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Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless (2019-)

1x 200-hp Mercury Verado XL L4 DTS 1.7 L4-cylinder

Brief Summary

Here’s a boat from a Boston Whaler that firmly embraces the concept of multi-tasking. The 210 Dauntless sits firmly in the middle of the five-boat range of the company’s most versatile Dauntless Series. At just over 20’ (6.10 m), she’s easily transported. Her standards include amenities for both fishing and family activities. For more “involved” days both of these tasks can be enhanced with a multitude of options. And she seamlessly transitions between tasks, making her even more attractive. Best of all, her handling is right on par with what we’ve come to expect from the brand.

Key Features

  • Insulated livewell with blue interior and lid on front of console
  • Portable head in console
  • 6 console mounted stainless steel rod holders in console
  • Full-width aft casting platform
  • Storage under aft seating
  • Swim platform with telescoping ladder
  • Trolling motor flat at bow
  • Reversible pilot seat with locking backrest and slide-out carry-on cooler
  • Stern seat with folding backrest and elevating seat base
  • Forward fishbox with overboard drain

Test Results

680 2.7 2.3 0.4 6.6 5.8 447 388.9 63
1000 4.3 3.7 0.7 6.5 5.7 441 383.8 60
1500 6.2 5.4 1.1 5.9 5.1 399 346.6 69
2000 7.3 6.3 1.9 3.9 3.4 266 231.6 71
2500 8.4 7.3 3.1 2.8 2.4 186 161.7 75
3000 11.8 10.2 4.7 2.5 2.2 171 148.3 84
3500 20.2 17.5 4.8 4.2 3.7 283 246.4 81
4000 26.7 23.2 6 4.5 3.9 303 263.4 82
4500 31.3 27.2 8 3.9 3.4 265 230.7 83
5000 35.7 31 10.4 3.4 3 233 202.5 86
5500 40.2 34.9 13.7 2.9 2.6 199 172.6 88
6230 46.2 40.2 19.9 2.3 2 157 136.6 88


Length Overall 20' 6'' / 6.24 m
Beam 8' 6''
2.59 m
Dry Weight 2,600 lbs.
1,179 kg
Tested Weight 3,809 lbs.
1,728 kg
Draft 14''
0.36 m
Deadrise/Transom 16-deg.
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance 7' 7''
2.31 m (max)
Fuel Capacity 75 gal.
284 L
Water Capacity N/A
Total Weight 3,809 lbs.
1,728 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 3.3 sec.
0 to 30 8.2 sec.
Ratio N/A
Props 17P Enertia
Load 2 persons, 31/50 fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 67 deg., 47 humid.; wind: 0-5 mph; seas: calm

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1x 200-hp Mercury Verado XL L4 DTS 1.7 L4-cylinder
Std. Power 1 x 200-hp Mercury Verado XL L4 DTS 4-stroke
Opt. Power 1 x 150-hp Mercury 4-stroke XL EFI
1 x 200-hp Mercury Verado 4-stroke with power steering

Captain's Report

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless running shot

Boston Whaler’s 210 Dauntless has a LOA of 20’6” (6.24 m), a beam of 8’6" (2.59 m) and a draft of 14” (35.56 cm).

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless casting platform

Note that the forward casting platform is deeply recessed from the forward coaming. The cockpit is 20" (.51 m) deep and that is why the high ss, welded bow rails are standard. They are to give a good measure of safety to anglers who are standing to cast, to say nothing of playful kids. We often don't see this safety rail treatment on boats in class, and it is important.

Major Features

  • Dual SmartCraft gauges in the dash
  • Standard Porta-Potti
  • Six console-mounted rod holders
  • Urethane grip steering wheel
  • Gray gelcoat console face
  • Bow and stern casting platform
  • Aft bench seat
  • Separate reinforced bow towing eye
  • Trolling motor flat at bow
  • Standard dual battery rigging
  • 75-gallon (284 L) fuel tank
  • Reversible and adjustable helm seat


As with all Boston Whalers, the 210 Dauntless is also built on the standards of the trademarked “Unsinkable Legend” that we’ve come to appreciate. For 50 years Boston Whaler has maintained this reputation and the current management team is not about to tip that cart.

UniBond Construction.

After the deck is mated with the hull, expandable closed-cell foam is injected into the void area through the whole length of the boat. This foam expands and forms what Boston Whaler calls "uni-bond" construction. The result is a solid and strong boat that also will "float level" in the event that she becomes swamped.


Only a few premium brands offer "level flotation" when swamped, the rest usually provides what is called "basic flotation" which simply means some part of the boat will float above the water surface in the case of swamping and capsizing. There is no USCG requirement for any flotation from 21' and over.) Boston Whaler's construction process is distinctive and the difference can be felt both when pounding a fist against the hull and when driving the boat through heavy chop. In both instances the feel is of a solid boat.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless running shot

With her solid feel we experienced no pounding regardless of how fast we hit the waves. She also handles quite well in that there was very little spray which made for a dry ride.


The Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless has a LOA with swim platform of 21’3” (6.48 m), a beam of 8'6" (2.59 m), and a draft of 14” (35.56 cm). With an empty weight of 2,600 lbs. (1,179 kg), 60% fuel, test power and two people onboard, we had an estimated test weight of just over 3,800 lbs. (1,729 kg). With the 200-hp Mercury Verado XL L4 DTS 1.7 L 4-cylinder, supercharged outboard turning at 6230 rpm we reached our top speed of 46.2 mph. At that speed we were burning 19.9 gph for a range of 157 miles. Best economy was found to be at 4000 rpm and 26.7 mph. That reduced the fuel burn to 6 gph and opened up the range to 303 miles while still keeping a 10% reserve of fuel.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless outboard

Our test boat was powered with a 200 XL L4 Mercury Verado FourStroke outboard.

We reached planing speed in 3.3 seconds, 20 mph in 5.4 seconds, and 30 mph in 8.2 seconds.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless running shot

The 210 Dauntless exhibits minimal bowrise when accelerating.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless

With the optional T-top the looks and functionality of the 210 Dauntless are enhanced. Note that the T-top's support structures become important handholds and protect the windshield.


When accelerating, the bow exhibits a minimal rise, and the torque from the 17" pitch Enertia prop produced no wandering throughout the acceleration curve. She’ll roll a comfortable 10-degrees into the turns and shows no tendency towards any adverse characteristics regardless of how aggressive the turns may be.

There was no chine walking, undue grab and no prop ventilation in the turns, no matter how sharp. She bleeds off very little speed and seemed to be as comfortable with the hard turns as she was in the straight and level.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless running shot

With a natural 5-degree bow high running attitude the 210 Dauntless keeps spray well aft for a dry ride.

That solid feel we discussed above when banging on the sides of the hull now manifests itself with the handling. Crossing wakes shows a firm trend towards stability and no pounding whatsoever during our test. She catches little air and then has a smooth re-entry.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless running shot

When coming off a wave the 210 Dauntless remains level and exhibits a smooth re-entry.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless turns

The 210 Dauntless shows her comfort level in the turns. Notice the minimal spray and just a slight lean into the turn.


Boston Whaler's designers did a superb job in laying out the instrument panel in our opinion. Its gray gel is easy on the eyes in bright sun and knocks down glare on the windshield. The upper panel is wide open to accommodate either a 7” (17.8 cm) or 9” (22.9 cm) navigation package and both are offered as options from Boston Whaler ($3,033 for the 7” / $4,931 for the 9”). We would also add the Fusion stereo ($1,397) and a VHF radio ($806).

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless helm

The helm includes plenty of open space for the addition of optional electronics. The gray color does a fine job of knocking down glare. We like the accessory toggles low and the power and MP3 jack adjacent to the cup holders which can double as holders for smartphones if the optional "smart box" is not ordered.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless dual gauges

Dual SmartCraft gauges eliminate the need for loading the panel up with other gauges that only add clutter. We like the lights on the accessory toggles to eliminate ambiguity as to whether or not they are on.

The steering wheel is a bit different. Where we normally see just a plain stainless wheel, this one is wrapped in urethane and that gives it a bit more traction with wet hands, something that is a likely occurrence when out fishing. It’s mounted to a tilt base for better ergonomics and the engine control included a low power setting for docking. To the starboard side of the panel, the test boat was fitted with an optional “smart box” ($390) that has inserts that can hold a smartphone and an iPad with accommodations for charging. This bodes well not only for the Bluetooth functionality of the optional stereo ($1,397) but for those folks that like to use the larger screen of the iPad to take pictures and videos.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless smart box

No worries about keeping valuable phones and tablets protected and charged with this optional “smart box”.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless steering wheel

The steering wheel is wrapped in urethane for a better grip, and notice the added features to the engine control.

Our test boat was fitted with the optional T-top ($7,497) and it’s hard to picture this, or any center console, without one. Shade is such a valuable commodity on any boat and this top provides plenty of it. It’s also among the strongest we’ve seen and the elongated S-curved supports blend in seamlessly to the console -- and not to the deck. It includes a canvas storage bag and four rod holders across the back.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless t top

The optional T-top is one of the strongest we’ve seen in any class. Just look at this support system to see what we mean.

The helm seat is reversible and adjustable so that the 210 Dauntless can actually be operated from the seated position. The seatback has two positions for forward-facing use. This will accommodate both tall and, as in the case of our test captain, short operators. The ergonomics are further addressed with the addition of the tilt wheel and a molded-in footrest beneath the helm station.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless deck plan

The deck plan of the Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless.

Features Inspection

Fishing Features

With any center console, fishing is the first order of business. This class of boat lends itself so well to being a work boat since there’s such easy access to all areas. Drift fishing presents the full beam to the wind, anchoring leaves a wide stern area with plenty of rod holders to present a spread to the fish. Now it’s a matter of adding the tools of the trade to get the job done. Let’s go over some of those tools--

Casting Call

Fishing requires multiple disciplines. Trolling, net casting, bottom fishing, and of course rod casting. With the 210 Dauntless, all are covered quite well. There are two elevated casting decks, one in the bow, and one in the stern. The aft deck has four rod holders, flush-mounted, across the stern.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless aft casting deck

Casting off the stern is accommodated with this aft casting deck. Notice how all the hardware is flush-mounted. Note that the platform around the outboard well is recessed about 2" from the upper platform.

High, wrap-around rails protect the bow casting deck and this makes a good place to either launch a lure or send over a cast net. With the 210 Dauntless carrying its beam so far forward Boston Whaler was able to keep the area spacious enough to ensure that there will be no fumbling for room as fishermen walk about the deck.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless bow casting deck

The bow casting platform offers plenty of room and there’s ample storage in the fishbox just below.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless fish box

The catch of the day can be stored in the forward insulated self-draining fishbox at the bow. Just ahead is an anchor locker with a ring to tie off the bitter end, a channel for the anchor rode to exit, and it is self-draining.

For those fishing with live bait, Boston Whaler has that covered as well. Ahead of the console, and under the forward seat, is a 15-gallon (56.8 L) aerated livewell. As we’d expect, the interior is colored blue to reduce the shock-effect on the bait, and all corners are rounded to prevent the bait from self-damaging. There’s also an interior light and a strut holds the hatch open.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless livewell

The forward console seat conceals the livewell, which is flanked by six rod holders.

Rod Holders are Certainly not Shortchanged on the 210 Dauntless.

At the bow, there are six to either side of the console seat. With the T-top option selected ($7,497), the canvas has rod flaps that open to allow the rods to extend through. These flaps are held open or closed with Velcro.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless velcro flap

A Velcro flap is fitted in the canvas overhead of the T-top to allow the rods to pass through.

Four more rod holders are at the rear of the optional T-top, another four are in the deck of the aft casting platform. Combined with the six at the sides of the forward console seat, that makes a total of 14 rod holders on this 20’6” (6.24 m) boat.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless rod holders

Four rod holders are lining the back of the optional T-top.

Fishing features are further extended with the addition of an optional helm seat ($1,951) that includes a livewell and two additional rod holders while still retaining the reversibility of the seat itself. A tool holder is added to the backside, facing the casting deck. And a raw water washdown is also included.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless helm livewell

A seating option for the helm adds to the fishing features.

Some additional fishing options to consider might be a pair of pedestal seats ($936) and a trolling motor panel ($313) allowing a quick plug-in for a trolling motor that can mount to the molded flat at the bow. Since the standard bow rails come up so high, Boston Whaler makes lower ones optional that are mounted just inside the caprails at no charge. This will make it easier to fish from the bow for the trolling motor set. Fishing is messy so we’d also add the raw water washdown ($484).

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless fishing

Here’s a version rigged for fishing with a trolling motor connected to the optional panel, and lower side rails. A pedestal seat is also available.

Family Features


Boston Whaler did a good job with the family features and in particular, combining them in such a way that they don’t hamper the fishing features.

Seating is an area that needs to be enhanced on any family-friendly boat.

The stern casting deck converts to a bench seat with just a lift of the hand. A pair of gas struts assist in the transition and the bench accommodates three-across seating. There’s storage underneath the seats and that storage is accessed with one hand that can open the port side, or both port and starboard, depending on where that one hand is placed.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless aft bench seat

The aft bench seat is opened with the aid of two stainless gas struts.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless seat storage

One hand accesses the storage underneath one seat…

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless seat storage

…or both, depending on where the hand is placed when lifting.

At the bow, there’s the usual seating just ahead of the console, but Boston Whaler didn’t just add a cooler and put a cushion on top. Here, the seat is molded in with a backrest cushion that forms to the curve of the console. Forward, there are optional cushions that can be placed on top of the casting platform, and included in this package is a filler cushion that turns the forward section into a large sun pad. The aft section, port and starboard of the casting platform folds up, creating a chaise lounge seating arrangement.

An optional bow table is also available, and for anyone planning on serious entertaining aboard we would recommend it.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless console seat

Here we see the bow with the optional cushion package installed. Note the curved backrest cushion on the front of the console.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless optional table

The optional table is recommended for the bow if entertaining is on the boat's agenda.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless reboarding ladder

At the stern, there are the usual swim platforms flanking the outboard. The reboarding ladder is to the starboard side and it’s angled away from the outboard.

The standard helm seat is reversible and includes a shallow storage compartment underneath. Being reversible allows for relaxing while watching the kids swimming off the stern, or sitting and watching the lines. Under it is a 54-quart carry on cooler in the standard configuration. Optional leaning post seating is available in several configurations.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless seating arrangement

This optional seating arrangement has a 25-gallon livewell, raw water washdown, and two rod holders, in addition to the tool rack.


Of course, we have to accommodate watersports, and the 210 Dauntless does it in one of several ways. First, there’s the usual ski tow pylon ($1,415). This is the easiest way to add towing to the day’s plan and it’s removable if desired. For those who want to up the ante a bit, there’s the optional arch ($979) that provides an elevated towing point for wakeboarding or tubing. Lastly, for cranking it up another notch there’s the all-activity tower ($2,066). This combines an elevated tow point with a board rack, rod holders and a poling platform.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless tower

The All Activity tower covers all the bases for nearly everything the 210 Dauntless is capable of, including being a poling platform for skinny-water anglers. Note the rod holders and wakeboard rack.

Refreshments are a staple of any day on the water and here, Boston Whaler accommodates with a 54-quart (51 L) carry-on cooler on a sliding tray under the helm seat. We always appreciate the inclusion of this type of cooler, even over something like a cockpit refrigerator as it’s so much easier to simply load a cooler with food and drinks in the comfort of one's kitchen, and then just bring it all aboard in one swoop and drop it into dedicated storage. Keep the trash in the same holder and then carry it right off at the end of the day.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless carry on cooler

Boston Whaler includes a 54-quart (51 L) carry-on cooler under the helm seat as standard.

However, some may not be the fans that we are of the carry-on cooler and for those, there’s another helm seating option ($1,354) that replaces the cooler and adds more storage along with a tool holder and two additional rod holders to the sides. It’s a variation of the livewell version of the reversible helm seat without the livewell or raw water washdown.

Let the Sun Shine

Sunning is one of the relaxing times that every boat needs to accommodate and with the 210 Dauntless it’s done at the bow. Optional cushions ($966) cover the entire bow area and make the elevated forward deck into a large sun pad that any sun worshipper will want to use as a base of operations. Drink holders are to both sides and the area is completely enclosed with protective rails. A spit bow rail is offered as an option ($267) and facilitates bow boarding.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless bow cushions

The optional bow cushions make the forward deck into a huge sun pad.

There’s also an option for a sun lounge ($3,060) at the bow that eliminates the large storage compartment, but adds the capability for the aft cushions to lift up in chaise lounge fashion creating two-across forward facing seats at the bow.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless chaise lounges

With the sun lounge option, two forward-facing chaise lounge seats are added to the bow.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless split bow rail

An optional split bow rail aids in bow boarding.


No family-friendly boat would be complete without the inclusion of a head. Here, Boston Whaler placed a Porta-Potti on the standards list. It’s accessible from the starboard side of the console and inside there is 4’6” (1.4 m) of overhead clearance inside the compartment. We’d like to see the addition of a pump-out head but none is offered. The door is held open by a magnetic catch, a vast improvement over the useless strap and snap on some other brands.


It’s easy to see the differences that make a Boston Whaler stand out from most boats in class. The 210 Dauntless is more expensive than all boats in its class except for a few other premium boats on the market. That’s because there’s an abundance of quality, not only from an equipment, construction and materials standpoint, but also because of the immense amount of quality engineering that has gone into creating this vessel.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless supports

The supports for the optional T-top blend in seamlessly with the molded console. This eliminates any tripping hazards and prevents the supports from taking up more space between the gunwales and the console.

All Hatches are Held Open with Stainless Steel Gas Struts.

The hatches are back-gelled and gasketed all around. And all compartments are self-draining overboard so not only will they not collect water (unless plugged) they won’t add any mess or slipping hazard by draining onto the cockpit deck.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless stainless struts

All hatches have stainless struts and are self-draining overboard.

All stainless components, short of the gas struts, are 316 grade. The six 8" cleats are not just bolted onto the caprails, but mounted to angled sections of the deck mold and they’re backed with “Whale-board”, a composite material that, Boston Whaler tells us, has three-times the strength of standard aluminum backing plates typically seen on other brands. We’ve checked out this material ourselves and found that the only way to insert a screw into it is to pre-drill a hole. Running a screw continually in the hopes that it self-taps proved fruitless. We also couldn’t bend or break it when placed in a vice and smacked repeatedly with a ball-peen hammer.

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless stainless steel

Boston Whaler uses only 316 grade stainless steel for the rails and cleats. The cleats are mounted to angled areas in the mold and backed with a proprietary material that is stronger than aluminum. Note that the cleat is held with 4 bolts, not two.


Safety is at the forefront of everything Boston Whaler does. Aside from the obvious “Unsinkable Legend” that it’s created for itself, the 210 Dauntless is rife with features that add to its safety. The company says that the freeboard is 20” (51 cm) but we find that the claim is a bit modest and measured 21” (53.3 cm) at the bow slowly tapering to 20” (51 cm) as we move aft. There is no one spot on the 210 Dauntless that one can stand at and not have something within reach to grab onto. We would like to see the addition of removable chains taking up the open space in the rails at midships to both sides and at the bow in the case of the open rail configuration. Any water that gets shipped over the caprails will be quickly sent back overboard thanks to a pair of 2” (5.1 cm) deck drains at the stern. This also aids in making short work of after-trip washdowns.


The 210 Dauntless comes with a base price of $65,342 packaged with a 200 XL L4 DTS Mercury Verado FourStroke outboard.

Options to Consider

Aside from the options already mentioned in this report, there are others to consider.

  • Adding a trailer will tack on another $7,037 onto that base price.
  • Changing over from a standard white hull to a colored hull will add ($1,361) and Boston Whaler offers Desert Tan, Glacier Green or Light Blue.
  • We spend a lot of time at anchor on our boats so we’d add the anchor roller ($313).
  • A bow table ($1,055) is not only good looking but hugely functional in turning the bow area into a more welcome area for snacks or cocktails.
  • Since we’re also saltwater boaters it’s a nice courtesy to rinse off when coming aboard. A freshwater shower ($881) and 12-gallon (45.4 L) tank will serve nicely.
  • Fully loaded with the trailer included, our spec’d out 210 Dauntless ran $86,395 and left us desiring for nothing.

Options We’d Skip...

While options abound for the 210 Dauntless, there are some that we’d pass on. Among them are...

  • Electric Trim Tabs ($1,713). We didn’t have them on our test boat and didn’t miss them. Frankly, this hull is so well dialed in that there’s just no need for them.
  • Unless there’s a plan for using the 210 Dauntless as a yacht tender, we’d pass on the reinforced tow eye ($1,990) that is strong enough to suspend the entire boat from.

Power Choices

Boston Whaler has a unique pricing structure in that the base engine is not the standard engine. This boat comes priced with the 200 Mercury Verado L4 as standard, but opting down to a 150 XL FourStroke will take $2,200 off the price. Conversely, moving up to the 200-hp 6-cylinder L6 supercharged Mercury Verado will add $1,813.


As we have noted, Boston Whalers don't come cheap. But there is one good way to save money when buying this premium brand -- and that is not to buy more boat than one needs. The builder offers a couple of dozen models in six different categories, so it is easy to become confused over which boat is best for any given application. But for those doing mostly inshore and coastal work, and who do not plan to go bluewater fishing in sloppy conditions, the 210 Dauntless might be just the ticket. If so, it is a lot less money than a bigger Dauntless, to say nothing of, say, the 220 Outrage.

It’s not easy to create a boat that does it all, but Boston Whaler sure made a solid run at the title with the 210 Dauntless. Whether fishing in the flats, coastal cruising, engaging in watersports, or just hanging out with friends on the hook, this is a boat that really does do it all. We also found her to be consistent with the handling qualities of the brand and that says a lot. It’s easy to throw features on a boat and send it out the door but for those that demand testing a boat before signing a check, this is a ride that won’t disappoint.