right, is the spotlight control, the upgraded Fusion Apollo series stereo with features that include Wifi connectivity, and SiriusXM enhancements. All electrical switches are pushbutton, the wheel is mounted to a tilt base. Trim tab controls are located to the right of the wheel. 


The accessory panel, Fusion Apollo stereo, and optional spotlight controls are within easy reach on the left of the wheel.

On the bulwark to the right is the Mercury digital throttle and shift. The standard Axius joystick piloting system is aft of the DTS. Ignitions and USB connectivity are further aft and below the joystick.

Joy sticks

Notice the padding and textured upholstery in an area that most people won’t see.

Choice of flooring covers, infinity woven vinyl flooring or SeaDek, all snap in. Permanently installed teak decking is an option. 

Snap in flooring

Snap-in flooring can be easily removed for cleaning. Decks are non-skid below the covers. 

Deck storage

Added storage was a focus of the redesign. Space under the seats and in the deck are shown here.


Perhaps the most significant enhancement for this latest version of the SLX 350 is in the head and berth compartments. They’ve been swapped with each other, so now the berth to port has much more room than the head to starboard.

Hideaway console

Located below the port console is a day cabin or as Sea Ray calls it, a hideaway.

The top of the cabin door has beverage holders and a small rail and padding adds a space for quick-drop items. A lockable acrylic glove storage is alongside. Ahead is a fixed skylight for the cabin.

The door opens toward the center of the boat and we’d like to see a strut or mechanism added to hold it open against the boat’s rocking. Inside, there’s 4’7” (1.40 m) of headroom and 3’7” (1.09 m) of seated headroom. There’s a comfortable couch facing a 19” (48.26 cm) TV mounted to the inboard bulkhead.


The hideaway could be used by a small group to wait out a rain squall.  The 19” flatscreen is part of a berth upgrade package.

There’s storage shelves ahead with USB ports and a 110v outlet wired to the shore power system. The overhead skylight is supplemented by the hull-side window. There’s an opening portlight for ventilation. When it’s time to cool down, there’s optional air conditioning running off an inverter, so no need for an expensive generator option. Filler cushions convert the space into a berth.


Storage on a boat never goes to waste.

Berthing cushions

With filler cushions in place to create a berth, the hideaway becomes a good place to put your head down and well, hideaway.


Pop-up steps

The pop-up step creates a bit more room getting in or out of the modest space.

The head is accessed from opening the helm console’s side door and releasing a latch to the steps. This fully fiberglass-lined compartment includes a Vacuflush toilet, 27-gallon (102 L) holding tank, a hull-side window with an opening port to supplement ventilation from the powered vent, a fiberglass vanity with molded sink, and non-skid treatment for the deck.


The head compartment is also air-conditioned if the A/C option for the hideaway is chosen. A 6-gallon (23 L) water heater is also an option.

Shade and Canvas

Shade is a valuable commodity on any boat and here it’s well thought out. It starts, of course, with the well-supported hardtop, 6’5” (1.96 m) off the deck with carbon fiber styling accents.


The carbon-fiber reinforced hardtop adds style and comfort to the Sea Ray SLX 350.

Add the optional powered awning that deploys from the hardtop’s trailing edge and shade can be extended over the aft lounger. The center of the hardtop has a manually operated sunroof. And forward there’s an optional bow shade supported by carbon-fiber stanchions so we can cover the entire 35’ boat or expose it as desired.


The sunroof provides welcome options for sun or shade over the cockpit.

Powered awning

The powered awning option extends over the aft lounger and retracts into the hardtop when not needed.

Optional bow awning

An optional bow awning connected to the hardtop and supported by carbon bows provides shade over the walkthrough and bow.



Bow riders can face the action whether it’s ahead or behind them.

The 35” (88.9 cm) cockpit depth in the bow provides security for those seated up front. Face-to-face seating offers a more intimate gathering area and rounds out the available seating for 18. Twin solid wood tables are supported from sidemount pedestal bases. The tables can be lowered to a second position to create a full-length lounge. Additional supports for filler cushions create a full sun pad.

The forward facing seats include flip-down armrests, quite an advantage over flip-up armrests that need to be locked and released.   A 36-qt (39.64L) carry-on cooler has dedicated storage behind a door under the center seat. More of the same upscale treatments are present here, including lengthy grab rails along the caprail and the diamond stitched upholstery.

Bow lounger

The pedestal tables drop down and filler cushions can be added to create full length loungers or a full sun pad.


Anchor locker

The anchor locker cover makes it look as though the anchor might be going through the hull - it does not, that is just a cutout in the cover.

Fully forward is a hatch that conceals the windlass, rode locker, and plow anchor on a roller.  A washdown is located to starboard of the cover and an optional spotlight is found mounted to port.  Alongside are two of the boat’s four 10” (25.40 cm) cleats.

Gray windlass

The gray windlass control is tucked under the hatch along with a tie-off cleat, the screw plate to the rode locker, manual handle for the windlass and, something we here at BoatTEST always appreciate, the safety lanyard for the anchor itself.

Equipment Discussion

An international aluminum trailer is listed as an option, however, pricing was not available at the time of this publication.

Gelcoat color scheme

The gelcoat color scheme is available in six colors patterned in either two or three zones. Anything but white comes at an additional cost.

Three-zone gel coat

The three-zone gelcoat color option is patterned like this. No getting around the white swoosh unless one picks all white. There are three available bottom colors.

White two-zone gel coat

The two-zone option consists of the same six hull side color options immediately above the waterline stripe, shown here in blue, and bottom gel coat. Prices vary based on colors and areas covered.

Optional Equipment to Consider

  • Two teak bow side tables
  • Air conditioning in both berth and head 
  • Berth SeaDek flooring 
  • LED courtesy lighting 
  • Teak cockpit flooring 
  • Teak flooring for swim platform and walkthrough
  • Extended sunshade 
  • Premier audio upgrade 
  • Simrad Halo 24 radar 
  • Cockpit heat 
  • Dynamic Running Surface™ 
  • Electric Grill (requires inverter) 
  • Submersible swim platform
  • Inverter
  • Grey water system 
  • Macerator/seacock
  • Compressor 
  • Water heater (6 gallons)


Sheare line

The shear line moving aft descends to the waterline, giving the Sea Ray SLX 350 a smart, modern, almost European look.


Sea Ray took an already popular model and enhanced nearly every aspect, to bring this newest SLX 350 to the water. And nearly all of it was in direct response to customer feedback. The result is a premium-level dayboat that will encourage owners to spend extended time out on the water with their numerous friends.