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Silent Yachts 60 (2022-)


Length Overall 59'
17.99 m
Beam 29.5'
8.99 m
Dry Weight 63,934 lbs.
29,000 kg
Draft 3'
0.93 m

Captain's Report

Silent 60

Captain’s Report by Capt. Steve


silent 60

The Silent 60 is a trans-oceanic cruiser driven by E-motors.  She’s made to be managed by a cruising couple. 

Brief Summary.

The Silent 60 is a 100% electric yacht with multiple ways to charge the long-range batteries, and even multiple methods of propulsion.  She garnered the award for “Best of Boats” in the “Best for Travel” category meaning that she is “suitable for long distance travels with all amenities to live aboard permanently.”  She’s offered in a 4 cabin version with or without a main deck master, has a 6-8 kt cruise speed and a top speed of 20 kts. 


silent 60

A bank of 42 solar panels recharge the lithium ion battery banks. 



The Silent 60 is a cruising catamaran capable is transoceanic passages while being managed by only two people.  For small families exploring the world’s waters, this is an ideal scenario.  Her small draft makes her well suited for coastal cruises while her efficient hulls make her adapted for harsh offshore conditions. 


Major Features.

·      Three different sizes of E-motor

·      Three different sizes of Lithium battery

·      Two different sizes of generator

·      Fully automatic towing kite

·      On deck master version available

·      Unlimited range

·      Zero emission

·      No maintenance propulsion

·      Noiseless cruising

·      8-year warranty on battery banks

·      25-year warranty on solar panels

·      Lifetime warranty on E-motors

·      CE-A certification



This is a 100% electric yacht, powered by either dual 50, 200, or 340-kW electric motors being fed by 142-, 207- or 286-kilowatt hour lithium batteries charged by 42 17 kW solar panels or 100 or 150-kW generators.  This gives the Silent 60 unlimited range, but power consumption still needs to be carefully managed.  For example, one would continually power the lithium batteries with the generator running full time, but that burns fuel and eventually stops.  Alternatively, running at 20 knots will naturally deplete the batteries faster than they can be charged. 


Of course, while charging there’s the kite wing propulsion.  It deploys from the bow and carves a figure-eight in the sky 120 meters up.  This will pull the Silent 60 along at up to 4-5 knots. 


Her speed and efficiency are possible thanks to her high-performance hull with its longer waterline and reverse bow.  With a power-savvy captain aboard, she can cruise of to 100-miles a day for weeks at a time. 


Boat Inspection.

The silent 60 inspection must start with the two different main deck layouts.  One with a main deck master and the other with a forward exit to the bow.  Both will offer the same main deck living space as the master is located three steps down.  The total living space of the staterooms increases from 56 sqm to 63 sqm.  Both have a galley aft and to port. 


silent 60

With the front exit version, there is a dining table to the port side and then an additional seating area just ahead.  To starboard there is a control station with three-across seating and storage cabinetry between two sets of stairs leading below. 


silent 60

With the front master, the seating ahead of the dining table is removed and the cabinetry behind the starboard control station is shortened to allow for the companionway leading below. 



There are side decks to both port and starboard, meaning that Silent Yachts saw no need to limit the design to a asymmetrical layout in order to achieve more interior living space.   And with a beam of 29.5’ (8.99m) why would they?  Gates are at the aft end of each deck and exterior sitting areas are also provided just opposite the gates… a welcome addition to the social zones.  Forward the deck is expansive and includes seats at the front corners of the bow rails.  A recessed section ahead of the cabin bulkhead has lounge seating to port and L-shaped seating to starboard.  Depending on the design selected, there may or may not be a door to the interior between the two seats. 


silent 60

Access the bow from the forward door, or either side deck.  Seating is to both sides of the sunken bow social zone. 


silent 60

With the forward master, there are windows leading to the stateroom and the bow seating areas are removed. 


silent 60

Notice the pleasant sitting area to the side deck.  What a wonderful place to relax while underway.  Across is a side boarding gate. 



The aft deck allows for gathering aft of the glass bulkhead leading to the interior.  Seating is at an L-shaped sofa wrapping around a freestanding table.  Additional seating is aft and center-mounted, and this includes reversable seatbacks for forward or aft-facing seating.  Wide stairs to port and starboard lead to swim platforms flanking a hydraulically actuated boat deck.  Absent from this equation are rails protecting the area from straying children.  Otherwise, it’s a clear path from the deck to the water, albeit down some stairs. 


silent 60

The aft deck has dual seating areas and easy access to the swim platforms.  Additional stairs lead to the side decks. 


silent 60

Stairs to the starboard side lead to the flying bridge.  Notice the double opening to the salon. 


Flying Bridge

Still another welcoming social zone awaits on the flying bridge.  Here it’s all about seating with a large sofa surrounding a solid wood table on dual hi/lo pedestals. Forward-facing lounges are to the starboard side.  This is all near the helm making the captain always an integral part of the gathering, whether underway or not.  An upper level refreshment center is missing from the features here. 


silent 60

Seating wraps around a large table.  Lounges are to the starboard side of the sofa. 

The flybridge helm is mounted to port and is fully featured, including a double-wide helm seat with reversable seatback.  All of the flying bridge is protected by a hardtop with electrically actuated adjustable supports allowing the top to be raised or lowered.  This makes the Silent 60 an excellent great loop prospect, or even one for the canals of Europe. 


silent 60

Notice the supports for the hardtop are held by electrically actuated rams allowing it to be raised and lowered. 


silent 60

The flybridge helm includes dual SIMRAD EVO3 displays along with a full set of displays to the lower panel.  Notice  the dual thruster joysticks an the autopilot control. 



Inside the Silent 60 there’s a U-shaped galley aft and to port with refrigeration across to starboard.  Dining is ahead and either one or two companionways to starboard, depending on whether the master is forward or not.  To port is another companionway. 


silent 60

With the forward master, the interior remains spacious.  Notice only one companionway to starboard leading to the aft stateroom.  The dining area is on an elevated platform to port.  Directly ahead is the entrance to the master. 


silent 60

The galley blends in with the aft deck when the double doors are opened along with the sliding window.  Notice the stemware storage under the port side window.  Raised fiddles on the counters would be a nice touch. 


silent 60

With the front exit version, there are two companionways to the starboard side. Ahead, a wine chiller highlights the storage area.  Notice the additional seating ahead of the dining area. 


silent 60

Two large windows allow plenty of natural light and visibility.  The one in front of the helm has a windshield wiper.  Notice the draining deck ahead of the outward-opening door. 



The helm is starboard side mounted and being three-across there’s plenty of room in the panel for electronics, as well as having more eyes looking forward to assist the captain.  Naturally, an autopilot is provided as this is a long-range cruiser.  Storage is to the side and windows surround the helm station.  Thick mullions will limit visibility slightly to keep a swivel head. 


silent 60

The helm is fully featured and includes bow and stern thrusters.  Power management panels will demand extra attention from the prudent captain. 


silent 60

The decking is on a single level from the cockpit all the way to the forward bow seating.  The drain before the sliding doors allows the Silent 60 to have a CE-A rating as it sends any shipped water over the stern right back overboard. 



The Silent 60 is a four-cabin boat.  Choose from two cabins per side or with the master forward there will be a single cabin aft and to starboard.  With the master forward, the guest cabins are all largely identical, each with a private ensuite. 


silent 60

With the master located forward, there’s a center entry with steps leading down.  Note the nearly identical dimensions to the remaining staterooms. 



silent 60

With the master located below, there is a distinct VIP stateroom located to port.  The starboard master has a private entrance and a settee aft.  The master head is located forward.  Each stateroom still has a private ensuite. 


silent 60

The master stateroom has a center-mounted king berth.  Windows above allow natural light in.  A convenient step is to each side. 


silent 60

Guest staterooms can be a single berth or two twins on request. 


silent 60

The VIP stateroom will have a comfortable settee to relax in.  Notice the pleasant amount of natural light. 



The Silent 60 has an average price of $2.69m (€2.36m).  The first of these boats was built in Thailand but future units are planned to be built in Italy. 



Aside from the fact that this is an electric boat, and includes unique power options, there’s also a lot to like about her amenities.  We’ve never seen a comfortable sitting area on the side decks.  Her low profile, even with a flying bridge is an attractive feature.  And she has an exemplary fit and finish befitting an upscale brand.  It’s hard to imagine a cruising couple, or a cruising family, not feeling right at home while enjoying the perks of efficient cruising.