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Prestige Yachts 460 Fly (2017-)

2 x 435-hp Volvo Penta IPS600

Brief Summary

As Prestige Yachts continues to gain momentum and recognition in the North American market, its desire to meet the goals of that client segment continues to grow as well. Such is the case with the new 460 Fly. It’s a natural progression of the evolvement from the previous 450, and there’s not an area that’s untouched with improvements in either size or functionality, or, in most cases, both.

Key Features

  • Designed by Garroni Design and engineered by JP Concepts
  • Enlarged stern platform with outdoor BBQ and teak beach
  • Large L-shaped settee in starboard quarter of the cockpit
  • Standard Teak decking on aft deck
  • Lazarette storage accessed from the end of the bench seat (optional crew quarters with bed and bathroom)
  • Two chaise lounge pads with adjustable leg supports on the bow

Test Results

600 5.1 4.4 0.6 8.5 7.4 2417 2102.1 58
1000 7 6.1 1.9 3.8 3.3 1076 935.7 61
1250 8.6 7.4 3.4 2.5 2.2 715 621.9 66
1500 9.7 8.4 5.6 1.7 1.5 493 428.4 68
1750 10.8 9.3 8.6 1.3 1.1 356 309.1 71
2000 11.7 10.1 11.5 1 0.9 288 250.5 72
2250 14.6 12.7 18.5 0.8 0.7 224 195.2 75
2500 17.2 15 22 0.8 0.7 222 193.3 77
2750 21.1 18.3 25 0.8 0.7 239 208.2 76
3000 26.5 23 28.5 0.9 0.8 264 229.9 78
3250 31.9 27.7 34 0.9 0.8 267 232 78
3500 35.6 31 40.5 0.9 0.8 250 217.4 85
3650 36.7 31.9 44 0.8 0.7 237 206.3 81


Length Overall 46’ 10'' / 14.28 m
Beam 14'1"
4.29 m
Dry Weight 24,983 lbs.
11,332 kg
Tested Weight 28,117 lbs.
12,754 kg
Draft 3'5"
1.05 m
Deadrise/Transom N/A
Max Headroom N/A
Bridge Clearance N/A
Weight Capacity N/A
Person Capacity N/A
Fuel Capacity 316 gal.
1,196 L
Water Capacity 138 gal.
522 L
Total Weight 28,117 lbs.
12,754 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 7.1 sec.
0 to 30 18.7 sec.
Ratio N/A
Props N/A
Load 6 persons, 3/4 load, 1/2 water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 64 deg., 45 humid.; wind: 10-15 mph, seas: 1.5

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 435-hp Volvo Penta IPS600
Std. Power 2 x 370-hp Volvo Penta IPS500
Opt. Power 2 x 435-hp Volvo Penta IPS600

Captain's Report

Contents of Report

Prestige 460 Fly Evolution

The new Prestige 460 is an evolution in the development of the luxury line of yachts from Prestige.


It would be easy to spend this entire report comparing the new 460 Fly to the 450 that she replaces, but that wouldn’t be fair to either yacht. This new model is as different from the 450 as an apple is to an orange.

In making this new design, Prestige not only broke with tradition, it did so in such a way that the 460 is more of a scaled-down 500 than a grown-up 450. She’s got the room and new functionality that clearly says that she has taken many design cues from the company’s larger boats. Let’s see how it came together.

Prestige 460 Fly Two Areas

Two areas that received significant improvement are the cockpit and bow sun pad.

630 and 680 DNA

Prestige took a design cue from its larger boats when building the 460, and that makes sense since it too was designed by Garroni Design and engineered by JP Concepts. Any Prestige aficionado can recognize the characteristic traits that have come to define the brand, which includes the black gel work separating the forward hull side window from the master, giving the illusion of one long, continuous window. Additionally, the salon windows have that pronounced dip that allows for a better line of sight to the horizon from the seated position in the salon. Not only is that last item aesthetically pleasing, it goes a long way towards adding to the comfort level of those who may be less familiar with spending time on the water.

Prestige 460 Fly Characteristic Features

The characteristic features of the Prestige line are easily recognized here in the 460 Fly.

Features Inspection


Prestige made no qualms about extending the swim platform, and in doing so, it was able to add an optional outdoor galley ($9,710) at the transom. It includes an electric grill and freshwater sink, all under a back-gelled hatch held open with gas-assist struts.

Teak decking on the platform is optional. Also optional is the availability of a hydraulic platform ($27,090) with a lift capacity of 507 lbs. (230 kg), making it ideal as a launch point for a PWC. Of course, there are those that just appreciate the convenience of creating a private beach with the submersible platform.

Prestige 460 Fly Hydraulic Option

The platform is offered with a hydraulic option as well as an outdoor galley.

Adding to the functionality of the platform, the outdoor galley, which we usually see as part of the cockpit, is now moved aft to the platform location. Not only is there plenty of room for it here, but it’s a more logical position, as smoke and fumes from cooking will be kept out of the salon areas, and out of the eyes of occupants on the aft deck. This outdoor galley consists of an electric grill and sink with hot and cold running water in addition to food prep space.


The cockpit is accessed from stairs to the port side, and it is here where one of the biggest improvements has taken place. Gone is the forward-facing transom bench seat, and in its place is a massive L-shaped settee tucked into the starboard quarter. This wraps around an optional teak hi-lo pedestal table ($5,490) that allows the settee to convert into a sun pad. Teak decking is standard. A hatch in the deck leads to the engine room.

Prestige 460 Fly Expansive Layout

With L-shaped seating, Prestige was able to create a more expansive layout to the cockpit. Notice how the steps to the side deck remain intact.

Prestige 460 Fly Sun Pad

With the table lowered and a cushion on top, a sun pad is created.

What’s important to note is that while Prestige made the conversion to the popular L-shaped settee, the sheer volume of space in the cockpit allowed the design team to also keep the access to the starboard side deck intact. Typically, we see where a builder needs to cheat a bit and put the access step under a removable cushion, but here, there’s no need for such compromising. The step is ahead of the seat, not integrated into it.

There’s an available option for an electrically actuated awning ($7,160) that can extend from the aft end of the extended flying bridge. And the entire cockpit can be optioned for a full enclosure ($5,610), making for a true three-season space.

From an operational perspective, we’d recommend the optional cockpit IPS joystick ($5,990). While there is good visibility to the stern by looking down the stairs from the flying bridge helm, this will allow a premium vantage point when backing into a slip.

Captain’s Cabin

Now one other thing before we head to the foredeck. At the entry to the cockpit, and at the end of the bench seat, the cushion lifts to provide access to a cavernous lazarrette. It’s so large that Prestige offers an option for turning this into the captain’s cabin ($9,630) for owners that choose to hire out that chore. For others, it serves well when frequented by an extra guest. It features a single berth and a private wet head. A Pullman berth might be a nice option for Prestige to consider for adding a second person to this cabin.

Prestige 460 Fly Cockpit Bench Seat

The captain’s cabin is accessed from the end of the bench seat in the cockpit.

Prestige 460 Fly Captain's Cabin Access

The captain’s cabin is accessed from under the end of the cockpit seating. Stairs lead into the cabin and storage is along the aft bulkhead.


Now that we have unencumbered access to the bow, it’s worth noting that there have been some significant changes to the forward lounges. The usual ho-hum sun pads fixed to the trunk cabin are now replaced with a pair of chaise lounge pads that also have adjustable leg supports. This marks a huge improvement in comfort, and if the sun gets to be too much, an optional cabana awning ($2,840) lifts from a flush position at the back of the lounges with nothing to pull out of storage and assemble. The center pad is removable so that we can still opt for keeping the natural light streaming into the forward VIP stateroom below.

Prestige 460 Fly Chaise Lounge Position

Here we can see how the bow converts to chaise lounge position and even adds support under the legs. Behind we can make out the frame for the pop-up cabana. Those side decks are available as teak.

Flying Bridge

Prestige 460 Fly Flying Bridge Layout

The flying bridge layout shows a port-side helm console, in line with the stairs for visibility to the stern. A sun pad is to port and abaft is an L-shaped settee.

Prestige 460 Fly Teak Tread Stairs

The 460 flying bridge is accessed from a set of standard teak tread stairs to the port side of the cockpit. This exterior position allows for even more room to the interior, and since there’s so much available space in the cockpit, it doesn’t impinge on the entertainment space whatsoever.

Prestige went with a helm located forward and to port, and it is as much a functional helm as the lower station. And, as with the lower station, the helm seat is not quite a double-wide; over-wide would be an appropriate term.

The main social center of the flying bridge is located aft and to starboard at an L-shaped settee. Just ahead and to starboard, between this settee and the sun pad, is a console with an optional galley ($6,240) with electric grill and sink under a covered top. Storage and refrigeration is in a cabinet below. An optional Bimini top ($5,770) will ensure that guests will enjoy, rather than endure, their day on the flybridge.


Prestige 460 Fly Galley Location

As we move into the interior of the yacht, the galley is centrally located between the salon and cockpit.

The galley is located aft on the main deck, and this location cements the intent of it being the entertainment hub of the yacht. All high-end appliances are used, and the main food prep is to starboard while the refrigeration is to port. Storage is just ahead of the refrigerator in a small cabinet, and this takes the place of the private access to the master stateroom, but more on that later. Opt up for black countertops for $1,930.

Prestige 460 Fly Centrally Located Galley

The galley is centrally located on the main deck and occupies both sides of the yacht.


The salon is two steps up from the galley deck. An L-shaped settee to port wraps around either a fixed or electrically-actuated hi-lo pedestal table ($2,680) allowing for conversion to a berth. A freestanding ottoman is at the aft section and it adds not only seating but storage as well. Simply lift the cushion to expose the interior.

One important note is that this settee area is on the same level as the main salon deck. Typically, we see this on an elevated platform, but that’s not necessary here. As previously mentioned, Prestige has a defined deck line to the exterior that drops at the bottom of the main windows to provide the needed visibility. Additionally, her high freeboard negates the need to compromise to add more headroom to the stateroom below.

Prestige 460 Fly Movable Ottoman

With the movable ottoman, versatility is enhanced with the seating area. Blinds are included and can be electrically actuated as an option.

Prestige 460 Fly Table Lowered

With the table lowered, filler cushions will create a berth. Notice how the settee is on the same level as the salon proper.

Across to starboard is a two-person loveseat, again with storage underneath. As for fit and finish, choose from either the standard Mahogany interior or in the new Grey Oak ($8,400) interior that was rolled out last year on the 500 and 550. Additional options include the 24" (61cm) LED TV, radio with MP3 connectivity, and DVD player, all with sound delivered through the Bose Acoustimass 3 system.

There are several choices for upholstery. Upgraded fabric coverings ($1,340) are available in Marlin Pure White, Linen Libeco Grey, Linen Libeco Sand, Linen Libeco Oyster, and Casamance Platine. Upgrade further to Alcantara ($5,430), which is a suede-like material in either Dove Grey, Eggshell or Amber Glow. Finally, there’s Nubuck Leather ($8,400) offered in Stone or Choco and Leather Devon ($8,400) in Choco, Beige, or White.


Ahead and to starboard is the lower helm station. Prestige did an amazing job of continuing the premium air of the 460 by creating a helm console that is as elegant as it is functional. A pair of optional 12” (30.5 cm) screens occupy the main panel, and air vents are to the outside of both, ensuring that the greenhouse effect from the huge surrounding glass is negated. We’re also happy to see that a windshield defogger is included as standard.

Between the two displays is the manual control for the hybrid touch displays, which we would like to see moved back to share the space at the sub-panel with the engine controls and joystick. That would allow the displays to be manipulated from the seated position.

Naturally, the digital engine controls include features such as single lever and cruise assist as available options. The IPS joystick will make the 460 as maneuverable around the dock as a bowrider, so those transitioning from a smaller boat will feel right at home handling the 460.

That said, we’ve also found that a bow thruster ($6,360) enhances that maneuverability and allows for moving only the bow without pivoting the entire boat. Another option worth considering would be the Dynamic Positioning System that allows for holding both positions and heading at the touch of a button. We highly recommend the electric opening side window ($5,200) to add to the visibility when docking and cross ventilation when the air conditioning is not necessary.

Prestige 460 Fly Dash Layout

The new dash layout is elegant and functional with twin screens. The lower panel houses the engine screens and switch panels. To the right, the engine controls and IPS joystick are on a sub-panel.

To the lower panel is the autopilot control panel, the windlass control with chain counter ($551), and the EVC engine display screen. To the right are the trim tabs and remote spotlight joystick.

Ergonomics are given equal consideration. Two beverage holders are to the left of the console. The wheel is mounted to a tilt base. Below, footrests are both high and low for comfort while seated or standing.

As for the electronics, Prestige packages a Raymarine suite ($29,270) that features the dual ES125 Multifunction GPS screens and a single ES127 on the flybridge, the Volvo engines interface, the Gyro EV-2 autopilot for IPS, a Quantum Radar, and a 260 Ray dual station VHF.

Prestige 460 Fly Efficient and Maneuverable

IPS pod drives provide the efficiency and maneuverability demanded of a yacht in this class.

Lower Deck

Prestige 460 Fly Lower Deck Layout

As we move to the lower deck, we see that the Prestige 460 has a two-stateroom, two-head layout. The accommodations are accessed from a single companionway. An optional crew cabin is to the stern.

Master Stateroom

The accommodations deck is accessed from a central companionway adjacent to the helm. Here is another major departure from what we’ve come to expect from Prestige. Previous models had a separate and private entrance to the master stateroom, but while that was a unique feature, it ate up volumes of space in the stateroom and galley. It was time to move forward -- literally.

With the single companionway access to the main deck, Prestige is now able to not only offer a full-beam master stateroom that occupies nearly 60% of the lower deck, but it can also put the king-sized master berth where it belongs: in the sweet spot of the hull’s centerline, thereby minimizing movement for its occupants.

Prestige 460 Fly Master Stateroom

The master stateroom is full beam with plenty of space for moving about.

Above the center-mounted bed is a decorative ceiling with LED lighting. Built-in nightstands are to both sides. Hull side windows bathe the stateroom in natural light, and opening portlights allow for cross ventilation.

To the port side is a chest of drawers built into the bulkhead. The top center drawer doubles as a vanity with a flip-up mirror and compartmentalized storage underneath. To starboard is a settee just under the hull side window offering enticing views of the waterfront. Owners can opt for a 24" (61 cm) LED TV and the Bose Acoustimass 3 sound system to the forward bulkhead. An owner’s safe can also be added ($700).

Prestige 460 Fly Vanity and Drawers

Among the storage drawers is this clever vanity, convenient to the seated position on the bed.

VIP Stateroom

The VIP is located forward and is in the usual configuration of an island berth accessible from both sides. Here, however, we seem to have more than ample access to both sides of the berth with wide steps allowing for more comfortable transitions.

Those wide steps are by design, as they also accommodate the berth separating in scissor fashion for occupancy by two people that may not be a couple, such as siblings. This sort of versatility seems to be a theme that is repeated throughout the 460.

The long hull side windows are accompanied by lengthy overhead skylights to flood the stateroom in natural light. Storage is all around. Padded bolsters line the foot of the berth, ensuring that nighttime excursions to the head will not be painful to the legs. A 24" (61 cm) LED TV is optional.

Prestige 460 Fly VIP Berth

The VIP berth offers plenty of room to both sides for stepping up to the berth. Notice the windows to the sides and skylights above.

Prestige 460 Fly Seperated Berths

With the berths separated, a pair of twin-sized berths are created.

Climate Control Options

While the entire yacht includes reverse cycle air and heat, for those operating in more extreme latitudes, there are options for boosting climate control accordingly. Opt for the Mediterranean Air Conditioning ($49,230), the Tropical Air Conditioning ($58,210), or the Extra Tropical Air Conditioning to either include the captain’s cabin ($63,710) or exclude the captain’s cabin ($49,230) for when that area is used as a lazarrette.

Prestige 460 FlyPrestige 460 FlyPrestige 460 FlyPrestige 460 Fly

Power Choices

Prestige is well bonded with Volvo Penta, and since the 460’s hull design is optimized for the IPS system, that’s a win for the customer. She can be powered with either the standard twin 370-hp IPS 500s or optional 435-hp 600s ($28,000). These are connected to jackshafts, which put the pods further aft from the engine space. In this manner, the weight and balance of the 460 is better maintained for a more relaxed ride, more level running altitude and minimal bow rise upon acceleration.

Prestige 460 Fly IPS Engines

Here we can see how the IPS engines are connected via a jackshaft. This brings the pods further back for better performance while not interfering with the weight and balance of the 460.

Pricing and Options

The new Prestige 460 Fly comes with a base price of $723,400, which puts it well below competing boats. This should not come as a surprise to anyone familiar with any brand built under the umbrella of Groupe Beneteau. There are so many advantages to having such massive buying power and efficient building techniques, and time after time we’ve seen how those savings get passed on to the end-user.

Prestige 460 Fly

The 460 Fly's upper helm.

Options to consider include the Excellence Package ($18,670) that includes a forward sun pad mattress with cover, cockpit bench cover (white), electric trim tabs, Glendinning cable management system, the Bose Acoustimass 3 audio system in the salon, and a microwave oven and Vitroceramic cooktop in the galley.

A 13.5 kW generator is standard, but if long times away from the dock are planned, then it might be wise to opt up to a second 13.5 kW ($28,590) genset, especially if the optional washer and dryer ($3,780) and dishwasher ($1,770) are ordered.

Prestige 460 Fly Sedan Version

The Prestige 460's flybridge helm offers good visibility when docking in a marina.

As we prepared to get underway, our captain chose the flybridge helm for the visibility it afforded in the tight confines of our marina. But then it started to rain, and he doesn’t like to get wet, so down below he went. In actuality, the visibility was just as outstanding there as well, and we could better see the crew taking the lines off. While they were doing that, just a few taps of the IPS joystick held us in position nicely, and then we were on our way.

The IPS joystick made short work of our departure, and, frankly, it was rather comfortable with the stick falling right to the fingertips, promoting the gentle touch IPS requires.


The Prestige 460 has a length overall of 46'10" (14.29 m), a beam of 14'1" (4.29 m), and a draft of 3'7" (1.09 m). With an empty weight of 24,983 lbs. (11,332 kg), 75% fuel, and six people on board, we had an estimated test weight of 28,117 lbs. (12,754 kg).

The twin 435-hp Volvo Penta IPS 600 engines spooled up to 3650 rpm; we reached our top speed of 31.9 knots. Best cruise came in at 3250 rpm and 27.7 knots. At that speed, the 34 gph fuel burn translated into .8 nautical miles per gallon and a range of 232 nautical miles while still holding back a 10% reserve of the boat’s 316-gallon (1,196 L) total fuel capacity.

Prestige 460 Fly

The 460 Fly had a top speed of 31.9 knots while best cruise was 27.7 knots at 3250 during our test.


As for handling, advancing the throttles brought us up on plane in 7.1 seconds. We reached 20 mph in 9.4 seconds and 30 mph in 18.7 seconds.

We had calm conditions during our test day, so we can't comment on how she handles in heavy seas, but we did notice she had the maneuverability and responsiveness of a much smaller yacht. She’s quite responsive to the helm while still having the typical IPS characteristic of wide arcing turns. With the speed brought down, the turning radius of pods increases, and accordingly the 460 will make tighter turns. Regardless, she still only rolls roughly 10 degrees into the turns, keeping everything comfortable throughout.


When it came time to return to the dock, the IPS joystick system made short work of the tight confines, and we were easily able to maneuver back into place with little fanfare. Clearly, anyone will feel comfortable operating the system; the ease of maneuverability will make it easier to transition up from a smaller boat.


With this new 460 Fly, the improvements in design in nearly all areas of the yacht signals that Prestige is serious about competing not only in the world market but in the demanding and highly critical North American market as well. Each area where improvements were made directly resulted from listening to its customers and delivering on its promise to bring the best it can at the best price possible. In our opinion, it’s mission accomplished.

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