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Tahoe 210S (2021-)

1 x 200-hp Mercury FourStroke

Brief Summary

The 210S is the outboard version of Tahoe’s 700 model. She’s 6” (15.24 cm) longer than the 700 and is a new boat from the keel up. Her interior is designed to take advantage of the extra space the outboard affords.

Test Results

600 3.4 2.9 0.6 6.1 5.3 247 214.5 60.2
1000 4.9 4.3 1 5.2 4.5 209 181.6 66.8
1500 6.7 5.8 1.6 4.2 3.6 170 147.5 65
2000 9.1 7.9 3.1 3 2.6 121 105.1 70
2500 16 13.9 4 4 3.5 164 142.2 73.5
3000 25.7 22.3 5.4 4.8 4.1 193 167.6 78
3500 30 26 7.2 4.2 3.6 168 146.5 80
4000 36.3 31.6 8.8 4.1 3.6 167 145.3 80
4500 41.8 36.3 10.6 4 3.4 160 139.4 85
5000 46.2 40.2 15.4 3 2.6 122 105.7 88
5400 50.9 44.2 16.6 3.1 2.7 124 107.9 89


Length Overall 21’5”
6.52 m
Beam 8’4”
2.54 m
Dry Weight 3,225 lbs.
1,462.83 kg
Tested Weight 4,263 lbs.
1,933.66 kg
Draft 32”
81 cm
Deadrise/Transom 20 degrees
Bridge Clearance 4'2"
1.27 m
Weight Capacity 2,500 lbs.
1,133.98 kg
Person Capacity 10
Fuel Capacity 45 gallons
170.34 L
Total Weight 4,263 lbs.
1,933.66 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 3.1 seconds
0 to 30 7.6 seconds
Props 13.8 x 20
Load 2 persons; 25% fuel; 50 lbs. gear
Climate 64 deg.; 20 humid.; winds: 8-15; seas: 2

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x 200-hp Mercury FourStroke

Captain's Report

New to the Tahoe lineup is the 210S, taking the 700 model and giving her not only an outboard engine but a completely new design.


New to the Tahoe lineup is the 210S, taking the 700 model and giving her not only an outboard engine but a completely new design. 

Major Features

  • The U-lounge provides spacious seating and storage with an integrated cooler.
  • Bow lounges with molded-in storage in the seat bases.
  • Walk-through tempered safety glass windshield with black powder-coated aluminum frame.
  • Molded brow on starboard console with electronics connectivity below.
  • Powerglide hull design with reverse chine and Hydrostep strakes for increased overall performance.
  • Custom-fit, tandem-axle trailer powder coated with Galvashield impact corrosion and chip protection.


The 210S is available with a single outboard up to 225 hp. Our test boat had a 200-hp Mercury FourStroke turning a 13.8" x 20" (35.05 cm x 50.8 cm) propeller. Winding up the engine to 5400 rpm, we hit a top speed 50.9 mph. We recorded best economic cruise at 3000 rpm and 25.7 mph. At that speed, the 5.4 gph fuel burn translated into 4.8 mpg and a range of 193 statute miles with 10% reserve of the boat’s 45-gallon (170.34 L) total fuel capacity held in reserve. In acceleration tests, the 210S planed in 3.1 seconds and darted to 20 mph in 4.8 seconds, 30 in 7.6 and 40 in 11.2. Minimum planing speed as 13.0 mph.


The 210S rides on Tahoes' proven Powerglide hull that has a deep V at the bow, six Hydrostep lifting strakes and reverse chines. The V flattens out as it extends aft to 20 degrees at the transom. One thing that sets apart Tahoes from many bowriders is that the strakes run full length. Most boats in this size and category have four strakes and the inner set usually end short of the transom. The six strakes and reverse chines provide more consistent lift throughout the running surface, making the 210S a joy to drive. She carves turns precisely and holds her line, which makes drivers and passengers alike feel comfortable and secure inside.  The 210S cut through our camera boat's wake with ease and was responsive to the throttle input. 

Available Engines


  • 150 XL Pro XS FourStroke
  • 200 XL FourStroke
  • 200 XL FourStroke Cold Fusion White
  • 225 XL FourStroke
  • 225 XL FourStroke Cold Fusion White
  • 225 XL FourStroke Cold Fusion White with DTS Controls
  • 225 Pro XS FourStoke with DTS Controls

Boat Inspection


Let’s start our features inspection in the bow, which is accessed through a 20”-wide (50.8 cm) walkthrough and an opening center section of the windshield. There’s U-shaped seating with four beverage holders, two connectivity ports and two of the six Kicker speakers on board. The bow cushion secures with a track and bead plus two snap-down straps beneath the side cushions, meaning it won’t fly out when the boat is running down the lake or being towed over the road. Each outboard lounge cushion is hinged, and the lockers beneath them are fully finished. The openings have perimeter channels to route water away from the self-draining compartments. The backrests on each side lift up to provide access to storage as well as to the dash rigging to starboard and amplifier for the upgraded stereo to port.

There are seven stainless-steel 6” (15.24 cm) pull-up cleats throughout the boat. An upgrade from the 700 model is a conveniently-located centerline cleat at the bow, right behind the recessed nav lights on the 210S.

The bow seat cushion is removable and can create a non-skid step for boarding. Underneath the step is a hatch leading to the anchor locker.

Under the front seat in the bow is an anchor locker with a dedicated rack for a Danforth anchor.

The bow is accessed through a 20”-wide (50.8 cm) walkthrough. It includes wraparound seating with a 17” (43.18 cm) footwell. Padded bolsters are nearly all the way around with the exception of the two sides where there are grab handles and speakers.

Tahoe offers an optional filler cushion and backrest to create a large bow sunpad.

Under the port and starboard bow seats are storage compartments. All storage compartments in the 210S are finished and self-draining. This is a representative example of the fit-and-finish coming from Tahoe.

Under the port seatback is additional storage. With a stereo upgrade, this will house an amplifier.

There are two more beverage holders with connectivity alongside each of the bow lounge seats.

Behind the starboard seatback, there’s access behind the helm console. A fire extinguisher can also be stored here.


The cockpit is the main social area on the 210S and with good reason. Tahoe designed a large amount of space while maintaining seating all the way around. Arranged in an octagonal pattern, the seating includes two aft-facing lounges, two corner seats and an aft bench. At the leading edge of the seats on each side are backrests so passengers can sit upright while facing aft and have something to lean against. Courtesy lights are used throughout and a side-mounted pedestal table can be added to increase the functionality. Cockpit storage includes a ski locker in between the consoles, compartments under all the bottom cushions including a dedicated spot for a carry-on cooler to starboard and deep drop-in lockers in the aft corners. For protection from the sun, the 210S comes with a color-matched bimini top.

The Consoles

The port console has a glove box that is all-molded on the inside and has a choice of connectivity ports. There's also a tray on the left and the stereo control in the center. To starboard, the helm has an upholstered eyebrow with a cell-phone holder in the center. Working from the left to right, the analog gauge complement includes a volt meter, speedometer with an integrated fuel gauge, tachometer with a built-in trim indicator and water pressure. To reduce glare, Tahoe uses black-faced gauges set in a flat black panel. The key switch is to the left of the steering wheel with all the accessory switches to the right. The driver and a companion travel in bucket seats that swivel and adjust fore and aft and have fold-up bolsters.

A welcome addition to the new 210S is the amount of LED courtesy lighting throughout the boat, even in some storage areas.

The 210S comes standard with a wraparound tempered glass windshield. We felt it was a little low and created a bit of a viewing problem when coming up onto plane. A half windscreen version is optional. The 210S also includes driver and passenger bucket-style seats that slide, swivel and have flip-up bolsters.

There’s a large center deck storage with a dedicated rack for the tow pylon. This hatch is gas strut assisted and, just like the rest of the storage on this boat, this one is finished all the way around.

The helm on the 210S comes standard with analog engine gauges, a center cellphone holder with a securing strap and a soft-touch dash that is actually a storage compartment with connectivity. Tahoe added a nice feature to the cellphone holder by adding a notch on the bottom for the charging wire.

The standard push button switches are lighted when activated.

The port side console comes with lockable glove storage, a small cubby, a stereo and a cellphone holder. Notice the glove box lid has cord notches for a phone charging cord.

Inside the glove box is a cellphone charger, connectivity, courtesy light and cargo net.

The cockpit of the 210S comes with a standard color-matched Bimini top.

The key to her roominess is this cockpit, which has octagonal-like seating. The two aft-facing lounges have removable seatbacks. Angled corner seats are added and a forward-facing center seat combines to make a friendly social zone.

Adding another nice touch to the social area of the 210S is a side mount pedestal table. It has dedicated storage under the aft starboard side seat.

The seatbacks for the port and starboard side seating are removable and can be easily stowed almost anywhere throughout the boat.

The forward seat has one of our favorite features on this boat… a cargo net storage underneath that Tahoe calls its “Catch-All” space for tossing in the myriad of items that guests bring aboard.

The Stern

The center backrest of the aft bench seat is hinged and folds up to facilitate passage to the 210S' stern. Swim platforms extend aft on each side of the outboard engine and there's a four-step ladder to starboard. There's also a threaded socket for the standard aluminum ski-tow pylon that extends above the outboard. When it's not being used, the pylon stores in a dedicated rack in the ski locker. An optional watersports tower is available. 

The center cushion is removable and reveals a 16” wide (40.64 cm) nonskid step 13” (33.02 cm) off the deck. The seatback opens on hinges to reveal a 14” (35.56 cm) walkthrough to the 27” (68.58 cm) deep stern platform.

The cockpit comes with a wide wraparound bolster. Under the port and starboard side bolster are a Kicker speaker and stainless-steel handrail.

An optional 25-quart (23.66 L) carry-on cooler stows under the forward seat and is held in place with a cargo net. The seat just behind has storage underneath with a cutout for a Rubbermaid trash receptacle and this joins with the next seat. Under the corner seat is dedicated storage for the cockpit table.

Both port and starboard quarter storage compartments behind the seats come with removable mesh bags inside. They’re removable and easy to take home when filled with wet towels.

The Tahoe 210S comes with a removable tow pylon. It has dedicated storage in the center in-deck compartment.

The Tahoe 210S also comes with a standard four-step reboarding ladder.

The 210S is sold as a boat, motor trailer package. The trailer is a custom-made dual axle model and includes a swing-away tongue, spare tire, diamond plate steps on the fenders, LED lights and motor support.

The Trailer

The 210S comes on a custom-made tandem-axle trailer that includes a swing-away tongue, fender steps, LED lights and a support for the outboard's lower unit. 


With a Mercury 150 XL Pro Xs outboard and tandem axle trailer, the 210S has a nationally advertised price of $40,595.


Tahoe really pulled out all the stops with the 210S, from her plethora of standard features to the vast amount of storage. She’s loaded with thoughtful touches, like the vast amount of cellphone connectivity, the wiring notches wherever a phone gets mounted, the creative storage spaces and courtesy lighting even in the storage compartments. More importantly, she’s an all-new hull, not a sterndrive with an outboard bolted on, and that says a lot for Tahoe as a manufacturer.