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Sea Fox Pro Series 226CC (2011-)
(w/ Currently no test numbers)

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Brief Summary

There are over 50 companies building center console boats, so when we report on them we must pick and choose which ones we think are deserving of our readers' confidence and cash. Sea Fox is a brand that has an MSRP at the mid-to-low side of the spectrum – a place where we sometimes find boats and organizations that don't inspire faith, so we give them a pass. Considering what we have seen, we think Sea Fox deserves to be in a very esteemed category – strong, well-built boats that are affordable and have a good value.

Key Features


Length Overall 22' 4''
6.7 m
Beam 8' 6''
2.59 m
Dry Weight 2,700 lbs.
1,224 kg.
Tested Weight N/A
Draft TBA
- Draft Up N/A
- Draft Down N/A
- Air Draft N/A
Deadrise/Transom 19 deg.
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance 8' 2''
2.5 m
Weight Capacity N/A
Person Capacity N/A
Fuel Capacity 122 gal.
462 L
Water Capacity N/A
Length on Trailer N/A
Height on Trailer N/A
Trailer Weight N/A
Total Weight
(Trailer, Boat, & Engine)

Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.

Engine Options

Std. Power Not Available
Tested Power Currently no test numbers
Opt. Power Not Available
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Captain's Report

Sea Fox 226CC
The new Sea Fox Pro Series 226CC has an MSRP of $45,995 powered by a single Yamaha F200 and with a list of standard items that should make some boat builders embarrassed. Photo courtesy of Ocean Marine Group.

The Company

We think the most important aspect of any boat is its builder’s top management. The culture, attitude and approach to boat building all starts at the top and rolls downhill – be it positive or negative – no matter what the glowing words on the website and in the brochures say. That's why we are encouraged by the ownership and management structure at Sea Fox. The company was founded in 1995 by Fred Renken, who came from a boat-building family with nearly 50 years of experience.

Sea Fox 226CC
The console is pretty standard, but putting the ice chest under the helm seat instead of in front of the console is a good idea.

The Renken family always built affordable boats and that orientation has had a strong influence on the direction of Sea Fox.Now the company is owned by five men in their 30s and 40s, all of whom work every day at the company in key positions. The owners are Fred Renken, President; Jeff DeBar, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing; David Brown, Vice President of Finance; Ryan Balderson, Vice President of New Product Development; and Chris Nemeth, Vice President of Operations. Most of these men have been working at the company for 10 years, if not from the beginning. When owners and management alike are deeply involved with the design, construction, sales and service of a brand, it stands to reason that they take the brand's reputation and success in the field quite seriously.

Sea Fox 226CC
Depending on whether you are a fisherman or family out cruising, the lockers under the aft bench seat can be a fish box or gear storage.

The Mission

In building the new Sea Fox Pro Series 226CC the company wanted a boat that would address the needs of fishermen and be able to go offshore. Vice President of New Product Development Ryan Balderson told us that he expects to be taking the boat 40 to 50 miles offshore for his weekend fishing. The boat was also designed with the family in mind, so as many comfortable seats as possible were put into the boat with the added bonus of seat cushions as standard equipment. The 226CC also fills out Sea Fox's line of ten center consoles ranging in size from 16’ to 28’. As with all Sea Fox boats the mission was to make the boat durable, dependable and affordable.

Sea Fox 226CC
All the cushions you see in this boat are standard. Note the recessed grab rails just like the high-end boats.

Unique Features

It is nearly impossible to find many features on a center console that are unique. When a good new idea comes out, it is usually copied by other builders within weeks, if not days. However, we were impressed by the number of items that are standard equipment on the 226CC. Of course, its biggest unique feature is its low price.

Sea Fox 226CC
The ABYC standards-obligatory swim ladder with handhold. Note there is no cover on the ladder as many builders provide. Also, at the left, is a standard plastic hatch that Sea Fox buys by the thousands rather than manufacturing a custom fiberglass hatch. These are two ways the builder takes cost out of the boat.


When a price is so much lower than many other boats on the market, consumers quite naturally – and quite rightly – ask themselves what the builder has left out. We put that very question to Ryan Balderson and we were impressed with the straightforward answer. First, Balderson told us, “Sea Fox follows a laminate schedule for the hull that is standard in the industry for the center console type. This boat has seven layers of fiberglass in its bottom." Balderson went on to explain that the bottom was solid fiberglass, but that in the hull sides a foam core material was used with fewer layers of glass.

Sea Fox 226CC
The T-top is optional but we suggest everyone get either this or a bimini. Clearance on both sides of the center console is actually better than it appears in this photo.

The first thing we check when we are investigating a new boat is its displacement. That one measurement tells us more about the boat than anything else. In checking other 22' center consoles, we see quite a disparity in dry weight – from about 2,200 lbs. (997 kgs.) to 3,200 lbs. (1,451 kgs.). That is a whopping 45% difference! The dry weight of the Sea Fox 226CC is 2,700 lbs. (1,224 kgs.), which is exactly in the middle between the heaviest and the lightest boat in size and type from well-known brand names.

Sea Fox 226CC
Inside the head compartment, behind the instrument console, you find the boat's wiring covered by a piece of canvas using snaps and Velcro rather than a custom-made hatch. By doing little, nonstructural, substitutions such as this the builder has contained costs.

Because Sea Fox is located in Moncks, South Carolina, it is blessed with a steady workforce, rather than one that is constantly rotating as happens in some parts of the country. The prices also reflect a competitive labor rate found in many locations of the deep South. Sea Fox also does not make a liner for the 226CC inside the head compartment, but instead lines it with ‘monkey fur’. Also, inside the console, the builder uses canvas covers over the back of the instrument panel instead of a more typical fiberglass or plastic hatch. These are a couple of examples of how Sea Fox cuts down on cost without affecting the sea-keeping abilities of the boat.

Sea Fox 226CC
Every fishing boat should have a place for a 5-gallon bucket and the 226CC has one made to order in the bow.

We are told that all Sea Fox hulls and decks are weighed after lamination to makes sure they are within their weight tolerance.


Perhaps the most important factor of all bearing on the finished price of the boat, according to Balderson, is how the boat is designed in the first place. "Our designer makes CAD drawings of the boat and all of its molded fiberglass parts," Balderson said, "and they are carefully designed to go together easily, without much labor."Once a boat’s lines have been drawn they are sent to Donald L. Blunt and Associates for its scrutiny. Donald L. Blunt and Associates is an internationally-recognized naval architecture, marine engineering, and yacht design firm that is used by many of the country's leading boat builders. It probably has a better handle on the performance characteristics of small boats than nearly any marine design firm. Sea Fox's use of Donald L. Blunt and Associates is reassuring and means their boats are not just something that were designed on a napkin over a few beers after a day of fishing. Donald L. Blunt and Associates also takes the designers, CAD drawings for the boat, feeds them into its own computer software that then directs its five-axis routers to make the plugs for all of Sea Fox's tooling. "The plugs we get from DLB are all so precise," says Balderson, "that our parts fit perfectly, giving us a good fit everywhere."

Sea Fox 226CC
This photo gives you a better idea of side clearance, which was so ample we did not think to measure it. Note the descending sheer on the left, a la Rybovich.

The 226CC hull features a Carolina Flair and downward progressive strakes that guarantee an extra dry ride in rough seas. The sleek stem rake design in the bow and subtle raise in the sheer line gives the 226CC some of the prettiest lines in its class. This innovative 22-footer promises comfortable and dry blue-water fishing for anglers and their families.

Cockpit Details

Because the 226CC was intended for use as a fishing and family utility boat you see standard features for both activities. All the basic fisherman friendly options you need are here: a 40-gallon, rounded-blue live well is in the port quarter; there is a fish box under the bench seat across the transom, and another in the bow; there are rod holders in the gunwales, and of course rocket launchers.

Sea Fox 226CC
Under the seats forward there are compartments than can be used for fish or gear. Note the drain in the aft corner of the nicely finished compartment.

In the stern we measured a cockpit depth of 23.5" (59.6 cm).For the family, cushions come as standard equipment for all the seats, including the ones forward in the bow, making this somewhat of a bow rider. The most comfortable seats in the house are across the transom. Underneath them is storage. The ubiquitous cooler which is normally put in front of the center console is instead placed under the helm seating. We like this arrangement because it makes it easier to grab drinks from the ice chest while underway, when most people are sitting or standing at the helm or behind.The helm arrangement and the instrument panel are fairly standard.

Sea Fox 226CC
The forefoot is a very sharp deadrise to cut through green ones. Note the Carolina flare, which we are seeing on more and more center consoles each year.

The door on the port side to the head compartment is 15.5" (39.3 cm) and 35.5" (90.1 cm) high. That is a bit tight for big guys, but we know one who was able to squeeze inside and measure the headroom – 57" (1.46 m) which provided very comfortable sitting headroom above the portable toilet.

Power Options

The Sea Fox Pro Series 226CC can be equipped with a Yamaha F150 or F200. A spokesperson for the factory told us that the boat will go 43 miles per hour with the F150. He also said that one of the Sea Fox dealers is selling the 226CC with a F150 for $39,995. Powered by a F200, the boat we saw at the 2011 Miami International Boat Show had a price of $45,995. Typically 22' center consoles are powered by 200-horsepower engines, but we have tested some with 225 and even 250 horsepower.

Pros and Cons

First the cons. ‘Monkey fur’ is the fuzzy white material that low price-point builders used to put inside their cuddies to cover the raw fiberglass inside. It is a 1970s thing that we thought had become extinct. We guess it's just endangered. We understand that making a fiberglass interior liner for the console will drive the cost and the weight up, but there must be a better solution. Perhaps just spraying the inside with gel coat would do the job.

Sea Fox 226CC
This photo taken inside the head compartment shows the offending "monkey fur." It looks okay now, but what will it look like in five years? Nevertheless, it saves tooling costs, material and weight. The console molding fits down on the deck and is sealed with chemical adhesive.

In our opinion the cockpit scuppers are on the small side. We’d like to see large scuppers or a transom door that swings out so that the cockpit can be quickly dewatered in case of swamping. Now the pros. After the price, we were impressed with the bow flare which should keep the cockpit dry in all but the windiest conditions. We also liked the fact that Sea Fox has a five year limited warranty specifically against hull blistering. This is a remarkable warranty and one that many high-end boat builders won't match. Sea Fox also has a limited lifetime warranty on the hull. This is not so unusual, but nevertheless we like to see it because it means the builder has great confidence in their product.

Sea Fox 226CC
This is the hatch to the head compartment in the console. It measures 15.5" wide at the top. Sea Fox uses this plastic hatch in many of its models and therefore can buy hundreds at volume prices from its vendor. Savings like this all over the boat add up.


We like the Sea Fox Pro Series 226CC and think that the manufacturer has made the right compromises between high-grade finish and cost (except for the monkey fur). Because of the design process we have confidence in the hull. If you are looking for an affordable center console, you should definitely be looking at the Sea Fox Pro Series 226CC.

Standard and Optional Features

Marine Electronics

GPS/Chart Optional


Battery Charger/Converter Optional
CD Stereo Optional
Trim Tabs Standard
Washdown: Fresh Water Optional
Washdown: Raw Water Standard

Exterior Features

Hardtop Optional
Outlet: 12-Volt Acc Standard


Bimini Top Optional


Hull Warranty
Limited Lifetime

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