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Trophy 2203 Center Console (2011-)

Brief Summary

Trophy tells us that ride, range, and fishability are at the heart and soul of their 2203 Center Console. Okay, we’ll buy that, but over 70 builders of nearly 1,000 other center consoles tell us pretty much the same thing. After taking a good look at the new Trophy 2203 CC we’d say it’s got everything you need without a lot of the frills and things you don’t need. It’s a solid boat with a price that is low enough that if you take a pass on fishing a weekend or two, you aren’t going to feel guilty just letting the boat sit. In our book that kind of relationship with one’s boat is what makes for fun boating. At 22’6” she’s a good size for short runs to the shoals or long runs offshore in decent weather. Join us as we take a look at some of the stand-out features of this new functional center console from Trophy.

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